Give me Some Space, Part Two

Okay, guys; it's that time! I'm collecting questions from you to ask Erik for the next Ask Erik column. No more than two questions apiece, please! Email them to me at  On another note, I'm probably going to take the last few days off this week, given the holidays and all. It'll … Continue reading

Odds and Ends

It's a beautiful day here in sunny Houston so I'm writing outside today, keeping an eye on my three pound Yorkie to make sure she doesn't get swept up by a hawk. It happens. Not long ago, I found two squirrel paws freshly lopped off, I guess the hawk doesn't care for dark meat. Enough of the small … Continue reading

How Does the Universe Work?

I know this post is about the inner workings of the Universe, but I want to begin by clearing up some questions stirred up from a previous post. Do you all remember that controversial one awhile back about the abusers and the abused? Some of you wondered how that could possibly apply to children … Continue reading