Letting Go

Well, the eye surgery went well, except my sight is super blurry. I can barely check emails or texts. Thank God we have a wonderful guest blogger to save the day. I hope my vision improves so I can post tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! Thanks Donnalynn for sharing your insight on what, for me, is the hardest lesson of all.

Hi Channeling Erik Family,

Elisa has kindly invited me to introduce myself. My name is Donnalynn Civello and I am a Wellness Coach (Emotional/Spiritual Wellbeing and Holistic Nutrition) from New York City. I am a close client of Jamie’s and have worked with her for almost 10 years now and I refer many of my own clients to her.

I just wanted to reach out and tell you all how much I admire and respect the sense of community here. I read the blog everyday and have done since the beginning. This community has given me SO MUCH inspiration for my own spiritual teachings to clients and students (as I am a yoga teacher as well as a coach).

My work is to help people live better lives everyday and to give them inspiration along their path. I focus on understanding your soul’s purpose and learning your life lessons. Once you understand what you are here to do, the rest falls into place! I work with a few spiritual teachers and much of those teachings (including many of Erik’s teachings) are incorporated into my weekly “spiritual words of wisdom for living” blog.

I thought I would share those teachings with you. Maybe they will provide you with some inspiration to live the best life you can.

Ethereal Wellness Blog

If you ever have any questions, you can always reach out to me:

With love,

Donnalynn Civello

Email: dcivello@ethereal-wellness.com

Website: http://ethereal-wellness.com/

Twitter: @dlcivello

Letting Go

Erik inspires me every day to look at life at a higher level spiritually – not just in human terms. Things are not always as they appear to be. In fact, they seldom are. As humans we have a tendency to attach to things or people for a sense of security, purpose or a sense of identity. And what happens to us when we lose those things or people? Where does that leave us?

In Elisa’s recent post on “Soul Mates,” Erik challenges us with his notion of what a real soul mate is and/or does for us and how it is important for us to let them go once they have left our lives. As he says, “…There are the road signs. You know, you drive by them on the highway; they give you direction. They’re in the right spot; they give you accurate information. If they weren’t there, you’d get lost, but you keep on moving. That was their purpose, in that moment in time, to encourage you to be a better you, and the MOMENT MOVES ON. Why would you be selfish enough to think that that person should stay in your life long term because it was magical for a moment?”

Erik is right. Why do we expect that people should always stay in our lives just because we once had a magical moment with them? Soul mates serve many purposes and many of them are to dish up our life lessons – throw us into a state of emotional chaos and leave us to do the work on ourselves. This should not be seen as trauma, but as a gift – an opportunity for our souls to achieve great advancement. This is what we are here for – to learn.

Erik’s insights help us to understand the BIGGER PICTURE of why we are here and how we can go about understanding the true meaning of our lives beyond what is seen with our human eyes.

In my counseling, I find that clients have a hard time with letting go in general – especially when they come across a soul mate. Through their pain, I hear Erik’s words echo in my mind and somehow I always know what to say to them. Erik has taught me that nothing ever leaves your life unless it is time for it to do so. And if you are living in the past, you are living for a moment that HAS passed. Time to pick it up and move forward. Your life is always ahead of you; you cannot move forward if you are continually looking behind you.

As always, Erik’s words inspire my own weekly teachings (with my clients and yoga students) and in particular this week’s teaching – “Staying Too Long.” http://etherealwellness.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/staying-too-long/

With the gift of Erik and Jamie’s wisdom and the wisdom of my spiritual teachers, I am happy to share some of these teachings with the Channeling Erik Family. Maybe they will give you all a bit of inspiration on your journey.




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