Erik on the Shadow Government, Part Three

I’d love to have you guys give me input on which of the mediums you like the most. Do you mind taking the following poll? I can’t include Jamie Butler because she’s too expensive for me, and I can’t include Kim Babcock because she has moved on to other things. There are other mediums I know about but don’t have much experience with, so you can add them in the “other” box if you like.

Enjoy the final part in our series on the shadow government courtesy of Erik, Emma and transcriptionist, James de Beresford! Thanks again, James! Check out this video of a CIA agent exposing the shadow government.

Me: What about the media? Are they part of this industrial complex? It seems like they are controlling how people vote, for example. They’re so frickin’ biased now.

Erik: Think of it this way. They infiltrate government, they infiltrate law enforcement, they infiltrate media, they infiltrate universities where research is being done and being blocked in some way. And they’re also infiltrating science. So they have people, scientists and journalists, who will stop information coming out. Or scientists who will say, “No, that’s not possible,” people who are really well known who have years and years of scientific background who will disprove it. So they are infiltrating everything we could possibly think of, so what we’re seeing on the news, shows, even certain movies, the gazettes, newspapers, magazines, everything is checked. So it’s kind of like, “This we can let go, this disappears.” And when they do want to bring fear into people you will see in every newspaper, ‘look at what happened’ and oh my gosh, the news will be full of it: drama everywhere.

Me: I do see this because some people, I can’t remember if I had the session with you or Kim, it was said that scientists are fudging global warming figures. Of course, there is a manmade component, but it’s really not a serious problem because they want to make money off of the green economy and also the professors in these universities are dumbing down our kids, making them want socialism like Venezuela and making them intolerant, like Berkeley. That was the birthplace of freedom of speech, and yet they’re stopping people that don’t have their same opinions from speaking and they’re rioting. So they’re turning kids into snowflakes. And the media, too. They were so pro-Hillary. Hillary is so upset that Trump called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man.” She thought it was a very inflammatory speech and that it was dangerous, yet there’s a clip of Bill Clinton saying exactly the same thing. The media is just controlling our minds.

Erik: Just a little bit over a month ago a professor was scheduled to come out and publicly announce he’d found a cure for cancer and he mysteriously had a heart attack. Those things are happening all the time all over the world. Unfortunately they do show us what they want us to see.

Emma: He’s just laughing about Trump-Hillary because he knows I’m worried about that. I don’t want people to think that I’m promoting the party for one of them. I really didn’t care about the election, not at all, because I know that whoever’s going to come into power’s gonna be there for a reason. So that’s my perspective on this thing, whether I like you or not because I actually thought Hillary is maybe okay but I don’t really know her much. So I was like, ‘I don’t care’, as long as whoever’s in power will do the job that he’s supposed to be doing at that moment. I really believe that everything has a reason whether we like them or not.

Me: Oh, both of them were very flawed candidates. Trump talks like a 3rd grader sometimes. It’s terrible. But he says he wants to drain the swamp. Is part of that draining the swamp getting rid of the global elite and the corruption in the industrial military complex, getting rid of the New World Order. Is that part of it? I know Hillary wouldn’t because she’s part of the problem, but maybe he is too, I don’t know.

Erik: What he wants to do is go back to the old ways where everybody’s on his own. No co-operation, no sharing information, everybody is on his own because he really wants to rebuild America into becoming that super power but he feels that because now we have to share all this information and we have to work together with the UN – and he’s not a big fan of that – [he believes] that hurts you guys more than ever. He’s off on that. He’s not correct on that, however what he is doing is he’s shaking things up. He’s waking people up and saying, “Okay, well this person’s not doing well and that person’s not doing well,” and he’s shaking the grounds of even these hierarchies, these top of the pyramid people, so they don’t like him.

Me: Well not many people do, unfortunately. But the UN, we’re paying more than our fair share for the UN and they’re not doing much to address human rights, and they have violators of human rights on the main council, so I agree with him on that. So he’s not going to deconstruct the global elite and the military industrial complex, then?

Erik: He’s going to remove the rubble to start over.

Me: Oh that’s good.

Erik: He’s tearing the building down so we can rebuild later.

Me: So when will we see the deconstruction of these global elite military industrial complex type things?

