Facebook Jail

I’m not going to post a regular blog today because I’m going to be way too busy trying to figure out how to avoid getting into Facebook jail over and over. For the past ten years, I never had this problem before, but no sooner did I get out of Facebook jail yesterday morning than I landed back in. Why? I just posted the Lambie vs. Wolf YouTube from my new channel, Two and a Half Dogs. It was just my Aussie, Sailor, playing with and mauling her stuffed Lambie squeak toy. Suddenly, “someone reported your content as abusive.” 

Fortunately, blog member, Sheila, has given me some tips, and several agents from Facebook itself, including Hannah, an angel, have been trying to help me as well. NEVER have I had customer service representatives of any company, much less from Facebook, be so patient, knowledgable, responsive and compassionate. Never. I don’t know why they puts up with me. Seriously.

So have a great weekend, and know that I might have to defriend everyone, then slowly add you back if I completely know and trust you. 

Be sure to visit both of my YouTube channels and play some of the videos this weekend!

PLEASE subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChannelingErik2121

And this one, my newest channel:

Two and a Half Dogs

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Featured image courtesy of Nathan Timmel.

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