Channeling Carl Sagan, Part Two

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Here is the second part of the three part series of the interview with Carl Sagan. Enjoy!

Me: That was what you were here to teach; were you here to learn anything?

Carl: I believe it was my destiny to live my life so that in my death I would learn that there is more.

Me: Ah! Do you have any regrets?

Carl: Regrets.

Jamie: He folds his hands in front of him. He’s wearing a blazer, and there’s not a button up shirt underneath, because it doesn’t have a traditional collar. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a turtleneck? I don’t know.

Carl: No, I have no regrets.

Jamie: He paused for a while, too!

Me: Ah, you were really thinking about that one!

Carl: You have to weigh the options—do you claim ownership for the actions you might label as a mistake or a regret? I claim complete ownership for all of them, and through that, I gained such insight on what I did miss or what I didn’t do—what I should have done. I don’t regret any of the choices that I’ve made.

Me: So they’re not regrets; they’re lessons for you?

Carl: Yes.

Me: Okay. Can you tell us a little about what your afterlife is like?

Carl: It’s very broad.

Me: Hmm! Can you expand a little bit more?

Jamie: He’s a really visual talker, and I think that’s why it just shuts my brain down. But he’ll talk, too, and I know he’s talking simply for me, which I appreciate.

Me: So he gives you a lot of visuals, huh?

Jamie: Yeah. I’m seeing space, cosmos, I mean, it’s like I have my own little planetarium here.

Me: Oh, wow! So, about the broad range—

Carl: I travel quite a bit. That’s my heaven: stars and planets, other solar systems, other universes, seeing other life forms.

Jamie: He says he’s living out—oh god, what’s that movie with Jodie Foster?

Me: Oh, yeah, Contact?

Jamie (to Carl): You were the author? (and then to me): Was he the author?

Me: You know, that sounds very familiar! I think he was! So, Carl, are you trying to get into contact with other races, other alien races?

Carl: Yes, and with much success. I came to find out that the only thing that’s holding us back specifically is being human, being trapped in the idea of only being three-dimensional.

Me: Oh, yeah. Yeah. And the alien races that you’ve met—have you enjoyed their company? Have you enjoyed getting to know them?

Carl: Oh, it’s been very intriguing. Most of the races have been very supportive of—

Jamie (with a short gasp): Oh my god, intergalactic? That is so cool! Intergalactic communication!

Me: Wow! Now THAT’S what I call long distance! Ma Bell, eat your heart out!

Jamie: Yeah, he’s talking about him being a light being. He doesn’t call himself a spirit. He’s a light being.

Carl: Yes, so I have the options of this kind of exploration and this kind of space travel. And I also have the key, now, to use time to my benefit, while before, in my human 3-D world, I was trapped by time like all humans on earth are. 

Me: Oh yeah. I guess those bonds are illusions. Maybe?

Jamie (giggling): He thought that was funny.

Me: Have you reincarnated, or do you plan to?

Carl: No. I haven’t reincarnated into your time period, and I don’t intend to.  I want to stay a light being for the reunion of alien races with human beings.

Me: Oh, and when is that going to happen? I know time is kind of a funky thing, but…


Jamie (to Carl): I’m sorry. Can you simplify that? He feels that, um. Okay, yes.

Carl (pointing to Jamie): It’ll be in your lifetime.

Jamie: So if I live to be eighty, that’s within like forty years. 

Dust off the party hats, people.

And then there’s this:

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Elisa Medhus

  • amy cavanaugh

    This is astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s foundation. There are a host of wonderful webcasts to download. It is interesting how many astronauts have evidence that was suppressed for the good of the people?!?!?!

  • Oh I’m quite certain we’ll have legitimate alien contact soon, probably less than 40 years. Hopefully with more benevolent races.

  • Yahaira

    Funny and interesting.
    Love ya’

  • liz

    We’re starstuff contemplating the stars… 🙂

  • Pete Janssen

    Part 3 now!!! If you are interested in Alien channels then check out Mike Quinceys channels are very informative… Thanks again guys… Love your work…

  • Pete Janssen

    Part 3 now!!! If you are interested in Alien channels then check out Mike Quinceys channels are very informative… Thanks again guys… Love your work…

  • Patrick

    WE are the aliens. The beings we humans will meet are not the aliens, by any objective measure. Those strange beings? Earthly humanoids.

  • Rocci

    I always thought Carl Sagan was and is a very conscious being. I also love the YouTube video “the Pale Blue dot”.