Erik: Well that’s really up to us. It’s really about us coming together and resisting this not by fighting but by thinking in the way they don’t want you to think. That’s the whole ironic part about it. People think that we need to fight them; people think that we need to attack them and in some way eliminate them, but what we need to do is exactly what they don’t want us to do, which is to think for ourselves, to spread that word, to stop being drawn into their little games that they’re playing with us. Stop watching the news, stop watching the media. Yeah, yeah, you might have some people losing their jobs because less people buy newspapers but there’s always a recuperation. People will do other things.

Me: I stopped watching the news. I can’t. Trauma, Life in the E.R. I always tell the doctors what to do.

Emma: I have to say something. I stopped watching those shows, too. I like the emergency rooms because when you really look at that you can feel the love they have for that person that’s in need. Who is unconscious or who is hurt. And you can look at that and you’ll see how loving and compassionate people really are.

Me: Except for the one where the guy steals his mom’s car, wrecks it and his passenger brother died instantly and the mom comes into the ER bay and he’s really hurt and says, “The wrong kid died; you should have!” Awful! But enough of that.

Emma: There are some good ones.

My TV update: I love all the vet shows like Dr. Jeff, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet, The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. K’s Exotic Pet Vet. I also like this new show called Long Lost Lives or Long Lost Something or Other. It’s about adopted kids finding their biological family members or vice versa. Very heartwarming and uplifting. I like the medium shows like Tyler Henry and also the new one about the energy healer: The Healer. No more news.

Me: Obviously the lesson is for us to think for ourselves, become enlightened and get to that 4th dimension and that will solve the problem.

Erik: Yes, stop feeding that negative outcome that people are so afraid of and do exactly what they don’t want you to do. Think for yourself, love yourself and start creating your own universe.

Me: Okay. Now, off the topic, but somebody said that aliens are stopping some of these nukes, and they’re afraid of how violent we can be. Is that true?

Erik: That is true. There are alien races out there who are really terrified of us and who will protect themselves. Another issue is that the government is thinking of creating or imitating an alien attack, so they would be able to attack them and get their resources and all that. And some of them are really helping us, as well. Some of them don’t want these nukes to happen because it will not only affect us but it will affect the rest of the universe, as well. And it will affect them in a very negative way, too. So some of them really try to control the situation so we don’t destroy ourselves and we don’t destroy the planet, but then there are also other entities who are afraid of our nuclear use. I mean if you look at our history, we don’t have a real pleasant one. We’re always attacking each other; we’re killing each other; we’re killing babies. It doesn’t give a good résumé to other species, and it doesn’t give a good impression. So there are other species who are aware of this and who are kind of in defense mode. They’re observing, but if it does come to a certain point, they will defend themselves. And then there are others who know that we have good in our hearts, and they really want to try and help us overcome these struggles.

Me: I hope so. We need all the help we can get, and we’ve got a long way to go. The last thing I want to talk about, really briefly, is career politicians. We’ve talked about Hillary and Trump but there’s so many people – career politicians on both sides – who are so corrupt and don’t pass bills according to what they think is best for us, I think. They pass bills or obstruct bills based on what will keep them in power. Like I say, it’s on both sides. So what do you think of that?

Erik: Some of the politicians are really assigned by these higher groups. They’re in that position for a reason: to stop things from happening. Then there are other politicians who really go into that job because they think they can make a difference, so they’re not all bad.

Me: Of course not.

Erik: Some are just infiltrated spies to stop certain things from happening, to manipulate things to go in a certain direction.

Me: Okay well we talked about the liberal Democrats. They’re supposed to be the party of tolerance, yet you had the Berkeley riots and stuff. But on the Republican side you’ve got the religious right who are very intolerant, bigoted, etc. Are they part of this problem too? They are a problem but…it ain’t good.

Erik: Let’s just say that when it comes to politics, there’s so much diversion now. It’s like everybody’s on a different page, and there’s no more unity.

Me: Yeah, both sides show intolerance and a lack of love.

Erik: Because they’ve gotten bitter over the years. It’s a well paid job and (some words were lost at this point, because the connection froze) they’ve given up on the world a little bit.

Me: Well look at the Republicans. They can’t pass anything. I think that there are several in the Senate who are just trying to take down Trump. They don’t want him to be successful at all even if parts of his agenda will help the country. Is that true? There are people that are actively refusing to allow Trump to be a success with some of the positive policies.

