Where is my neck pillow???

I am very interested in the paranormal and being bored (live alone, early retirement) I pulled my Ouija Board out one night and just wanted something to happen. My Dad has passed and I knew about Erik, so I sat alone at the Ouija Board and got absolutely zip on multiple tries.so I was slightly disappointed but not surprised. I left the planchette in the middle and walked away and would check if it moved. Well one morning it had moved but I certainly thought at first that it must have been me bumping it or not putting it in the center. But it was enough to get to me to call out verbally for my dad or Erik to give me a sign. About the next day I couldn’t find my trusty neck pillow where I knew it had to be. I gave up after going over every cushion on every couch. Then I went to my garage and thought the car is the last place and there it was in the middle of my back seat. NO WAY I thought. Then of course my overly skeptical mind had to consider the possibility that I left it on when I went to the car and it just fell off there (but no way even then it could have been where it was). This was getting suspicious. The next day or two someone locked the internal door between my garage and house, This requires a key and the only ones with a key are myself and my son and he was 100 miles away. I finally said THANK YOU ERIK!

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