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Sorry this intro is slow, but I’m on my way to go camping. Enjoy today’s Best of Erik!

Me: Hey, Erik. I’ve been practicing listening to your voice in my head, and it seems like it’s been helping me to do that exercise you talk me to match my vibration to the Earth’s. So, I ask you to say a very short phrase like, “I love you.” At first, I have some trouble, because I flip back and forth hearing my voice and yours in my head. I mean it’s kind of difficult to capture your voice. Like tuning the dial of an FM radio. Actually, sometimes I visualize myself doing just that—tuning a radio dial until I hear your voice. That kind of helps. It’s really easy for me to hear Grace’s voice, because it’s so obvious being an English accent an all. Anyway, for some reason, I have a hard time connecting with your voice. Why is that?

Erik: Because you get so amped up and nervous. That’s all it is, and once you get past that little bit, it’s you and me all the way.

Me: And maybe it’s also because there’s so much emotional charge wrapped up around it and because I remember so many of your voices from babyhood on up. That makes it hard to capture just one of your voices.

Jamie: Aw!

Me: Anyway, so I’m practicing just giving you little things to say, and then, you know, I hear it, so that’s going to help me a little bit. Is that you? Are we really playing that little game?

Erik (in a mischievous voice): Oh, we are playing that game!

Me: We are on, Baby!

Erik: Yeah, we are on!

Jamie: Also, he was saying that he—go back, Erik, so I can get the whole thing, (Pause) He was telling me about hertz. Isn’t that a frequency?

Me: Yeah. Mm hm.

Jamie: He was talking about around 15. He was saying if you can measure it to get to around 12 to 15, that’s not—(pause)—sorry, I’m asking him questions. That’s why I’m pausing. He’s talking about brain wave frequencies.

Me: That’s assuming I have a brain!

Jamie: Ha!

Erik and Jamie laugh.

Jamie: All right, Erik. Back to point. He’s so laughing at that.

Erik: If you can measure it, you’ll find that it’s not really that deep, deep meditation where I get to talk so thoroughly to you.

Me: Okay.

Erik: More of 12-15.

Jamie: But see, I really don’t know what that means. Is that—

Erik: It’s still a conscious awake time, but it’s almost like that, “I don’t care” mind. You know, “Oh, I don’t care if I finish that list,” or “I don’t care if I forget flour at the store.”

Me: Oh my god! I’ll NEVER get there!

Jamie laughs hard.

Me: Oh god! I have lists of my lists. I guess I’ll just have to say over and over again, “I don’t give a rat’s ass; I don’t give a rat’s ass; I don’t give a rat’s ass.” That’ll be my new mantra.

Jamie: That’s what he said! “That’ll be her new mantra.”

Me: Okay, well, I’ll give it a whirl. That’s interesting, though. Yeah, I just have to surrender a little bit to expectations, too, you know.

Erik: Yeah, well, also surrender the emotional weight you put on it, too. I think that’s the hardest lesson of it all.

Me: God, yes. I’m getting there, though.


Me (scribbling on, yes, my list): Surrender emotional weight and grocery list.

Erik (chuckling): And grocery list. Because those are equivalent. Side by side.

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