Erik on Child Trafficking


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But first, on a lighter note,  the other day, my son, Lukas, came downstairs and said, “Mom, I had the weirdest dream!” And I replied, “So did I! I dreamed about Satan.” His jaw dropped and he said, “I dreamed about Satan, too!” We both shared our dreams, and although Satan was the main character, the storylines were different. I’ll sh

This has happened to before. When my daughter, Michelle, was around 8 years old, she shared a dream about baby red-earred slider turtles. She was on the bow of a boat, scurrying around trying to keep them from crawling to the edge and falling into the ocean. There were around 50-60 of the slippery little boogers. The thing is, I had the EXACT same dream. And I mean EXACT!

Now my dream about Satan…no one would possibly duplicate it. I was in a home I didn’t recognize but I knew it was mine. A small door in the porch floor (about 8 inches by 10 inches) had popped open and there was a bunch of straw or hay coming out of it. I noticed droppings and said, “Dang, the rats are back again!” So I picked up the wad of hay and noticed there was a baby bird and a grasshopper in it, both alive. I placed it outside, then heard a devilish voice coming from the opening. It was Satan telling me to lock the little door or he’d some out. I had 8 seconds. I got mad and said, “Satan, there’s no way I can close this in 8 seconds. I don’t even have a clasp or nail!” So he acquiesced and gave me more time. I nailed it shut, then covered it with a thick layer of yellowish glop that dried solid.

Suddenly, I felt sorry for Satan. I bent over the yellow-covered door and said, “You need love, Satan. I’ll love you. Don’t you have a mother?”

Suddenly, we were sitting side by side, the door open and sulfur fumes wafted out. He said, “Yes, I have a mother. She’s a foot.” I asked, “What about your father?” to which he replied, “Yes, he’s a foot, too.”

I asked him if he could give his autograph to the kids in the class (whoever they were) thinking that would help his self-esteem. So he flung a wade of molten silver at me, and it cooled into the shape of a toe. “That’s my mother,” he explained. Then he flung out another glob of molten silver, which cooled into an oval disc with his signature. He did the same for another toe. “That’s my father.” and he created another autographed disc.

Weird enough for you??

Another thing: Pamela Aaralyn is hosting an event, channeling Dolores Cannon. For some reason, I can’t upload the flyer, but the title is “Volunteers: Your Role in the Shift 2020.” Dolores will describe the 7 archetypes of those volunteers. It’ll take place May 20th, 1:00 PM MDT/2:00 PM CDT via a Zoom Webinar. So mark your calendars and register on her site: It should be awesome and not one you want to miss.

And now for today’s YouTube, channeled wonderfully by Denise Ramon!

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Auto-generated YouTube transcript:

hey there Denise how are you doing in
good Eric I love you he says I love you
mom and he’s he’s blowing kisses and
he’s showing me how he’s like you know
how like you do those parachutes I tell
you everybody’s in a circle and you
stretch them out and then you go in and
go yeah yes show me like he’s got over
you and the whole family he’s like got
like a dome over all of you and you
should yes good during this horrible
time of the pandemic talk about human
trafficking it’s like I have learned a
lot from this particularly from this
youtube series that’s called the fall
Cabal deep state and you know so first
of all just open the mic to you Eric
tell me but what’s going on human
trafficking child trafficking sex
trafficking what is going on I don’t
want to talk about drug trafficking but
can you give me some insight I mean why
spiritual contrary but tell me whatever
you want just you know you got the mic
well when he said spiritual contract
I don’t get like uh he shown me it’s not
like the same
it’s not a showing me how they didn’t
like say okay I’m signing up for this
and here this goes it’s almost like the
course changed the changed course and
and so he showing me on another level
they they did sign up for this in a way
but it was like after the fact not all
some victims right okay not the not the
ones doing this is the victims he shown
me how it’s like because he showed me
how we go back and forth in a sense to
the other side and sometimes we
renegotiate what’s going on and and and
stuff and so they’re like okay we’ll go
ahead with this you know I’m a soul
level to go with this
Eric says that when he said not about
drug trafficking he says but drugs are
involved in this
also he oh how so because you have to
you have to be he’s sane inebriated but
it’s more than but you have to be
intoxicated with mine altering stuff in
order to participate in this kind of
