Sedona Shift

I work at the resort in Sedona that was on Kim and Eriks tour. I did not participate in the event directly, but my higher self was in full attendance. After the event I began following Erik on you tube.and was hooked immediately. It didn’t take long for me to feel the love of Elisa, Erik, Kim, Jamie and Robert.

I’ve been purposely growing my spirituality for 25 years and finding belonging hasn’t always been easy for me, but here I felt a sense of belonging right away. I love how the love flows so effortlessly and I’m happy to let it sweep me along on the journey with all of you.

I have grown such a love and care for Erik and I’m so grateful to Elisa for sharing her journey with all of us. The immense love you have for humanity Elisa is obvious. I do not have words to describe the admiration I feel toward you.

On a fun note, Erik has had fun with me by hiding my glasses at work. The first time I thought my coworkers we’re having fun with me, but then it happend again that same morning. Then the light bulb came on and I knew it was Erik. It’s amazing how he moved them to a totally different area in the office and left them on a file cabinet. I felt known, and that’s the best feeling ever.

With great happiness, love and gratitude,


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