Channeling Jesus, Part One

As many of you know, I videotaped this channeling session of our interview with Jesus. However, the YouTube is now private, because Jamie has decided (and understandably so) not to publicize it as it might cause people to believe she espouses one religion above others. Eventually, when we interview religious leaders from all faiths, we’ll make all these posts public. Believe me, they are absolutely breathtaking.

There’s a long lead in to the beginning of this interview, so I hope you are all patient. As I type this, I am now acutely aware of the fact that Easter weekend approaches. Talk about synchronicity!

Me: Erik, can we get Jesus in here?

Erik: I can definitely pull Jesus in here.

Jamie (laughing): Love how he makes it sound!

I laugh.

Erik leaves.

Jamie: Who’s Quentin Crisp?

Me: Quentin Crisp. Yeah, that’s somebody famous.

Jamie: He’s an author?

Me: Yeah, I think so.

Jamie (To Quentin): Is it you?

Me: Huh?

Jamie: This is him! This is him!

Me: Oh, okay!

Jamie: Is he on our list?

Me: Hm. I don’t know!

Jamie: Well, if he’s not, I guess he wants to be!

I rummage through my list to check.

Jamie: I love it. He’s so blasé yet casual and British.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: He has an accent.

Me: Quentin, do you mind if we do you later, but I don’t see you on the list.

Quentin: Honey you can do my any time you want!

Me (laughing hard) Oh, touché! That’d going to be a priceless interview, I know!

Quentin: My Dear, I’m going to have a seat, and I’m going to listen to what Jesus has to say.

Me: Okay. I’m going to put you down here on the list. You’re probably here, but I need to do a search, and I have to get into that document to do that.

Jamie: He has this big-brimmed hat tilted to the side and a woman’s silk scarf tied tight around the neck.

Jamie laughs.

Me: The height of fashion. Quite the clothes horse.

Quentin: Clothes whore, you mean. I prefer that.

Jamie and I both giggle.

Me: What did you write, Quentin?

Jamie: He’s talking about Civil Servant, Civil something.

Me: Probably civil disobedience.

Quentin: Oh God, no! Nothing about obedience!

Me: No, I said disobedience!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Is Jesus here?

Jamie: Yes.

Me: Hello Jesus. What’s your last name? Do I call you Mr. Christ? No, I’m just kidding, but seriously, I don’t know your last name. Maybe you have a one name thing going on like Cher.

Jamie (giggling): He thinks that’s really funny.

Me: Oh, this is so awesome. You know why we’re here, I suppose. Right?

I retrospect, this si a pretty lame question. Of course he knows!

Jesus (extending his hand as an invitation for me to begin): Please.

Me: Okay. First of all, I’d like to ask, what was your spiritual mission during your life that we know as Jesus Christ.

Jamie: Um, it’s like my eyes are playing tricks on me. Erik is sitting on the armrest of my couch directly in front of me. Mr. Crisp is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed. Jesus is standing in front of the couch kind of diagonally in front of me. When he came in, he was dressed in white. It looked, I don’t know, like a robe or wrap or something. It was freeform, white and kind of emits its own light so it doesn’t really look like a crisp piece of clothing.

Me: Um hm.

Jamie: And then when I heard Erik speaking to Jesus kind of saying, “Show them what a cool guy you are,” I look over and see Jesus in jeans and sandals and a t-shirt. It’s a scooped-neck t-shirt, white, long sleeves, kind of like a linen with no markings on it. It hangs; it’s not tucked in or anything.

Me: It’s not even casual Friday, but we’ll make allowances for you, Jesus!

Jamie giggles.

Me: So, your spiritual mission?

Jesus: It was to simply try to show people on earth the importance of the afterlife.

Me: Oh! And from what I understand, you differ from the rest of us in that you came in without that spiritual amnesia. You came in remember who and what you are—a part and whole of God.

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Did you realize that even as a child?

Jesus: At age three, I realized that I was different than others.

Me: In what way?

Jesus: I knew that we were all connected together, that we were not alone. I couldn’t understand why people would cry or have grief or feel separated.

Me: Oh.

God how I wish I understood how to get rid of grief.

Jesus: I couldn’t understand, when I was a young boy, why people wouldn’t take care of themselves, that they would choose to become weak, to become a victim. It pulled on the fabric of the energy all around us and weighed people down.

Me: Hm.

Jesus: I knew that’s not who I was. And I had access to all the voices that came before me.

Me: Wow!

I’m such a scintillating conversationalist. Sigh.

Jamie: I asked him to describe that more. He said spirits, angels, God.

Me: And you could tap into any information you want just like Erik can now?

