Erik on the Value of Life

Before watching the video, I want to share a great story with you. Maria, my housekeeper who first found Erik after he died, has a sister-in-law, Cindy, who came down with Buerger's disease also known as IgA nephropathy. I printed out a bunch of research about how low dose naltrexone can help and … Continue reading

All About Life, Part Two

Poor Bella deteriorated yesterday developing fever and becoming more listless. Even saying, "Do you want to go see squirrely," which is the ultimate call of the wild for this 3 pound vicious squirrel hunter didn't get her to raise her head off the bed. So, I took her to the vet who diagnosed her … Continue reading

All About Life, Part One

Oh sadness. Lukas is off to his transfer student orientation (although he's coming back today but then leaving for good Sunday,) and Annika is also returning to college permanently on Sunday. This is momentous because it'll be the first time I've been without any children living full time in the … Continue reading

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Today is a nasty day. Rain. Thunder, Flash Flood Warning. Cozy. I actually love it. This afternoon, Rune drives to Crescent, TX to race his motorcycle, so Bella and I will have the house to ourselves. Both he and Lukas come home late Saturday, so it's just enough time for me not to get lonely. Of … Continue reading