stuff you know you just have to in order
to because he says there’s a tinge part
of them are the people that are doing
this that are not the victims that are
the perpetrator there’s a tinge part of
them that knows this isn’t right
otherwise they wouldn’t be in hiding she
says so they have so they know it’s not
like they’re oblivious to it and you
know like a little kid going and
touching a hot stove and not know again
so they’re there they’re aware otherwise
they wouldn’t be in hiding he says yeah
and they hide well yeah well eric says
yes they do
he says but because that we’re not we’re
not looking for anything we we just
don’t want to we don’t want to see
that’s the problem we want a higher
hazardous and he says less with ugly and
but Eric is saying you know but is
horrible and as horrific as it is he’s
telling me that there’s such great I
don’t want to say satisfaction but
there’s great the only way I can that
had to put it into words is how he’s
showing me is telling me it’s like
there’s great rewards afterwards because
what they signed up to do is like a lot
of bravery and how
so that you and I don’t have to
experience the victims right yes the
victims how they’re doing they’re
they’re signing up for this so that so
that our children can stay safe you know
and and it’s been going on for decades
he’s decades maybe even centuries but in
maybe maybe are you some of the decades
as far as the DEP’s gay stay pizza gate
that kind of stuff or are you talking
about I’m because I’m sure they’re okay
it’s just grown the members not the
victims and the members have grown and
stuff and he says that he’s switching on
where he’s going with but he’s telling
he’s saying that it’s like when they
come when the ones that have been here
that are no longer here and they’ve
transitioned over it’s like they their
light got brighter they’re their spirit
got larger is what he’s saying because
they did a deed that not many of us
Souls want to sign up for and he says
none of these souls are forced to say
this is what you’re going to do it’s a
volunteer basis and and they and it’s
too but it the idea that for them doing
it is because they know it’s he says
it’s like and he’s showing me and I
think it’s funny how he’s using this
analogy because I was usually for
somebody he says everybody knows that
each teaspoon that they get to dig they
know eventually they’ll get to the to
the source of it yeah he says yeah he
says yeah
I know the Trump apparently according to
this youtube series has done a lot
let’s sign a lot of executive orders
bills whatever do you also just stuff to
try to combat it but it’s never really
publicized in the media very much and
may because the media somehow parts of
the media are somehow complicit well he
says that wouldn’t sell the news you
know people just it just it just is the
shock value of it is just too much and
it’s just too much and it just it
wouldn’t sell no I’m talking about about
showing all the different things that
Trump has done to come at it he says
people wouldn’t believe that yeah yeah
he says people just wouldn’t they
wouldn’t believe it and he’s just
sitting yeah they won’t believe it and
and also I feel like
whatever he’s doing
it’s almost like that it doesn’t need to
be told now what he’s doing okay because
it will come out again and everything
will come out okay more than what people
realize I mean this this series I
watched I don’t know if you saw me post
about it but in short I mean god it’s
just incredible just watch everyone 1
through 10 alright so in that series
they also said that there’s some
involvement with some in the CAA in drug
chod trafficking murder satanic ritual
abuse plus supplying global elite
pedophiles with children for sex and
they admitted that and got charged with
it so do you want to say anything about
that I mean of course most of the CIA is
wonderful brave souls etc so this is
just I think part of you know the Crypt
deep state you know I don’t know or
something it’s not good well eric says
you know in any business there’s going
to be someone you know there or some you
know like some people still time he says
like on they say they work ten hours
oh yeah or they still post-it notes or
paper clips or they stood he’s laughing
he saying still in people’s lunches you
know so there’s always going to be those
people that you would never steal a kiss
so enlist in this type of stuff yes and
this type of stuff he said it’s no
different like you were saying about the
CIA there are some people in there that
are just he’s telling me that these
people are groomed to go work in these
places where the CIA people
the CIA and other oh wow hi fish they’re
there groomed by his the very top people
he’s showing me like their groom like
they know he says it’s kind of like
some groups groom their members to work
in big financial places they are allowed
