Channeling Jon Benet Ramsey, Part Two

Channeling Transcript

Jamie: So they allowed her to cross over before much of the brutal things took place.

Me: Oh, good. Good. (pause) Was it your destiny to die this young?

Jon Benet: Yeah.

Me: Why? Why is that?

Jon Benet: I don’t know why. I was just told that this is the way it was meant to be, and that it wasn’t an accident. It was planned. It was a planned death before I came into this world, and that my death was planned.

Me: Okay. (The repetition in her phrases remind me of how a child that age would speak.)

Jon Benet: On earth.

Me: Okay.

Jon Benet: And it brings awareness into parenting, and it changed the way a lot of people parented, but I think it’s sad, because it put a lot of distrust into relationships, cuz people thought that maybe their spouses could be mean to their children.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Jon Benet: I didn’t mean for that to happen. There needs to be complete trust between parents to raise a child.

Me: What do you mean? Why was there mistrust between spouses?

Jon Benet: Because of the way that I died. Um, because…

Jamie: You can tell she’s holding back something.

Me: So there was some suspicion between your mom and your dad?

Jon Benet: Yeah.

Me: Oh, okay. I understand. Let’s just leave it at that. I don’t want to go any deeper, because I can tell it makes you uncomfortable. The whole purpose is to give you a chance to say what YOU want to say, not what other people want to hear.


Me: Can you describe the afterlife? What’s it like there for you now? What do you do there?

Jamie: She shows me images of dancing, of beautiful flowers.

Jon Benet: There’s people. Um, I learn whatever I want. I can grow up if I want, but I choose to stay little.

Me: Okay.

Jon Benet: I like being little, cuz people always tell me how cute I am!

Me: Oh, there we go!

Jamie: She’s really enjoying that kind of energy! But she’s not just maintaining that six year-old mentality. She’s learning beyond that level.

Jon Benet: I will come back to earth. I will. I want to, cuz I wanna live out who I want to be and live an old life. This is something, uh, when your life is taken from you, it just feels unfinished, even if it’s planned that way.

Me: I can imagine.

Jon Benet: So I wanna come back and do it my way.

Me: Yeah, good.

Jon Benet: I’m happy about that, but it’s not going to be anytime soon. I want the earth to settle into its big changes—the ones that are going on. That’s what I mostly work with, cuz I love animals. So, I’m helping the animals release their spiritualness.

Jamie giggles at her choice of the word, “spiritualness.”

Jon Benet: I help the animals release their belief in God.

Jamie: When she says “release,” the vision she gives me is to show it more.

Me: Okay.

Jon Benet: That’s why you get so many videos now of animals being childlike and funny and loving.

Me: Yeah.

Jon Benet: Animals that kiss each other and show compassion, animals that actually grieve and that have funerals for each other. We’re all gonna finally figure out that animals are just as smart as humans and have languages that we don’t understand.


Jamie (giggling): She’s got one hand in her back pocket, and she’s got her little hips cocked to one side, but perfectly straight posture!

Me: Of course!

Jamie: Man, she’s just standing up so tall!

Me: Do you have any regrets at all? You’re so young, I can’t imagine.

Jamie laughs at her answer.

Jon Benet: Yes. I should have eaten more!

Jamie and I both laugh.

Jamie: And when she says “eat more,” she’s talking about pizza and chocolate!

Me: Oh, pizza and chocolate! I’m with you there, Sweetie! Chocolate is my favorite vegetable! Now you can eat all of it you want, dontcha?

Jon Benet: Yeah, but it’s just not the same.

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  • Michael

    The link to Oprah is going to the Enneagram page. I checked the OWN site but I’m not seeing anywhere to submit ideas for your own shows, just specific calls for shows they already have. Is there some link or page I’m missing?

    It’s fascinating what Jon says about animals. As someone who worked for six years at an international animal welfare organization, the stories and evidence that is out there documenting the soulfulness of animals and their emotional intelligence/communication is staggering. It doesn’t get out much though because it goes against so many economic interests and long-standing cultural beliefs. Particularly with mammals such as elephants and whales, some of the stories of their grieving and complex social interactions are profoundly beautiful. Elephants will grieve for days over the body of a fallen loved one. One of the most spiritual encounters I ever had was a whale watch in Vancouver on a tiny zodiac boat, the enormous grey whales rising up right next to you, staring right through you. If more people had these direct interactions/experiences it would make a difference, because once one experiences the spirituality inherent in these kinds of interactions, you can’t ever go back to looking at animals the same way again. I wonder what she means though by helping animals release their belief in God?

    • That is just too weird! I checked the link and it’s typed in right. So I just clicked on the “break link” button, then the “make link” button and it works fine now.

  • Yahaira

    Hw cute and lovely soul. I cant wait to know who killed her? who wrote the note to her parents? and if she meet her mom once she passed away. …
    Thank you Elisa this posts are so interesting, and get better by the day 😉

  • Tracy Lamont

    Went to Oprah’s blog but don’t know how to recommend Jamie & Erik. Any ideas?

  • darlene

    I respect and understand that Elisa did not want to pressure Jon Bennet for nswers to how she dies, but I think that is part of the whole purpose of having these interviews. We all grieved and were devastated when she was murdered. It is not that we want to be nosy, it is with all due respect, that we would like to know who killed her. God Bless Jon Bennet.

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