Reflexology, Palmistry and Other Arts

I used to think Reflexology and similar modalities belonged to the domain of crystal balls and witchcraft, but Erik sets me straight here.

Me: Well, I was just wondering if it was even possible. Now what about reflexology and palmistry? Are those viable arts.

Jamie (to Erik, giggling): Well, you can laugh, I don’t care!

Erik: I don’t want to offend you!

Jamie: Whatever!

Erik: Palmistry? Meh. That’s more folklore or wife’s tale. It’s very fun though. There are a few things that the lines on the hands can say. Palmistry is more about the shape of the hands, the shapes of the fingers, things like that. That gives a good read about the person, but really lines, it’s hit and miss.

Me: Ah.

Jamie: And you mentioned—what was the other one?

Me: Oh, reflexology?

Jamie: Reflexology. He thinks that’s spot on.

Jamie (to Erik): Earology? What do you mean?

Me: Iridology? Does that have something to do with the iris of the eyes? That sounds familiar.

Jamie (laughing): Oh, I thought he meant looking at an ear!

Me: Oh, I don’t know! He may be! Maybe it is the ear!

Jamie: No, he said it’s the, uh, uh—

Me: The iris?

Jamie: Yes, that!

Erik: Iridology is very good.

Me: Well, what can you do with it?

Erik: You can tell what the body has gone through in its lifetime—its suffering and pain.

Me: In this lifetime or all lifetimes?

Erik: Mostly this one, cuz this is when the body is built.

Me: Interesting. Now, it can’t predict the future, but basically what you’ve been through?

Erik: It can show what your body is preparing to do.

Me: Oh. So what is its value? I mean, we already know what we’ve been through.

Erik: To understand that your body knows more than you do.

Me: Ah! And reflexology the same thing?

Erik: Reflexology is more of a healing modality, so it’s not about reading into the future. It does give you signs of what your body is capable of doing and what it is doing.

Me: Ah! 

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