to get any tattoos they’re not they
don’t do anything to where they can have
a record or anything because they’re
groomed to participate in white-collar
I see so basically yeah so maybe is it
the global elite Bilderberg complex
people that that kind of thing like the
the corrupt global elite that want to
agree with depopulation and all that
kind of stuff is that you screaming them
he said yes but when he said when he
said when you asked that and he was
showing me it’s it’s like you have the
very top elite but then it just trickles
you know like then there has one person
here that does something and then that
trickles down and that person does
something it’s like a he showing me like
a those curtains like back in the 60s
with the beads you know yeah yeah and so
it’s like that you know each one has
their so it’s the very bottom that get
the ax and and then and then they start
getting the other one but he is telling
me that they’re really working on
chopping half of that curtain down you
know they don’t want the bottom person
who’s they the people who are looking
within our government I feel like a fit
law enforcement and I feel like it’s
somebody you know like it’s I don’t know
somebody’s trying to stop it yes okay
people within the FBI there’s people
within it’s it’s it’s yes he says yes
it’s anything FBI
there’s people within the CIA that are
working on this so these little clusters
people who are working on this nobody
else knows that this is going on okay
now this is woman Laura Silsbee she was
on the board or something for Amber
Alerts this is weird and also part of
New Life Ministries which like gets
foster kids you know takes and orphans
and stuff and apparently she is was
charged nothing she confessed to the
abduction of a bunch of Haitian kids
during the earthquake to have them be a
steady supply for the global elite
pedophiles and plus she is close friends
with the Clintons
do you want to say anything about that
well when you’re talking about that eric
says you know it’s a perfect opportunity
to you know it’s like a sale you know
it’s it’s been miss marked and so like
let’s go in and get all these you know
no good you know should go on what he
called every crisis should be taken
advantage of i can’t remember what the
thing is but yeah guilty eric says eric
says yes he’s saying she is not an
innocent bystander alright so and then
the clinton foundation Haitian relief
witnesses okay
a lot of the witnesses there were shot
before the trial I came in with one of
the guys names
you know Monica Peterson was down there
and Haiti you know just sort of like
documenting all the stuff going on with
the Clinton Foundation Haitian relief
fund and the pedophilia and all that I
mean child trafficking whatever and also
dr. Dean the Lawrence was there
that also voiced out this is not right I
mean they are taking kids and selling em
for sex and anyway so were they were
those two at least killed by somebody in
Clinton syrup and the Clinton circles
Eric is saying he goes
he says this is a very delicate time and
he’s saying what he’s saying oh and he
says I’m just gonna say they guess they
were killed
okay yeah okay I don’t know if they
looked like they had suicide or whatever
but he’s just telling me that yes they
were killed is what he’s saying well a
lot of them and I’m going later seem to
die by a tie or some rope hanging to a
doorknob which this course is not that
is it means you’d be quiet’ such a mouth
Wow did Derek tell you about that he’s
told me he told me it’s a symbol I
didn’t either okay they’re pedophile
logos on the International Adoption
clinic the Kennedy Krieger Institute and
John John Hopkins Child Center and also
the NuStar Kafala and there
the FBI has has you know aired the fact
that there are certain symbols like
there’s certain symbol that means
guy-on-guy a man on boy you know a a
woman a woman you know grown woman and a
young child and butterfly symbol which
kind of means pedophilia in general is
that just a coincidence these logos on
these those those Institute’s that I’m
talking about eric says mom he says
there there is no coincidence okay and
and it’s yeah he’s saying it’s it’s it’s
the same thing like what we have in a
sense because he says he shown me how we
have stickers on some businesses I know
even here in Houston we do have
Curzon businesses that say human
trafficking and and went that on there
it’s a it’s a symbol to let people know
this is a place you can say I’m an a
victim of this and they’ll take action
it’s it’s to let people know you know
and he says these symbols in that are to
let other people know like here’s our
club I know
Chester Benefield and Chris Cornell I’m
one of them created some organization
because they were abused as children
sexually and so they created one of them
or both of them these organizations to
fight against that and you know the the
