When I was Young…

Last night, I decided I wanted to post something a little different. I searched high and low for different photos and movies from my own childhood and found some I hadn’t seen for years…decades. I know it’s a bit like the annoying grandmother pulling strangers aside to show off photographs of her grandchildren, oblivious to the feigned smile and the toe-tapping impatience from the onlooker/victim, but my children will verify that my job is often to annoy. I’ve perfected the skill over 64 years. 

But first, please enjoy last night’s show. Jamin Olivencia shared incredible wisdom on a very important subject and Michelle Gray, well, WOW, she channeled answers to listener’s questions from Erik with stunning accuracy and abundant validation. 

Now, “enjoy” the childhood in review. No, I won’t force you to watch, and yes, the quality sucks because that’s how it was in the 50s, but there might be a pop quiz later. 

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