Erik: Yes, there are definitely people who are stopping him from doing what he wants to do, and the media is changing a lot of stuff into almost like a ridiculous mind game. You know, he talks about fake news, but in a lot of ways he’s right on that. There IS a lot of fake news. They just show you what you want to see.

Me: Or what they want you to see, right?

Erik: Yeah. He’s being stopped every time he tries to move forward.

Me: Yes, I feel sorry for him, I wouldn’t want to be in his position. Of course, he’s often his own worst enemy. Okay, so can you name some of them like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain? They seem like they’re part of the corrupt elite, but I don’t know.

Emma: McCain, he’s going thumbs up.

Me: He’s corrupt?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: He’s part of the global elite? Okay.

Erik: The first one as well.

Me: Mitch McConnell?

Emma: Mm hm.

Me: Chuck Schumer on the Democrat side?

Erik: No.

Me: Nancy Pelosi?

Emma: (Listens and smiles) He’s going, “She one tough bitch.”

Me: I know. I think she’s part of the New World Order. I just feel it in my bones, but I’m probably wrong. Is she?

Erik: No, however she does have a very strong belief system of her own that is not always put into a more enlightened state of mind.

Me: Okay. Who on the Democrat side are corrupt just like McCain, McConnell. Oh, I haven’t asked about Paul Ryan, is he corrupt? Is he part of the global elite?

Erik: No but let’s just say that he’s not a great person.

Me: I used to like him but I….ugh. What about the Democrat side? Who is part of the corrupt elite?

Erik: Well it’s really hard to say, but they’re puppets. They’re not part of the elite; they’re puppets. They’re being paid. Everything goes through another person and another person and another person. When it comes to government they’re not really part of the elite; they’re kind of foot soldiers.

Personally, I lost all respect for Chuck Schumer after hearing the following story. He was on his cell phone on an airplane, and the flight attendant politely asked him to shut it off so the plane could take off. He nodded but for several minutes, kept talking on his phone. The flight attendant went back to him and said something like, “Sir, I insist that you turn off your cell phone.” He looked up at her and in an imperious tone, said, “Ma’am, do you know who I am?” to which she replied, “Yes, you’re my employee. Now, turn off your phone or get off the plane.” Haha! This is one reason I’m not a fan of many politicians although I’m sure there are some decent ones somewhere!

Me: Are we talking about lobbyists lining their pockets and telling them what to vote for and what not to vote for?

Erik: No, it’s about they’re getting paid or things promised, positions promised, things like that. It’s always about financial means. Or they promise them the presidency. They’ll seduce them with, “This company is yours. You can own it. You can have it.” It’s always about people power, giving people money, giving people control over certain things if they do this or that for them. And it usually takes a fewer inner people to get to their—

Me: Okay.

Erik: The group we’re talking about, the kind of high society top-of-the-pyramid group, they don’t like to be known. So everything is very hush-hush. It’s kind of like a drug cartel, so there are a lot of intermediate people before it gets to the product that actually does it. So it’s really hard to track them down.

Me: Okay, two more quick questions. First, a lot of people talk about a shadow government. Is this what we’ve been talking about or is there something else called the shadow government?

Erik: Yes, it’s just that elite that we’ve been talking about.

Me: What about the Deep State that the news talks about that’s so anti-Trump? Like, they say they wiretapped him, which turned out to be true, trying to destroy his presidency and probably other presidencies in the past, too. Is there a Deep State in the government?

Erik: Yes, there is a group separate from that elite that wants to gain of control over government. That’s a smaller group and they’re not as powerful. They like to stir things up.

Me: Well they probably see Trump as a president who is going rogue and they want to reign in him. And in some ways he needs to be. Guys, you know I am not Democrat or Republican. I just want what’s best for the country. I just want to let you guys know I was not a fan of Hillary because I know she has this history of corruption. Trump has some bad stuff going on, too, and he talks like a 3rd grader. I just want to pray for my country. But, last thing, what is the solution to these corrupt, career politicians? I don’t think there should be representatives for 30-40 years. I think they just collect dust and become corrupt. What is the solution?