pedophilia thing is this and they’re
like oh is this like it’s broken wait
like a Brooke like it’s broken like okay
so this is the perfect I don’t know if
I’ll do it right but this is it’s broken
that’s there in the case then we’re
gonna stop this and so I do believe that
Chris Cornell and Chester bidding field
were killed because of their them trying
to be the voice for children and child
trafficking and pedophilia my Eric says
they were murdered so the way he says
he said he’s telling me now they it
wasn’t through suicide so I don’t know
if they died of overdose or what I think
it was the same thing except for I think
Chris one of them it’s like there was
some blood around and it looked like
they were that person was cut and then
hung by their exercise equipment or
whatever I don’t know yeah yeah it was
it was definitely it was definitely
people within that gamut he says because
you know who it’s it’s you know they
they knew too much I am and people know
people know when you know too much yeah
same with Kate Spade I think she was
speaking out against this kind of thing
I believe well when you were talking
about that Eric was showing me Kate
Spade and you know it and i i i i even
question like how does
because I believe they said it was a tie
how does a tied do that I just I just
felt like she had a little bit more
class to go on a different way than that
I just really something that I feel
right in my gut and I just like and I
just yeah I just I that didn’t I just
felt like she had a little bit more
class than that so Eric she was murdered
too right yeah yeah the same circle
what about Bourdain he says he says yes
and people people all around know that
he didn’t they tried to he said tell me
people try to make it look like he had
mental health issues just lately tried
to make Kate Spade she had mental health
issues and he says he says all of us had
mental health issues and he said of
course they had issues you know and and
stuff because of what all they knew but
they big yes and yeah you know he said
yes and so and I was asking him like so
does the same person do this go around
doing this because so I don’t know any
other word other than gross and horrific
I know
it’s nauseating me and he says no they
have different people to do this you
know he says they’re called like hitmen
you know oh yeah they will do this it’s
like well in Chester bidding field you
know he was abused by a fin to the
family when he was a child and guess who
was a big friend of family
Tony Podesta who worked on Hillary
Clinton’s campaign and if you look at
Chester and Tony they’re pictures
they’re splitting image
spitting image I mean it looks like
Tonia’s problem was probably Chester
bidding fields biological father yes or
no and I not see why Eric was talking he
says Eric says that is something that
that they that’s not ever that’s not
going to be able to be proven right now
and I just don’t feel like Erica’s he’s
just not you don’t want to say it yeah
we you’re protecting us I can understand
now Soros george soros he is a miller
founded whatever CEO of the non blah
North American man-boy love Association
talk about that that sounds gross yeah
and they and they say that one of their
mottos is you know sex ed 8 is great or
something I mean you know yeah but and
it’s one of the symbols is a figure of a
man with a heart holding him in the hand
of a little boy with a heart in the
middle so um it’s so so tell me about
Soros in NAMBLA you just watched it I
think it’s number four part for that is
this kind of thing but yeah tell me
about Soros and pedophilia and the
pedophilia ring for global elites of
which he is one well eric says because
i’m like like just the name itself is
like i would not let my kids as my kids
like i have a kids but i wouldn’t let if
i had a son
or or and i definitely win let my
daughter go to something like that like
a diet a son go to something just
because the name sounds gross to me yeah
yeah but eric says they don’t take off
the street people to go to this okay
these are people that were he says
raised to be a part of this okay
so I so Eric is saying yes that they
this is part of their purpose why they
were bored why they were he’s telling me
to be a part of this yes okay got it
why they were giving birth to and Eric
is telling me that they would even check
which is uh they would they even would
check to see if they’re gonna be boys oh
wow what do you mean like when they’re
oh wow so they were producing for the
global league pedophile ring yes Eric’s
is like they were you know yeah and Eric
says you know yes you know they’re and
he says you know mommy those people
aren’t going to believe any of this
people because it’s to normalcy bias
bias where you think it it’s never
happened so it will never happen like
the Holocaust
you know they we’re not imaginative
alright so Justin Trudeau and this
