Channeling Jesus, Part One

As many of you know, I videotaped this channeling session of our interview with Jesus. However, the YouTube is now private, because Jamie has decided (and understandably so) not to publicize it as it might cause people to believe she espouses one religion above others. Eventually, when we interview religious leaders from all faiths, we’ll make all these posts public. Believe me, they are absolutely breathtaking.

There’s a long lead in to the beginning of this interview, so I hope you are all patient. As I type this, I am now acutely aware of the fact that Easter weekend approaches. Talk about synchronicity!

Me: Erik, can we get Jesus in here?

Erik: I can definitely pull Jesus in here.

Jamie (laughing): Love how he makes it sound!

I laugh.

Erik leaves.

Jamie: Who’s Quentin Crisp?

Me: Quentin Crisp. Yeah, that’s somebody famous.

Jamie: He’s an author?

Me: Yeah, I think so.

Jamie (To Quentin): Is it you?

Me: Huh?

Jamie: This is him! This is him!

Me: Oh, okay!

Jamie: Is he on our list?

Me: Hm. I don’t know!

Jamie: Well, if he’s not, I guess he wants to be!

I rummage through my list to check.

Jamie: I love it. He’s so blasé yet casual and British.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: He has an accent.

Me: Quentin, do you mind if we do you later, but I don’t see you on the list.

Quentin: Honey you can do my any time you want!

Me (laughing hard) Oh, touché! That’d going to be a priceless interview, I know!

Quentin: My Dear, I’m going to have a seat, and I’m going to listen to what Jesus has to say.

Me: Okay. I’m going to put you down here on the list. You’re probably here, but I need to do a search, and I have to get into that document to do that.

Jamie: He has this big-brimmed hat tilted to the side and a woman’s silk scarf tied tight around the neck.

Jamie laughs.

Me: The height of fashion. Quite the clothes horse.

Quentin: Clothes whore, you mean. I prefer that.

Jamie and I both giggle.

Me: What did you write, Quentin?

Jamie: He’s talking about Civil Servant, Civil something.

Me: Probably civil disobedience.

Quentin: Oh God, no! Nothing about obedience!

Me: No, I said disobedience!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Is Jesus here?

Jamie: Yes.

Me: Hello Jesus. What’s your last name? Do I call you Mr. Christ? No, I’m just kidding, but seriously, I don’t know your last name. Maybe you have a one name thing going on like Cher.

Jamie (giggling): He thinks that’s really funny.

Me: Oh, this is so awesome. You know why we’re here, I suppose. Right?

I retrospect, this si a pretty lame question. Of course he knows!

Jesus (extending his hand as an invitation for me to begin): Please.

Me: Okay. First of all, I’d like to ask, what was your spiritual mission during your life that we know as Jesus Christ.

Jamie: Um, it’s like my eyes are playing tricks on me. Erik is sitting on the armrest of my couch directly in front of me. Mr. Crisp is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed. Jesus is standing in front of the couch kind of diagonally in front of me. When he came in, he was dressed in white. It looked, I don’t know, like a robe or wrap or something. It was freeform, white and kind of emits its own light so it doesn’t really look like a crisp piece of clothing.

Me: Um hm.

Jamie: And then when I heard Erik speaking to Jesus kind of saying, “Show them what a cool guy you are,” I look over and see Jesus in jeans and sandals and a t-shirt. It’s a scooped-neck t-shirt, white, long sleeves, kind of like a linen with no markings on it. It hangs; it’s not tucked in or anything.

Me: It’s not even casual Friday, but we’ll make allowances for you, Jesus!

Jamie giggles.

Me: So, your spiritual mission?

Jesus: It was to simply try to show people on earth the importance of the afterlife.

Me: Oh! And from what I understand, you differ from the rest of us in that you came in without that spiritual amnesia. You came in remember who and what you are—a part and whole of God.

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Did you realize that even as a child?

Jesus: At age three, I realized that I was different than others.

Me: In what way?

Jesus: I knew that we were all connected together, that we were not alone. I couldn’t understand why people would cry or have grief or feel separated.

Me: Oh.

God how I wish I understood how to get rid of grief.

Jesus: I couldn’t understand, when I was a young boy, why people wouldn’t take care of themselves, that they would choose to become weak, to become a victim. It pulled on the fabric of the energy all around us and weighed people down.

Me: Hm.

Jesus: I knew that’s not who I was. And I had access to all the voices that came before me.

Me: Wow!

I’m such a scintillating conversationalist. Sigh.

Jamie: I asked him to describe that more. He said spirits, angels, God.

Me: And you could tap into any information you want just like Erik can now?

Jesus: Yes, it was freeform. The information was free flowing to me.



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