Erik: It doesn’t matter what shape or form you want to put people in power. It’s still going to be a power struggle. The solution is us. We need to teach our children the right way about the world, about equality, about taking care of each other, and you can already tell that these new generations are a lot more enlightened and open to the idea of this. But we need to protect them and we need to protect that idea in them. We need to stimulate instead of taking it away. We shouldn’t induce it with, “Oh, you need to obey what the government says,” and, “You need to have a job and work like a robot in order to fit into society.” No, we need to stimulate our children to say, “Hey, be free thinking. What do you feel you need to do?” We need to stimulate that enlightened way of life in them, and their generation will create a government that will be based on those ideals that we’ve given to them and really get rid of these power struggles that are going on all over the world.

Me: How can that happen when these university professors are telling our children how to think? Good or bad they’re feeding them so much propaganda.

Erik: Because we’re outnumbering this group like a million-to-one. We’re outnumbering them like there’s no tomorrow. So if we can all give our children the same enlightened state of mind, then we’re actually gonna suppress them very easily and basically knock ‘em off. They can’t control nine billion people. It’s just not gonna happen.

Me: Professors, the media, Big Pharma, corrupt politicians and corporations, Facebook. I’m sorry, go ahead.

Erik: This control is something that they’ve built up slowly for centuries. It started with the Catholic Church, and it’s been building up and building up and building up. Expanding, that’s what it’s been doing. So in order for us to tear it down, it’s also gonna be a slow process. We’re not gonna tear it down in one day; that’s not gonna happen. What we need to do is teach our children to become enlightened beings, become mindful, become compassionate and that needs to be integrated into their way of thinking.

Me: Question authority. Don’t believe everything your teachers or professors tell you. Don’t believe everything the media feeds you; don’t believe everything the politicians feed you, on both sides of the house. Don’t believe what the president tells you. Don’t agree all the time. Yeah, I agree with you.

Personally, I think we should have term limits to get rid of career politicians and get these up and coming enlightened kids in faster. The current politicians certainly won’t vote that in, but if they agree to being grandfathered so that only new politicians are subject to term limits, then the old corrupt guard will eventually retire or die.

Erik: They don’t resonate with that frequency so when someone does come up to ‘em, they’ll be like, “I’m stepping away with from you because I don’t go with that frequency; that doesn’t feel good.” And so when they have no more followers, when they have no one to intimidate anymore because they won’t be afraid, you’ll teach them to be independent; you’ll teach them to be enlightened within themselves and they won’t be afraid of them. Then they’ll lose all power. If you take away the fear of people, all power over them is lost.

Me: So people need to learn how to trust what their heart tells them.

Erik: And take away the fear. No more fear. We’re being controlled by fear. That’s the number one control issue. Fear.

Me: Yep. And the media, the politicians, the New World Order, the global elite, the military industrial complex, the universities are all taking advantage of that. Now, I still think, personally, that term limits would be good because then it seems like the politicians wouldn’t tend to just pass legislation or do things that will get them into the next term and keep them in power because they won’t be able to do that. At least in their last term they’ll do things they think are right for our country, not what’s gonna get them money and power.

Didn’t I just say that? Sigh.

Erik: What’s going to happen in the future is—and we’re still talking way, way, way, from where you are now, Mom—is we’ll have kind of like a government for the whole human race, no longer for different countries. The world will be unified and a government will exist from all these different areas all over the world, and they’ll make decisions for everyone, everyone is equal, everything is the same. So whatever they decide will affect everyone on their planet. That’s where we’re headed, and it’ll be kind of like a galactic confederation of the human race. That’s kind of where we’re going to, but this is still light years away from where we are now.

Me: I think it’s gonna take disclosing some of the technology that’s being hidden from us. The free energy, the cure for all diseases, the cure for starvation, poverty and all that. It’s gonna take that, otherwise it’s just gonna be too difficult. Things are going to be too divided. So, how do we get these technologies released to us?

Erik: Well, like I said, it starts with our children. When they eventually take over they’ll knock these people out of power. If your people are no longer afraid of anything, if they are good within themselves, you take away the power. It’s like a bully. They’re bullying us, using our weaknesses against us.

Me: Well it seems like there should be a leader to release all this technology for us, whether it’s Trump or somebody in the future who says, “Dudes, I got free energy for you,” or something like that.

Erik: Well, that’s the whole thing. When our children finally get to that point and they do take over, they’ll reveal all this information.

