Channeling Jesus, Part Two

Happy Good Friday Everyone!

Me: Okay. Was there any very impactful event in your childhood that made you the man you were?

Jamie: He smiles. He has facial hair. It’s not bushy.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: I don’t see it as being a long, big beard. It’s just kind of trimmed, kind of modern looking.

Jesus: All of what I did as a child made me the man I am today, but the most impactful was the suffering that my mother experienced that I knew was unjust.

Me: What kind of suffering?

Jesus: I took that as a message to not let people suffer anymore. I understood that I was a healer; I understood that I could create cures by using God. 

Erik: If you were alive today, would you still feel comfortable using the term God?

Me: Oh, very nice question!

Jamie: I know!

Me: He’s not without skills!

Jesus (to Erik): Yes, I would feel comfortable using the term God. What I’m uncomfortable with is the definition attached to the word. It’s been fragmented.

Me: You mean it’s been deemed by man as something separate from everything else?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Okay. Does he have dark skin or light skin, Jamie?

Jamie: Um


Jamie(laughing): I said it in my head and Erik goes, “Say it outloud!” He looks like a very tan Caucasian, so not white skin, but not very, very black.

Me: Okay. What about his facial features. Are they coarse or fine?

Jamie: Hm. I’d have to say they’re more fine than coarse. His skin is smooth, not rough. It doesn’t look like it’s been in the sun forever.

Me: Okay. What about your birth. Was it Immaculate Conception?

Jesus (smiling and tilting his head): No.

Me: Okay. All right. The secret is out, Mary.

Jamie laughs.

Me: So, reflecting on your life, do you think you accomplished your mission?

Jesus: Yes.

Erik laughs.

Erik: I think he did a pretty good job cuz people are still talking about him thousands of years later!

Me: Well, that’s true; that’s true! How do you feel about the way they revere you and the way they spread the gospel of your word? Are they doing what needs to be done, or have things become a bit distorted in a way that makes you unhappy?

Jamie: He sits down in front of me. It’s on the side table, but it doesn’t seem to matter to him; he seems comfortable.

Jesus: A lot of my children have gotten lost. A lot of my children have taken my word too literally and too directly and have decided to create a cause and a war in defense of my words. If I were able to walk the Earth today, I would tell my children that to argue or defend or to force others to believe in the words you cherish so deeply for yourself is the wrong way to encourage life.

Me: Fighting against something you think is wrong always causes it to persist. The ego is what wages war here. What you resist persists.

Erik jumps in:

Erik: There is no right or wrong.

Me: Yeah. Only divine lessons.

Jesus nods his head.

Jesus: Correct Erik. For those who live on Earth who are causing the destruction wholeheartedly believe there is a right and a wrong, so you must teach them first what is right and wrong before you can teach them that there is no right or wrong.

Me: Okay. Well said. 

God, I’m going to get into a lot of trouble for this. Y’all pray for me.

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