Channeling Carl Sagan, Part Two

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Here is the second part of the three part series of the interview with Carl Sagan. Enjoy!

Me: That was what you were here to teach; were you here to learn anything?

Carl: I believe it was my destiny to live my life so that in my death I would learn that there is more.

Me: Ah! Do you have any regrets?

Carl: Regrets.

Jamie: He folds his hands in front of him. He’s wearing a blazer, and there’s not a button up shirt underneath, because it doesn’t have a traditional collar. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a turtleneck? I don’t know.

Carl: No, I have no regrets.

Jamie: He paused for a while, too!

Me: Ah, you were really thinking about that one!

Carl: You have to weigh the options—do you claim ownership for the actions you might label as a mistake or a regret? I claim complete ownership for all of them, and through that, I gained such insight on what I did miss or what I didn’t do—what I should have done. I don’t regret any of the choices that I’ve made.

Me: So they’re not regrets; they’re lessons for you?

Carl: Yes.

Me: Okay. Can you tell us a little about what your afterlife is like?

Carl: It’s very broad.

Me: Hmm! Can you expand a little bit more?

Jamie: He’s a really visual talker, and I think that’s why it just shuts my brain down. But he’ll talk, too, and I know he’s talking simply for me, which I appreciate.

Me: So he gives you a lot of visuals, huh?

Jamie: Yeah. I’m seeing space, cosmos, I mean, it’s like I have my own little planetarium here.

Me: Oh, wow! So, about the broad range—

Carl: I travel quite a bit. That’s my heaven: stars and planets, other solar systems, other universes, seeing other life forms.

Jamie: He says he’s living out—oh god, what’s that movie with Jodie Foster?

Me: Oh, yeah, Contact?

Jamie (to Carl): You were the author? (and then to me): Was he the author?

Me: You know, that sounds very familiar! I think he was! So, Carl, are you trying to get into contact with other races, other alien races?

Carl: Yes, and with much success. I came to find out that the only thing that’s holding us back specifically is being human, being trapped in the idea of only being three-dimensional.

Me: Oh, yeah. Yeah. And the alien races that you’ve met—have you enjoyed their company? Have you enjoyed getting to know them?

Carl: Oh, it’s been very intriguing. Most of the races have been very supportive of—

Jamie (with a short gasp): Oh my god, intergalactic? That is so cool! Intergalactic communication!

Me: Wow! Now THAT’S what I call long distance! Ma Bell, eat your heart out!

Jamie: Yeah, he’s talking about him being a light being. He doesn’t call himself a spirit. He’s a light being.

Carl: Yes, so I have the options of this kind of exploration and this kind of space travel. And I also have the key, now, to use time to my benefit, while before, in my human 3-D world, I was trapped by time like all humans on earth are. 

Me: Oh yeah. I guess those bonds are illusions. Maybe?

Jamie (giggling): He thought that was funny.

Me: Have you reincarnated, or do you plan to?

Carl: No. I haven’t reincarnated into your time period, and I don’t intend to.  I want to stay a light being for the reunion of alien races with human beings.

Me: Oh, and when is that going to happen? I know time is kind of a funky thing, but…


Jamie (to Carl): I’m sorry. Can you simplify that? He feels that, um. Okay, yes.

Carl (pointing to Jamie): It’ll be in your lifetime.

Jamie: So if I live to be eighty, that’s within like forty years. 

Dust off the party hats, people.

And then there’s this:

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