Me: How long is that gonna take? A century? Two centuries?

Erik: That’s up to you. You know, that’s the whole thing when it comes to future predictions. It all depends on how the energy is flowing. That’s what it is.

Me: This has been so fascinating. I feel like there’s hope.

Erik: I want people to understand this is not a doom scenario. This is always hope, and it always starts with love, and it always starts with compassion. But it also starts with you. We have to work together, and we need to stop being afraid. The only reason they can control us is because we are fearful of everything. We’re fearful of being alone; we’re fearful of not being loved; we’re fearful of not being popular; we’re fearful of not having enough money; we’re fearful of society not accepting us; we’re fearful of being an outsider. There’s so much fear.

Me: I know but look, what’s the worse that can happen to us, people? We’re eternal beings.

Erik: You can go Home and try again. You know there’s nothing to be fearful about. Live your everyday as if it’s your last. Enjoy it. Do what you love, people. Stop going into what is safe or what is government telling you what is safe. If you want to be an artist, anything you do with passion will give you financial stability. It will lead to financial stability if you do it with your whole heart, if you believe in yourself, it will always lead to you feeling abundant in life. Because you will already have that energy, you will already be in that frequency, because you’re doing what you love.

Me: Awesome.
Erik: That’s where it starts with.

Me: All right, thank you so much Erik and Emma, I love you both. Emma, you can contact her at Check her out at LearnItLive. Just type in her name. She’s got some great classes. Some help you develop your mediumship skills, right?

Emma: Develop your mediumship skills, how to meditate and there’s also one about autism. There’s going to be some new ones following, so you can attend them live or watch the recordings as many times as you want.

Me: And will you have one on how to communicate with your deceased loved ones?

Emma: We’re still working on the mediumship class.

Me: Oh it’s kind of the same thing, yeah, yeah.


Emma: It’s the same thing, a great class because it’s not only just for people who want to be a medium but it’s really about how you can connect. In the first class, the beginners class, it’s really about getting a good foundation in life because in order to connect, you really have to find peace and harmony within yourself. So the first class is really good for everybody’s who struggling, who’s depressed, who is on the look for “Why am I here?” So I definitely recommend it to anybody, and I think in about the next month I’ll do the medium class, the second one, where we go more into detail about the different ways to connect and things like that.

Me: Sounds awesome, and you guys check out Erik’s book, My Life After Death. Eight dollars and sixty-four cents, or something like that, on Amazon. So worth it, so life changing, such a page-turner. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your jaw will drop. Read some of the comments on Amazon because a lot of people say it’s the best book they’ve ever read, not only just among spirituality books, but period. Also my book My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side. You learn about my journey from skepticism to belief, but it’s not all about me. You also learn about what death is like, what the afterlife is like, what the life of a spirit is like, and it’s awesome. So, check it out and love you guys.

Emma: Love you.

Erik (Blowing a kiss): Love you all. Muah, muah.

Me: Oh yeah, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff on the blog that’s not a YouTube video. So go to the archives of Bye, I love you Erik.

Erik: Bye, I love you too, Mom.

Check out this great video with medium, spiritual coach and reiki practitioner, Sara Kujawa, and Kari Silver Lining Mena, energy healer and host of the Shiny Show.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Marts

    Our own love and trust in giving our belief systems over, in favour to support the many twisted establishments, has left us energy depleted, crippling in believe we can’t have ourselves to carry on in our own authority in our innate worth.

    Partaking as the knobel servants we are is where these deceitful establishments gain their power and that power that energy source is coming from us…. what we get back in return has been the poising of our water our groceries and other deceitful disrespects in our life. To serve for them as simply numbers, all for their love of attaining wealth and looking powerful.

    Their vision of deception is to manipulate us from accessing our divine expression, this is to simply trust in ourselves and enjoy our lives…. Erik! Thank you… because Erik will regularly speak clearly on the importance to find the trust in yourself…. It was here when Elisa speaks of us as being eternal beings! We are indeed eternal beings and we defiantly are not servants to these lower energy systems who think they are God!…… God damn it, this is the separation and the illusion.

    Less watching the dramas of news will give you more of what you like to enjoy to do.

    • Even the Bible was altered to influence and oppress the masses.