documentary they said he’s has so many
associations with registered pedophiles
can you tell me about that
he says
when you have a business
like an entrepreneur business you only
want to surround yourself with people
who you who’s going to help you in your
business or who you can sell to okay so
of course he’s going to have know a lot
of those people because it’s a benefit
for him why Eric says because of the
line of work that he’s in and Eric says
you know all these people have like the
majority of them have a really good
front business but it’s a front oh wow
it’s it’s this is it’s like a smoke
screen he’s showing me it’s there’s this
other stuff that’s going on behind the
scenes well is is he a pedophile I don’t
know that he is but just associating
with him but Justin Trudeau
Eric Eric she does make him standing
alone so that’s what he’s telling okay
so no I I don’t feel like yes yeah least
Eric shows me standing alone alright so
there’s a lot of weird sex symbols in
some Disney films like I think it was
Lion King wearing the clouds bailout sex
bailout sex and there’s like Beauty the
bees or something where you see penises
as part of the architecture of castles
and stuff like that and and also the
symbols I was talking about that was
released by the FBI the different
symbols that I showed you guys and also
Illuminati pyramid symbols throughout
what’s going on there with Disney and
these sects these these mud like
subliminal sex messages and Illuminati
symbols and pedophile symbols I heard
something about the Disney one and I was
real disturbing to me because I just
loved Disney World
Eric says that he’s telling me right now
he’s telling me that Disney didn’t start
out that way and I think he taught Walt
Disney Walt Disney himself dance
didn’t start out that way that’s not
what how it was supposed to go but you
know is you get different people in
there different things and they see an
opening because it caters to children
and blah blah blah you know so Eric you
know he’s he says that I don’t have to
look at some of those things too cuz I
didn’t see him but he’s he’s saying they
yes they have it out there and he says
why to let it he says it’s like a a show
of power like look what we can do and
and everybody’s asleep you know nobody
knows and it’s like for them he says
it’s like tagging like you know our
gangs do tagging you know on things oh
yeah it goes it’s basically the same
thing it’s tagging is what it is and
they like to see and it’s funny he says
that because I remember back in the oh
when was it the late 70s early 80s a
friend of mine and I noticed on Procter
& Gamble’s stuff the would be the mark
of the beast the 666 and hey Otis dude
oh wow really yes and I remember that we
were like shocked and we’re like no this
can’t mean this and we were just so
shocked about it and we were like and we
were like oh my god and we and so we
started looking on all those products
you know yeah where was it on there and
I’m trying to think on one of the
products that we it was just right like
I remember it be like a
neither carton or it would be like the
corner of something you know like soaps
or whatever and clothes soaps because
back then close soaps only came in boxes
yeah and and it would be on there and
just a little tiny thing and we were
like no this can’t be this and and you
know and we were and I just remember we
were like no this can’t mean that and
and we kind of brush it off and I didn’t
think anything else about it until
recent and but but and then I was
looking online and you know it said a PG
partner game will sue the company
because they said there said oh and and
it’s but it’s like it all makes sense
subliminal messages is just like I’m
tagging cuz I’m all that and a bag of
chips or is it meant to be from mind
control and subliminal messages to
children and adults for that matter well
Erik says on some of those things you
know like to how they have how you say
how they have it on the Disney stuff and
I yeah things you know he Erik says that
is it’s like tagging for them so that
they can they’re boasting about how far
out there they are with their stuff to
let other members know like look where
we are and nobody seizes some of the
things are too like to distract us you
know it’s emblem blows I can’t even say
a word now it’s to to get our almost
like numbers to things you know okay you
know to do that
because we don’t ask like why why I know
I didn’t really start asking why this
until after we flooded with Harvey and
then I started asking myself why do I
have to do this who says I have to do
this you know and it’s like kind of like
he says we all get hungry at noon who
says yeah I go wow yeah and it’s like so
I don’t need at noon anymore oh my god
alright so what about Walt Disney was he
a pedophile or not
Erica’s saying no and he says there’s a
lot of there’s a lot of people I feel