Jesus: Yes, it was freeform. The information was free flowing to me.



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Elisa Medhus

  • Jason Shapeofacloud

    For those who don’t know, Mr. Crisp is well know in Spiritualist circles in Great Britain and Australia, etc. Besides being a brilliant entertainer in his own right, he’s been a wonderful guide through the physical mediumship of David Thompson ( Mr. Crisp has spoken up as well to Robert and I during phone conversations. He’s had a lot to contribute to Spiritualism and the spiritual nature of life on both sides of the veil.

    Great interview Elisa.

    Did you guys talk about the differences between religious figures as incarnates vs. their consciousness? ie. Christ consciousness or the group awareness they shared with others on their level of being?

    • No I haven’t asked. I guess I might need help with the wording of such questions. Maybe after all the parts of the interview have been posted, someone can give me suggestions? THis might encompass more than just Christ consciousness. We’re going to interview Buddha, Mohammed, and others. We’ve interviewed Moses already.

      • Patrick De Haan

        “Let my people go!”
        The most entertaining movie I remember as a kid, the Ten Commandments.
        Did Moses do the snake stick trick in the interview?
        I liked the way the movie suggested obelisk construction by using sand as a support, which didn’t happen, of course. The huge single pieces of granite were carved and lifted by means forgotten, soon to be “remembered”.
        Apologies, this had nothing to do with Mr. Nazareth (the human surname I’d use, “Jesús de Názaro” [or Gesù di Nazzaro if Italian’s better])

      • Clau_Bueno

        or in Portuguese: “Jesús de Nazare'”

      • Patrick De Haan

        Oi, Clau, eu pensei nisso mas aí eu tivesse incurrido a obrigação de por uma lista com todos os idiomas e que chato seria isso, né?….mas você me salvou, te mando um beijo de agradecimento!
        Sorry folks, a little Ferdinand Magellan talk there…

      • Tracy Lamont

        Ooh, you’re such a show-off, Patrick. Much too clever and edumucated … now, let me find my portuguese-to-English travel buddy! Don ‘t go anywhere without it! 🙂

      • Patrick De Haan

        Sorry Tracy – you’re right I should have included English; I banged that off without thinking (I lived in Brazil, comes naturally) “Hey, Clau, I thought of that but then I’d have incurred the obligation to put up a list of all languages how flat/tiring would that be, wouldn’t it?…but you saved me, sending a kiss of appreciation.”

        BTW, those surnames my blasphemous inventions, they’re not technically accurate according to biblical place names. How dare me…

    • Tiffany_E

      The book he is talking about is, The Naked Civil Servant. 🙂

  • I worship the Gods from the Egyptian and Greek pantheons. I hear that Athena along with Jesus are a few of the ascended masters.

  • cc

    oooh my jesus request is here.Im so excited to read more.Thank you thank you.I was waiting in anticipation for this one.If Erik doesnt have questions please can you slot in one of the blog readers questions at the end ?Myself and the readers usually have very intriguing questions.The interviews are very precious and sometimes some readers we all,wonder about the exact same thing ..maybe we can slot in an interesting one.tx HAPPY EASTER

  • Malgorzata

    You made my day Elisa! Thank you , thank you , thank you!!!

  • Clau_Bueno

    I’m so excited to read each day that you will be posting parts of this interview!!! 😉
    I was wondering if Jesus was showing himself as a blond and blue eyes guy!?!? Is this how he used to be?
    Jamie – what a gift to have Jesus standing right in your living room!?!?!?

    Big hugs to all of you!

    • Lisa

      I love that Quentin Crisp showed up! (I’m also wondering RE Jesus looking like someone from Northern Europe, given that he as born in the Middle East…)

  • Cynthia

    I’ve been waiting for this interview with Jesus— thanks Elisa, Jamie & Erik!!! Quick question Elisa, does Jesus looks the same as his photos on the prayer books, etc. or sculptures in the church??? Thanks!!!

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  • TrulyTrue

    Now I can’t get that Doobie Brothers song out of my head…….LOL

    Great post, as usual



  • Jane5

    LOVED this interview!!!! Elisa, “Should i call you Mr. Christ?” LOL!!!! That was hilarious, i loved it.

    Jamie – Thank you thank you thank you for asking for clarification on how he said he had access to “all the voices who had gone before me.” Please keep doing that, it really helped! Thank you again!!!!!!

  • This website is fascinating. What a beautiful gift that has come from such a tragedy. Isn’t it amazing how life works like that? Tell me, what does your channeling ability and intuition tell you about what is to be expected in the year 2012? I am a spiritual chaneller myself and have been contacted by Edgar Cayce about what it so come!