      • Marts

        It could be seen religions had abused what was given to them from a higher guidance system to help those looking for forfilment, religion may have decided for themselves to take ownership for this right of passage to self suit, prescribing to the doctrines via some desirable fashioning….. to obey to a order…. when in truth! We have our right to be who we are to walk in our freedom.

      • Nancy Antia


  • Léon Vrins

    Almost all of the talking about the shadow government was about the U.S.A. How about the rest of the world? There are so many unanswered questions. Now the dollar is still the most important valuta in the world, but for how long? When will China definitely take over the role of the U.S. of being the most powerfull nation military spoken? Etc. etc.

    • Oscar Perez

      Plenty of other websites dedicate their site to these questions. You can google Daniel Estulin, Veritas Radio, educate-yourself dot org, cabal times, and plenty more; what Erik went over on these interviews have been beaten to the ground on other sites since the internet came into existence; nonetheless, this is a nice intro to the subject from a spiritual point of view.

    • Great questions! Maybe we should ask Erik to give us a more global perspective of this problem.

    • Nancy Antia

      I’m from Argentina … and our government is just like yours, even worse.

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      If you read the biography by Gore Vidal, you will realise that the USA has interfered in the politcal life of every country they believe is either an idealogical threat/financially expedient for it’s own benefit on the planet, much to his disgust… The USA is numero uno in this regard, but not in the positive meaning of this phrase. Every other country is just a minor player… the US is corrupt through and through…

  • Elisa, thanks for this post. Fascinating stuff, but to be honest, you had me at “cure for cancer” because maybe my husband could have been saved (he died of bladder cancer 2 years ago). It’s no surprise that the guy who had a cancer cure had a “sudden heart attack.” Big Pharma rules. That’s why I never donate to cancer causes. They’re not looking for a cure. It’s sad.

  • Nicole

    PLEASE do an interview with Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian scientist and philosopher who started Waldorf Education which does exactly what Erik is talking about: teaching children to be truly free-thinking, free living beings. Steiner started Waldorf Education after WWI when his clairvoyant insight led him to many of the insights we are coming to today. His wisdom about how we can work towards societal renewal in education, healthcare, social life would be such an incredible contribution to this community!

    ~ A loyal lurker 🙂

    • Léon Vrins

      Sorry for you, Nicole but I have some doubts about Steiner. In the city where I live there are many followers of Steiner and maybe they have the ilusion of being free in acting and thinking. Too often they show dogmatic opinions and forcing their children in the same direction.

      • Alphonso de Barbo

        This is the modus operandi of the liberal marxist left… if you don’t agree with their agenda they are as intolerant as the extreme right viewpoint… in terms of accepting individual differences of opinion/belief…

  • Frances

    I too believe that these hidden puppet masters snuff someone out if he/she gets too much information or does too much digging. And they do it by making it look like suicide. An example is the expert who stated that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He was found dead. They made it look like suicide. There are a lot of natural practitioners mysteriously dying at the moment. Are they getting too close to something?

    Recently I read about Hollie Greig, a girl with Down’s Syndrome. In 2000 she told her mother that her father and brother had been abusing her for years and had pimped her out to a group of people that included judges and policemen. The police considered Hollie an honest and credible witness, but Elish Angiolini stopped the police investigation. Anne, Hollie’s mother, was forcibly placed in a mental hospital, from which she escaped. Hollie’s uncle (Anne’s brother) confronted the accused. He would up dying in suspicious circumstances. His death was ruled as suicide, even though he was found with a broken sternum, broken ribs and a fractured skull. The found him in a burnt out car, saying that his death was caused from the smoke fumes. Policemen have said that investigations into ritual pedophilia go only so far, at which point investigations are stopped. The group of people who abused Hollie (and other children) were Masons. Her father and brother moved to Portugal and were never questioned. Higher up masons owe their first allegiance to each other, not to society or what is just or moral. They are Satanists and they ritually abuse children. Vulnerable children are those at risk–those in care, street kids, drug addicted kids. There is a lot of information on the internet; you just have to google it. The Royal Family rewarded Elish Angiolini for her coverup with a title of ‘Dame’. The Masons have infiltrated the Vatican, all levels of government, the judiciary and the police force.

    I’ve read that the cabal wants a one world government so that they can control us plebs making us be implanted with a computer chip that lets us buy property, food, anything we need. Satan is getting stronger and will rule for a time, but ultimately God will win.