Erica’s telling me that feel that he was
a part of it and in this and Abbott
Erich is saying Walt Disney the man
himself whether or not that makes me
yeah all right what about this Hollywood
connection I think that it was who’s
that guy that played Mad Max oh god no
anyway so but he called Hollywood an
institutionalized pedophile ring and
they had this spiritual belief some of
them that they can harvest the energy of
a child so they can actually take their
blood torture them take their blood and
and get something called adrenochrome
into the end which is I guess the stress
response and and eat it and this
cannibalism involved is awful stuff but
but tell me about the Hollywood
connection basically with with any kind
of trafficking for that matter except
drug except cracks well Erik says you
know it’s about grooming you know and
and and it’s about grooming people and
stuff and it’s also about aces you know
you’ve heard that saying in the past
about selling your soul to the devil you
know you need to get something and you
know and he says a lot of these people
who are in Hollywood you know were
homeless or not far from homeless or you
know they were wanting this big break so
somebody promises them something and you
know in order you know it’s like okay
yes I’ll do that but they don’t start
off saying
harvest these organs and drink this
blood in order to have this big part
they start out little and he says and
they have you do little things and then
then you get attached to an income he
says or lifestyle and then you don’t you
feel like you have no other way because
you know where you came from you don’t
want to go back there
so you just and then the next thing you
know you’re too far yeah I mean there’s
something called spirit cooking parties
where we’re yeah they just eat each I
mean you see the the parties there and
there’s a human head or whatever it’s
it’s horrible and and you see this thing
this series you see an email from Tony
Podesta to the person that’s avoiding
him today oh yeah I’d love to be a part
of spirit it’s just it’s really much
deeper and more horrific than people
think I think okay but it’s like satanic
worshiping and it’s almost like we’re in
this big bite of good against evil right
now with all this but so the Hollywood
connection of course not all of them are
that way there’s a part of it that is an
institutionalized pedophile ring or not
he says and that we already know he’s
telling me because he’s showing me about
that one group of people that were
arrested for doing luring women and
stuff like that I he is it Maxim or
something he showed me like that’s
already been proven you know and then
there’s other people who are in there
you know that are proven Mike
some of the the people who have already
been arrested I’ll just you the recent
one because he’s most out there is
Weinstein yeah you know and he’s you
know and that’s just down there you know
there’s a lot of other that it’s also
almost like a form of brainwashing – I
bet I mean it’s just awful and Epstein I
mean you know they the mainstream media
try to say that Trump went to Epstein on
to his on the plane to that island where
a lot of pedophilia went down but then
they really looked at the ledger the the
the document or they you call it the the
passenger list and it wasn’t it was
Clinton on there all right so let’s talk
about let’s talk about the church the
church the Vatican for for one thing the
name of the telescope in the Vatican is
Lucifer okay
well Eric says well
you know their teachings are he says
that Lucifer was an angel that fell from
the grace of God you know he’s it’s
almost like they what they’re saying is
that he’s and I don’t know anything
about this he sings it’s like they named
it that what they’re telling people is
to what like this is somehow like this
is how far he could have gone or so and
there’s something about why they’re
saying that but Eric says you know
there’s there’s more to the story and
it’s going to come out he’s telling me
but it’s like Lucifer and I don’t know
you said it’s a tell us though because
Erica’s saying they’re using it like Oh
like I don’t know and I don’t even know
the story about Lucifer falling from no
I don’t either but it’s almost like he
didn’t believe Eric is telling me he
didn’t believe stories or something and
so this somehow or this is symbolic what
they’re saying like how far you can see
something like that but Eric says it’s
this crazy story that they have is wrong
things are named in the church like that
they have their own story that makes
sense to people don’t question for me I
like wider balmains yeah also the
Vatican is full of all these sculptures
of rip reptilians and and evil looking
stuff so that’s kind of weird but also
the fact that the the current Pope at
least he very often it’s like doing the
sign of the devil and hey he’s got this
