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Hey, peeps, I have some good news regarding my frequent Facebook imprisonment. Last night, I found out on the eBoard that there are three people bullying me by reporting my posts as abusive, landing me in Facebook jail. Their initials are L.V., R.M. and C.M. and they are from one or both of these two groups: The Angel Rocker Tribe and Divine Nutrition for the Soul. So I’m leaving those groups and we’ll see what happens. I think I’ll change my settings so that my page is not open to the public, too. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to unfriend everyone except those I truly know. If you know any of these three people, please don’t attack them. Their live in fear and hate rather than love and that can’t be an easy burden to carry around. Instead, send them love and light. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these Erik stories.

Story #1

Hello! I asked Eric to visit me in a dream this am..He did! OMG he was so loving and sweet! He said hello carol welcome to the blog! I said awww thanks…I hugged him and said so was that you who pranked me a few weeks ago while I was shopping.. I smelled a distinct skunk smell! I smelled like pot …the chronic as we used to call it. I haven’t smoked in over 22 years. Anyways he said Yes it was..I was giggling ..so he said Carol did you get my phone calls.. I said no He said I called you a few times. It was so funny. I don’t remember the whole dream. Just these parts. He was tall with curly hair and this amazing friendly smile and demeanor. It was AMAZING meeting him! I thanked him . .So he spoke with me telepathically when I awoke. He said how would you like to channel for us? I said Ive never done that before. Not that I haven’t channeled but I have never done it in this sort of capacity. I was so touched. I said I would think about it. I was so deeply touched. I was crying. Erik, Elisa and all the mediums have helped me so much in the last few months. This site has been a godsend! I just wanted to share. Much love! Carol

Story #2

Ok Erik this is the third time now….last week I came to this blog and was reading…Well I went out to the garage..I herd a very loud crash.I herd my Father say “”WOW What Was That””!!!!! .I walked out of garage and opened my door and found two of my pictures were lying on the ground and also my grandsons COW pic he gave me ….My heart dropped I thought . ERIK… There was no other explanation…. Kind of scared me.So I said when father wasn’t looking . ….Looking lol he’s blind..Erik was that you:::: So two nights later I’m in my room and that picture slammed down to the ground . I said Erik .I almost peed my pants ..Keep that up I will be sitting next to you .Your going to give me a heart attack..lol All in fun I grabbed my phone and started snapping pics I think I got a shot of his face…I said Erik help me …not scare me ..I have 53 Sylvia Browne books ..not helping ..Help me get out of this bedroom I spend 23 hrs a day here. I’ve watched your video on opening the third eye..My eye never going to open .. it’s to scared …lol. All in fun.

Story #3

This isn’t an Erik story, per se, but it’s a cool technique shared by this lovely blog member worthy of posting!

Hello Elisa,
I wanted to share with you a technique I did maybe you will find it cool to do.
I cleared and protected myself and my environment, asked my guides and higher self to join me. I sat on the floor in my bedroom in front of the mirror and asked my higher guide to show me him/her self. I softened my gaze and looked at the area where my pineal gland is located. After a while from my peripheral vision my face changed, I looked like an alien. It was so awesome and I was so excited. I wanted to share this with you, maybe you’d like to try it and ask Erik to show himself.
Thank you so much for the work you do
With love
Linda from Australia

The featured image today is of Erik with his best friend, Sean Dodge, on graduation day. I used to homeschool both boys in Middle School.

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