  • lali

    This was a really eye opening session! Thanks Elisa, Emma & Awesome Erik. I pray the next generation will be able to make the big shift. My son is an indigo child very intuitive and wants a better world to live in. He asked me to buy him crystals as a toddler. I am learning to use my claires with the help of Erik and my guide Prince. So thankful for their love and guidance. Hope you can do a Channeling Erik tour to Hawaii again. I missed the one last year and I really needed it! This is off the topic but we would love for Erik to have a session with Muhammad Ali. Thank you for all you do, sending love and purple rainbows

  • Kirael Valar

    Thank you for the information Mrs. Elisa. Oh, Merry Christmas for you and for all readers. Live long and prosper!

  • Kevin Shipp is a brave dude.

  • Fate Ripper

    Erik mentioned that there were some politicians who genuinely want to help people. I have a feeling they would be the ones who are calling out big-money-in-goverment/Wall Street the most- Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc. (I’m reminded of when the bird landed on Bernie’s podium- that really did feel like a “power of love” moment. Trump really doesn’t give me good vibes at all- like with the recent tax bill, he sold out to moneyed interests, and seems more interested in his own power). What does Erik think about that? Are there “good guys” we should pay attention to? Were either threatened during the primaries?

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, I spent years reading about the so called suppressed information but I had doubts. Now thanks to Erik I know it’s all true. Thank you so much for these posts!

  • Angelissa Cassiani

    I don’t agree with your politics (as I believe Trump is a very corrupt, sexist, racist, and misogynistic person aiming to keep the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor) but I really believe that you and Erik are healing spirits in this world (and ofcourse the great beyond). Thank you very much for sharing his insight into ‘the dark side of the moon’ so to speak. There’s so much we don’t know. I also really, really love Emma! She just has such a warm, welcoming aura to her and I love hearing her readings.

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      …talking about ‘love’, …I LOVE Donald!

  • Angelissa Cassiani

    Very true! While I do think there were a lot of factors involved in determining Trump’s win (Russia’s rigging, the electoral count, etc) I have to wonder if maybe right before the ballots she gave final thought to what was to come.

    Maybe she considered that the era of Trump’s presidency would be the true test for the American people — or maybe I’m giving her too much credit, but considering she’s at this humongous pedestal draped with power, I have to hope that she would want to at least use some of her power for the benefit of the world, even if that meant sacrificing something she had wanted for a long time. I wonder if she considered that the effect of Trump’s presidency might be for a catalyst for people to stop putting up with what they’ve always accepted (i.e: sexual harassment in the workplace, sexism, racism, bigotry) and start building what they do want.

    As it is, since Trump has gotten elected, more women have run for office. There was a massive women’s march in early January that had historic turnout around the world. People have begun calling out people in power that have sexually assaulted them. I mean, it’s like people are taking back their own power, and while I despise Trump and his presidency, I think this positive effect will really set the tone for the next era.

    Ultimately, it is my hope that Hillary possibly considered the positive change that Trump’s presidency would yield, and it influenced her decision. I could be totally wrong, but I like to be optimistic. I don’t think she’s as vile and shady as most people would like to believe. I think she really does hold a streak of good within her.

  • fatkat

    “and also the professors in these universities are dumbing down our kids, making them want socialism like Venezuela ”

    Is capitalism like you have it in the US better though?

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    Kevin Shipp needs to be heard! Where are the journalists who could spread this important information??? …Oh, Yeah, I almost forgot, they’re controlled by the C.I.A.

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    #…Erik…We shouldn’t induce it with, “Oh, you need to obey what the government
    says,” and, “You need to have a job and work like a robot in order to
    fit into society.”…
    I disagree… we’re not disembodied spirits; In the present era people need to work to make a living… maybe, when we become angelic, sit on a cloud and smoke dope all day can we all go in different directions and do our own thing… It’s not all about the individual, a purely narcissistic viewpoint, it’s about the group… What needs to be abolished is capitalist society which is based, obviously from Erik’s account, on greed, corruption and manipulation for the benefit of the few… Yet, human nature being what it is, it wouldn’t matter what philisophical/political regime was in vogue, there will be those who want everything for themselves… this won’t change, in this or any other era…

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