    • Clau_Bueno

      Hello Jacqui,
      if you check the right side here, you will find a drop down browser, that you can choose the topic. Find 2012 o “shift” and it will come up all the times Elisa got info from Eric about that.

      Tchau for now,

    • M and M

      Hello Jacqui- can you share what you have been told about what is to come? I’m curious.

      Elisa- so looking forward to the rest of the interview!

    • LP

      Hi Jacqui! I would love to hear as well what Edgar Cayce had to share.. : )

  • Stanley

    Interesting. I think the stories about Jesus always made him out to be this superhuman kind of thing. But he speaks as a equal. Just another person trying to understand life. Though I wish I came in with no amnesia. So many questions about things. Anyway, I think he was more of a lead by example type of person in real life. I like hearing about Jesus FROM Jesus. No filters or anything. I think that’s what is speaking to me most in this first part of his interview. I do look foward to hearing things from the other spiritral leaders. Good stuff. 🙂

    • Tracy Lamont

      Great to hear from you, Stanley! How ya doin? X

  • PollyMax2010

    I had a feeling the Jesus interview would be today. Awesome!

    Happy Easter Everyone 🙂 Love Susanxoxox

  • Yahaira

    awsome, I knew Jesus is super relaxed and cool person full of love and joy. Have you ask him about his second coming?? Also there is a woman from The Netherlands that claims to channels him. can you ask him that pls? It would be nice have his words this days since the bible is so old. Heres the web of that woman.

  • Sharneshaan

    Too cool, love it!!!

  • I actually had a reading with Jamie the afternoon of this Jesus reading, and she told me Jesus’ energy was so strong she had to almost stand back from him. I asked Jamie what Jesus looked like, and I wish I could remember exactly what she said, but said something along the lines of him having dark hair and I think blue eyes, looking middle eastern, pretty much fair skin, and frizzy dark hair. Maybe Robert can help with this…

  • Tom

    I was curious about Quentin Crisp as to who he was etc so I wiki’d the name and came up with a pic that EXACTLY matched the description that Jamie offered LOL . Heres the link to the page:

    As for the Jesus interview, cool! we need to hear from him =) I kind of got a chill while reading his remarks as well. I like his demeanor and how he’s actually rather casual and relaxed, but then again, why would he be anything other then that?
    Thanks for this and for posting it. I’ll read the rest when it gets posted….=D


  • I wonder how he feels about his followers that wiped out masses of people because they followed the older religions.

    • Patrick De Haan

      The term “his followers” implies approval, consent and ownership of the act by the followed; not the case at all.

  • Maybe this question has been discussed here before but since you are channeling JC I thought I would bring it up. I’ve read in many new age books that Jesus was an ascended master that incarnated to this world. My question is has to do with who he really is. What was the purpose for his incarnation at that time and how did a religious following get started for him? How much of the biblical account of his life is true?

  • mike m

    So the picture of Jesus under the interview, I mean, doesn’t that look like a guy from Denmark? At first glance I thought it was the actor in the last Broadway production of Godspell. Is that how Jamie saw him or is that from another source?

    • Tracy Lamont

      Mike, the picture is of the British actor, Robert Powell who played Jesus of Nazareth in a series that ran in the 70’s.

  • I wish I could but I’ve pretty much channeled him already! I wish I could spend a couple of hours channeling each person but my funds won’t allow. 🙁

    • Yahaira

      Oh elisa you r right, thats something we appreciate so much, your using your own founds 🙁 … Thank you for all of this thank you thank you. xoxoxoxo!

  • NancyM1122

    You really fooled me with the April fools stunt, so glad to here from Jesus. Has he reincarnated after that life? So many questions. …
    Elisa, I had a twin brother who was a tortured soul and I was very empathetic to his pain. He passed away at the age of 34 and I must say that I was glad that he was out of his misery. It was so hard for me to see him in so much pain. I am so happy to know that he is home and safe with all the wisdom and love at his disposal.

  • Tracy Lamont

    ‘Maybe you have a one name thing going on, like Cher’… What are you like, Elisa! You crack me up – and in my minds eye I can see Quentin Crisp sitting in a corner, listening to the interview.
    And Jesus in jeans! Are you sure it’s not George Harrison? 🙂
    Just surreal….there’s a book in here somewhere!

    And the pic of Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth is so nice. I remember watching that series as a young girl and it having a profound effect on me that people can be so cruel to other people…

  • getlaura

    So, is Jesus dark skinned since he was from Israel? Or more olive toned?