  • The_undiscoveredcountry

    Hi Elisa,

    I wanted to say I loved this interview, it’s nice to hear from a deep thinker, from someone with a different perspective than traditional “celebrities”. The idea that someone with such a powerful analytical mind, who dedicated his life to discovering as much as he could about the universe, could then face the next world with the same drive for discovery and understanding, well, it blows my mind a little bit!

    I guess I’m still not 100% convinced of the accuracy or authenticity of channeling, but reading a piece like this really makes me want to believe. Please don’t take my comment as accusatory or insulting. I don’t mean it like that at all; I’m just trying to explain “where I’m at” in approaching a radically new and unfamiliar view of the world — it’s taking me awhile to figure it all out and adapt, and I think I’m still processing it all and easing into it slowly.

    I really did enjoy this, and would love to read more from the perspective of scientists, philosophers, and “great men (and women)” of history.

    Thank you.

  • aj

    Carl Sagan would have been appalled about the use of his name for this nonsense.

    • Well, we’ll have to ask him when we get there won’t we? I beg to differ. As a scientist he’d applaud the quantum evidence behind conscious survival and the notion of multidimensional multiverses. He’d probably be appalled by your closed mindedness. I know I am.

    • Go have a session with Jamie and you’ll return knowing that it wasn’t just nonsense. In fact, you’ll be blown away.

      • Carrington

        It is hard to swallow a lot of vague and general “messages” at $500 an hour.

    • AmyPal

      Is Carl speaking through you now too? Have you kept in close contact since he passed? I imagine, then, that you must have gotten the proper authorization to speak to just what exactly he would be appalled at.

      And, if not, the rest of us will forgive you for your being so judgmental and accusatory.

  • Tony

    This is definitely one of my favorite channelings yet. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Carl Sagan since I was a kid, watching Cosmos with my dad religiously.
    To anyone who has not read his book, Contact, I highly recommend it. The movie did not do it justice. The book goes in depth into how the discovery of the alien transmission brings the world, humanity, together.
    Anyway, really looking forward to part 3!

  • I would really like to be alive and witness a world wide disclosure event. However, I’ve always wondered why they just don’t make contact with those of us who are open and ready for that communication to take place. Why wait for the right moment or what world governments might or might not want?

  • divya

    i dunno why i feel lyk saying this but if on earth erik was exactly how he is in the afterlife…just as charming and adorable then it really is a shame that people on earth were deprived of someone really that awesome..!!
    lots of love to u and him..

  • Yulia Shulga

    Awesome! Want to be there with Carl… and my son! Looking forward to 3rd part!

  • amy cavanaugh

    jerry hicks of Abraham Hicks died last Friday it would be interesting if Erik could see if he has settled in.

  • Pete Janssen

    No worries Todd. Another awesome channel is John Smallmans blog at: Enjoy…

  • Patrick

    First it’s rejected, then ridiculed and eventually, finally – after much gnashing of the teeth, fretting and accusation – it is accepted.

    The Earth was once quite flat, women caused the baby’s gender, lead could be turned into gold. Speaking about Dr. Sagan and invoking his scientific legacy are just “nonsense” and disagreement is “accusatory” and “judgmental”.

    You’ve come to learn a great personal lesson; remember the visit and comments in just a short while, maybe 2 or 3 years at the most.

    Therein lies a great lesson.

  • Stanley


    Ah, the ET reunion. I have been waiting for that since I got here back in 1990. I know many people are on the fence about it. I have met a few in dream visits. The three visits have all been like the classic ET head but much taller, maybe 8 feet or so. But they were all nice. I wasn’t afraid at all. On one dream visit, I was on a cloaked ship above a city. My only issue was that in the dream, I was only in my underwear and a t-shirt for some reason. So I wasn’t exactly up for talking. But what I found neat was it was a circle ship with a desk around the center. If you walked up to the window, they kind of are on a angle so you can look down at the city below. The two other visits were just meeting and talking to aliens. But like I said, they were all very nice.

    Personally, I feel Indigo/Crystals coming in right now is no accident to co-inside with the isolation of earth coming to an end next year. Talking with other Indigo’s, we feel many were brought here to kind of be the go-between between alien races and humans due to our gifts. I can always tell if someone is lying and kind feel if their energy is a threat or not. I don’t know, I guess we will see. Either way, I am excited about it. Maybe once people find out about the other races, we will go from whites, blacks, asians and so on to just being human. All the same instead of so devided. It’s said already that there are at least 25 ships in orbit around the earth. I just keep saying, don’t be afraid when the truth about aliens comes out of if a ship or two land. Don’t be afraid. I just feel so many people are going to be afraid. So that’s what I wanted to share.


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