What is Consciousness and What is it Made of?

I got a message as I was checking my emails on gmail. It was one of those light blue dialogue bubbles, and it said: Erik Rune Medhus shared a link on your wall. WTF?? I know no one hacked into his account, because I have a special security thingie so that if anyone does, it alerts me on my cell phone. Also, I wasn’t logged on to his page. He sent me the link to yesterday’s post, so I know he must have thought it was important. Must be Erik practicing his computer skills. God, he’ll probably be on Facebook 24/7. Anyway, there might be some other explanation, but if so, I have no idea what it could be. I’m not tech-savvy enough. Now, let’s talk about a cool subject: What are we made of? It’s not sugar and spice and everything nice, that much I know.


Me: Let’s talk about neutrinos. It’s said that those are the particle of consciousness, that it’s the carrier of all information. Is that true? If not, what is the soul or consciousness made of?

Erik: Well, it has to, um, the soul and consciousness—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): Great imagery, but you have to put it to words for me, Erik.

Erik: The soul and consciousness has to morph to fit into whatever dimension it’s in. There’s not one single package that you can say works for all dimensions. For the human life, as you mentioned, Mom, it’s the neutrino. In spirit is has a different terminology.


Jamie (to Erik): Right, because it can’t be lower vibrational and physical.

Me: So, the neutrino is different in the physical than it is in spirit?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: In what way? Is it more of a wave pattern than a particle pattern there?

Erik: Wave makes me think of sound, but I’m talking in terms of vibration.

Me: Oh, okay. So, it’s a higher vibration. And what’s important about the neutrino? What makes it special?

Erik: Just like the soul, it’s one of the only things that transforms from three-dimensional life into the afterlife. It carries on without getting broken or destroyed, whereas your hair can’t do that; anything on your physical body can’t do that.

Me: Okay. And they say it can pass though anything, even lead, so that must be why, you know, you can pass through walls when you’re in spirit. Is that right, Erik?

Erik: Correct.

Me: So they are the building blocks of consciousness, of the soul. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Tell me more. What is consciousness?

Erik: It’s the link between all of the thoughts, all of the emotional experiences, memories, things of that nature from past present and future. It’s the thread that ties them all together. Links everything together, but not only  from a current life point—life viewpoint—it also does it from many life viewpoints. Other lifetimes.

Me: How does a neutrino function?

Erik: It functions just like the thread. It holds everything together, but there is no hole or gap in existence.

Me: But on the level of the particle itself, how does if work? Does it create some sort of energy, for example?

Erik: No, it’s not creating some sort of electrical current. It’s more like a glue. It doesn’t have information or data in it, but it holds it.

Jamie (to Erik): Okay, that, my friend, did not make sense.

Erik: It doesn’t possess energy. It carries it. It creates these glue-like connections and carries information.

Me: Oh. So, it’s not information, itself.

Erik: No, it’s like a transmitter.

Me: Oh, it transmits information?

Erik: Yeah, like, you know, Bluetooth.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Like the Bluetooth in your car.

Me: Oh, I see.

Erik: It doesn’t have all of the information, but, through it, you can find all the information.

Me: So, are we the information? Are we sentient energy, so to speak?

Erik: Yes.

Me: It’s so interesting, what consciousness is, isn’t it?

Erik: Yes. We are information that is self-aware.

Me: And the neutrinos—waves in spirit and particles here—are what carry that information of, not only self-awareness, but all of the information that we’re gathering from different lives?

Erik: Bingo.

Me: Wow. So, it’s all about the neutrino being the Bluetooth technology that gets us all the information we need, including our own awareness of self.

Erik nods his head.

Me: Phew! My brain is about to explode.


When Robert was over at our house for our usual Friday night get together, I asked him to translate Erik’s take on neutrinos as well.

Robert’s translation of Erik’s neutrino description:

Erik: You can think of a neutrino like a bubble. It floats around, and all the information that ever was is inside that bubble. When you’re observing it, that’s what you’ll see—everything. But when that bubble pops—in other words when you’re not looking at it—then that information is everywhere. So, it’s like a way of condensing it into one little place, one little point. But at the same time, that information, there are millions and billions and trillions of neutrinos everywhere, so that same information is in all of those. It’s condensed in all of them, but then it’s also not condensed. That stuff makes you crazy doesn’t it?

Me: And are we, as consciousness, made of neutrinos? As the particles of neutrinos?

Erik: Yeah, there are a component of neutrinos—neutrinos are a part of it, but they’re not all of it.

Me: So, we can observe neutrinos—

Erik: But in fact, Mom, when you die, neutrinos are one of the things that help take all the information that was you and carry it back to where it belongs.

Me: Wow. Before, you said that neutrinos are different in the physical form than they are in the spiritual form.

Erik: Right. They’re like a carrier wave. You can think of it like that. All the information is in there. It’s like transitional, but it’s also to hold everything in place, to hold everything in this dimension.

Me: Wow.

Can I get a “WOW” from the audience? That’s so amazing, and doesn’t it just ring true? Thanks Robert!

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