  • BeFreeMyAngel

    Anyone hear of Akaine ? I love her portrait of Jesus.
    She is really talented and gifted spiritually. Cant wait to read more Elisa and Erik 😀

  • Louise

    This was wonderful! Thank you

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  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Elisa, that was awesome!!LOL!!! I love Mr Christ and Cher!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a grea tpost. I loved what Jesus said too. He just spoke to me. He said,he did not understand why people didnot take care of themselves and became victims and became weakened. This has been me in several instances. Thanks. Now before I started this post I just wnat to let you know here and it will now be on record here that when I first opened the page here and saw the post it all of a sudden turned into a page of all pencils all over the page decoratively and nice too. The pencils were white and then they changed to black it seemed and it was for a few minutes and I thought is this a hello from Erik? Or part of this post? No, it couldn’t be it was hello from Erik? A prank!!And a cute one too. Then I saw the page turn back to the words here. I am so happy and kind of still wondering!! Hi Erik!! Love Janxoxoxo

  • donknight70

    Hi, Elise. I just registered today. I’ve spent the past week reading through this amazing site, and I’m hooked already. My heart and prayers go out to you in your loss. Reading through this site is a beautiful affirmation that Erik talked about, and that what we’re experiencing now is truly a “spiritual awakening.” It was so good to hear via this channeling that Mary Magdalene was, and always will be, an apostle of truth. My wife and I were talking about this topic a few months ago. We both feel that some, or even all, Jesus’ apostles, may have felt threatened by the reality of a female apostle. I was also thrilled to have many more of my own beliefs validated in this channeling. Thank you.

  • I can’t wait to release the YouTube of Jamie channeling him. There’s nothing like seeing it “in person.” Im just waiting for her to give me the green light. She wants to channel icons from more faiths first.

  • Jaime Baxter

    pretty cool she popped in – i checked the dates, she was born on christmas 🙂

  • Darla Berg

    Elise, I just watched the video of Erik and his bike; He was such a handsome young man, I was almost overwhelmed with the emotion of wanting to hug him.- I am so very sorry for your loss and so grateful for the sharing you and Erik are doing. I have questions regarding channeling in general. I have a degree in psych and a lot of experience with schizophrenia in my family; I think this has made me cautious about almost all psychic matters. As a mother, are you convinced that this is Erik you are talking to? I desperately want to believe but am a bit fearful at allowing myself to really believe because it is so painful to be convinced and then disappointed.

  • john

    Hi my name is John. Since I watched the video of the interview with Jesus. One question was answered. That was the Shroud of Turin is Jesus. Now the documentary The Real Face of Jesus documentary that aired on the HISTORY CHANNEL in 2010. Shows a few areas im not talking about for personal reasons. But the image on the Shroud was digital information that Ray got the image of the face of Jesus from. See the attached picture of Rays work not mine. If Jamie is doing another interview. Could Jamie confirm (I know for someone who is posting with 100% certainty and putting a good case forward. Still needs proof.) confirm that this is what he looks like. Please and thank you. And hello to Erik’s mother you run and amazing site.

    • Sure, if I interview him again, I’ll ask that and a lot of other questions. I have to get through some of the others first.

      • john

        Thank you for replying. I don’t want to feel like this is Genie in bottle situation. For my own personal satisfaction. But ive got questions id like to be asked in video. That looks at the questions ive written below. Can you send the pictures to Jamie if you do a live interview again or thread with text. Or if that’s not possible send the pictures ive posted in the threads there are 2 pictures to Jamie or whos going to ask Jesus. Its just something id would like answered. As Jamie seemed to be the only medium as of late that connects to other well known spirits of the people that were in physical body. Mrs Medhus I may be pushing the boat out. On the verge of sinking. But could you for confirmation on your next interview. On the subject that loads of youtube videos, books and other sources seems to be cause conflict. There are sources on videos, books and so on that. Seem to be scaring people into fear like me and im being honest. About the damnation, fires, torture, the hell at the centre of earth or in spirit plane, the truth behind the fallen ones like Devil/Satan or whatever its given…id like the truth on this is its scaring the life out of me at present. Then there is the occult can you ask about that. As it seems to big in America. And these secret sources that are bring the world to its knees what if or anything can we do turn things around before this world gets much lower in energy. I’m very sorry for posting all these negative questions here. But I believe its causing fear and upset. With people like me. I’m one of many people who are conflicted over this. If you don’t ask any of these questions that’s fine. However there seems no straight answers to these questions anywhere on the web. Evil/fear seems to bring people to its knees on the wait and see what happens to us when we leave the body. Me and others in same position would like video on these subjects. As I know there is place on earth. That has 9 physical entrances somewhere in Europe. Were anyone that goes never comes out and its not called hell, but might as well be.

  • Simon

    I have a relationship with Jesus, but hearing him speak like this is interesting.

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