and shows it in this documentary so and
also there is a lot of pedophilia
pedophilia in the the church so can you
comment on that all of that Eric please
says yes there’s a lot of pedophilia in
the church there’s a lot and why Eric
says well one they’re protected hmm
they’re protected and so it’s
they don’t he says not all of them start
out that way but he says you know this
also goes back to saying you have to be
a virgin or no sex or whatever it is you
have to be to be a priest you know and
stuff and he says you know that that’s
that’s you’re asking people to deny
their urges yes but they’re they’re
humaneness yeah what we’re supposed to
have so then they go off and then they
start engaging in things and then from
there and then they know they’re
protected he says they’re protected and
eric says that’s the bottom line they’re
protected and the reason why they’re
protected is because the church doesn’t
want a bad name oh god no I mean though
he says and then he should Erica show me
money he said so money gets paid out to
people you know and I’m assuming the
victims you know or there’s some that
they allowed to serve time you know in
prison time which we had them here in
Houston even yeah but when you talk
about all the other stuff within the
church Eric says
what he’s telling me what you’re talking
about when you walk into the church
that’s not what you see right away
that’s not how you see it right it’s in
places he says it’s so it’s just not
there you know for clean eyesight but
when you point it out then he says it’s
kind of like fine wall go oh yeah
then when you find Waldo then you’re
able to see a lot of other things around
like that I’m gonna go real quickly
because we’re running out of time now
there’s this whole thing about red shoes
being of like a symbol of pedophilia and
I saw this picture in this youtube
series oh I don’t know this Cardinals or
whatever we’re all wearing red shoes is
this some is that some sort of symbol
for pedophilia well first of all I’m I
want to ask like Hollywood is there an
institutionalized pedophile ring within
the church not all the church but is
there a segment that is an
institutionalized pedophile wing I
didn’t want to forget that so is there
one in the church yes if you know like
Hollywood part of it not all of it is
this institutionalized pedophile ring
this isn’t is there the same in the
church the Catholic Church that well at
least the Catholic Church that part of
it operates as an institutionalized
pedophile rings Eric says that he says
yes but it’s not it’s almost Erica show
me it’s not like they put them in the
church on the wall because I was so
organized but like those in the church
found them okay and so you know it’s
that’s how he showed me now when you
talked about red shoes Eric flashed into
my thoughts Dorothy on The Wizard of Oz
oh wow so tell me what you mean Eric so
heavy but red shoes he’s saying that
there that’s that this is a symbol you
know it is a symbol because Eric is
saying of some of it has to do with red
means power and so there is a symbol and
it’s in it but it’s a fashionable one so
people don’t
there’s people don’t think yeah nice
about it now if you had rainbow shoes
people would like why are they wearing
rainbow shoes but on something like this
this is power this is this this is what
this in its to let people and it stands
out so people notice it and it’s like
they notice things Eric is saying it’s
kind of like the rainbow flag for lbgtq
when that’s posted somewhere we see it
right away and we know it you know and
this is he says there is some truth to
that yes this is he goes but this
doesn’t mean everybody that wears red
she oh my god
no of course it could be the blood of
innocence dripping on the shoes of the
of the perpetrator or you know having
sex with a boy a little boy or a little
girl breaking the hymen creating blood
dripping on the shoes are odd maybe
more you know there was a person who I
want to say was the dr. Phil show
I haven’t know a few years back who his
parents were of in a political field and
I can’t even remember their names or
nothing but she was harvest a harvest I
want to say harvest she was made to be a
part of this sex trafficking and they
mutilated her body in some ways and
somehow she got away and now that and
she’s an adult now and I think she was
like in her 30s or something talking
about this and and I remember hearing
her when she was talking about it
sounded like a bizarre crazy woman
talking though like then and when I was
hearing some of this I was thinking oh
my god she was telling the truth but it
was so bizarre nobody could believe her
I know I’m gonna send you that one part
it’s cool all right really quickly
because I don’t want to go over time for
you but the CPS child protective
services has been accused and convicted
of abducting and selling kids out of
foster care and this that this mrs.
Shafer called him out and then she was
murdered that true yes no make a quick
sense yes all right so pizza gate
there’s this pizza parlor actually the
owner is somehow distantly related to
the Rothschilds the Rockefellers so you
know whoever deep state person and it’s
said that Hillary Clinton ran a
pedophile ring in that pizza restaurant
and some of the murals are just like so
so sexually graphic on the that’s this
thing the kids go to okay and it said
that Hillary sexually abused underaged
kids there but there was also a lot of
other pedophilic acts there yes no
maybes Erika’s same
Erica he’s he’s gone with maybe he’s
gone with maybe are you protecting us
yeah yeah you’re saying yeah
the that’s princess of whatever has a
little jeweled bejeweled pizza slice on
her thing Eric says you know there’s a
lot of stuff that’s getting ready to
become knowledgeable said thank God but
piece of gate is a thing right
pedophilia happened in that pizza shop
he’s telling me that that pizza gate
summons I don’t know but he’s telling me
that stands for something I don’t know
well I don’t know if the initial stand
for something which I don’t know and Z
would stand for but but it does he says
yes it does he’s a parlor that
apparently maybe the back room or
whatever there was a lot of adult on
child sex
it may be torture I don’t know I also
feel like Erica’s showing me that that’s
not what it was opened up to be but I
feel like there was maybe some debt or
something and there was a an agreement
for like you know you it’s kind of like
borrowing money from like these payday
loan places that have like twenty one
twenty six percent interest and yeah
your knees with this bat if you don’t
pay that kind of thing yeah yeah yeah
is it Mafia father’s that what you’re
saying Eric says you know stuff will be
revealed he’s telling me okay is our
politicians involved big heavy he’s
laughing said of course they are he said
that’s a known thing he said of course
they are okay
Snopes I think that’s how you say it and
some of these other truth-seeking sites
you know they try to debunk some of this
I found out that they probably are
controlled by the global elite
that you know that that they falsely
debunk many of these claims is that yeah
yes or no that Snopes is just part of
the deep state it’s under deep state
control global elite control anyway eric
says eric is just gonna go plain yes and
because when you’re talking about eric
says you know it was telling me he goes
to me she can’t believe everything
that’s going on in those things what’s
being said and yeah yeah all right so
what is the spiritual contract for the
collective again for all this cuz that’s
kind of me well
Eric says you know you know the the
spiritual contract is you know – because
this is something that though that the
world has been wanting you know like we
were on course about being living in
harmony and about it way back when and
then we got off course yeah and and it’s
kind of like you know it’s they gave us
a rope and now we’re going to hang
ourselves with it and and and this is
what Eric just said that’s where a lot
of them
that’s about the hanging and that is
like they you know he when he when I
just said that but he’s you know it’s
about shifting everything shifting
everything you know like the better I
hope she says yes because we’re he says
it’s like we have a car payment that’s
upside down our cars worth $5,000 but we
owe her merit Alison on it so yeah you
know it’s time to flip it back around
and and he says things are definitely
pieces but he says mommy says he he said
of he’s gone I said it before he says we
have to take baby steps with there so
now and it may feel like huge chunks for
some of us but it’s really baby steps
because this is gonna unfold over he
shown me like three to five year process
so there’s it’s not just the human
trafficking there’s now a fuckin and I
want people to know that this is a real
thing because Houston has one of the
biggest to human trafficking and they
tell us when we’ve had the Superbowl
when we’ve had the basketball whatever
it was the rodeo and the oil convention
thing that we didn’t have this time
because of this Cobin 19 yeah but we
have some of the the it is a big sex
trafficking ring Houston off a 1960 area
around in there so this stuff is really
it’s not that oh no doubt yeah that this
is made-up stuff this is stuff that is
that is really real and and so
and Eric is saying where do you think
these kids and these people go they’re
missing and nobody’s ever seen
they don’t just vibrate in to thin air
yeah it’s like yeah it’s like in the
you know microcosm you’re robbing these
beautiful wonderful children of their
innocence macrocosm
it’s like robbing humanity of their
innocence and we got to regain that
somehow you know so Eric says yes he’s
saying hold on to your boots well so
what’s gonna happen everything’s in
people are getting down to it and things
are gonna go down right Eric says things
are in motion
who’s our knight in shining armor that’s
helping us with this named two three
people he he says he can’t really tell
oh yeah yeah yeah mum’s the word all
right you know he just says you know
this is not about to this is about
staying in in the love you know and yes
and and not staying in the fear of this
because and yeah he says just just stay
in that and have hope then we’re gonna
turn things around I mean like I say
this is a fight of good against evil
spectrum of light they figure the darker
end still needs to be fought Eric said
Eric is saying this is a like this is an
explosion that we’ve been wanting to
happen for a long time
good because these explosion I thought
he’s shown me why
bright light coming home this is what
we’ve been wanting and ya know and
people have been talking about the new
earth and and the shift and eric says
this is part of it yep alright thank you
so much I love you Eric I let you Denise
you guys check her out at the of course
you want to come on Denise Ramon comm
which I’ll put right here my peeps bye
bye Eric says mom I love you I love you
bye bye take care you too thank you
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