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Alert the media. Grout report: I only have one section of tile and grout to clean today, and thank god because my knees are red and swollen making kneeling with my grout brush in hand an excruciating ordeal. I bought a sealer that last 5 years, which is good because I don’t want to see another dirty grout line for at least that period of time. 

When I’m finished, I plan to sit out in the backyard with Bella, cold one in hand. I hope you guys have a great Sunday!

Praise #1

For a time I was trying to figure out “what am I doing here?” Especially when my life would completely change, which happened 6 times (so far). So I started reading books about life after death. I have quite a collection. And each leaves one with conflicting ideas about the other side, and crossing over. Then, recently, my cell phone booted up to a picture of “My Son and The Afterlife” – I have no explanation for this. But it was a great read, so I started following the blog everyday. I avoided Erik’s book for a while because I thought I would pick it all up in the blog. I’m not sure why but I finally read “My Life After Death” and it is not only a good read, it helps make sense of the differences in other books. People (and the books they write) each have a different impression of crossing over and the other side in general. Which is the way it should be. Erik’s book and the blog make sense of many other writings and make God bigger, and greater, than I had ever imagined. Thanks Erik!

Praise #2

Dear All,

I have always been searching for truth that resonates with me. Religion never provided it. My father’s words of advice were to be the best person I could be. I feel I have hit the jackpot with Channeling Erik. I am so grateful for your courage to share your journey. In my soul, this information feels right.

First, being an empath is a fascinating topic. I believe the description given in your Youtube video describes me in so many ways. It was really difficult for me to recognize my sensitivity or shield myself when I was younger. I feel I am just warming up to it now. I suffered from panic attacks frequently when I was young, debilitating to where I missed a year of school and later after my son was born, could not leave the house for a year. During that second time, I had many dreams that were oddly prophetic and always felt watched. I have met my self-named “spiritual adviser”, Daniel in one of these dreams. I also heard an androgynous voice that clued me in on things that were about to happen. I felt so much energy in the world. It scared the shit out of me. I asked for the gift to be shut off until I got a handle on the anxiety. Now, 20 years later, I think I may be ready to gingerly open myself up. Any advice would be welcome!

Second, my mother is currently in the final stages of dementia & Parkinson’s. It’s been an extremely difficult year, very emotional & stressful. Channeling Erik has given me a sense of peace and tranquility when thinking about my mother’s passing. I know she is scared and is having a difficult time giving up the ghost. I see her aura as grey and frail. Erik, is there a way you can ask her guides to bring her and my dad extra comfort now? Thank you.

Finally, I have a request for a topic. Would it be possible to have Ötzi the Ice Mummy in for a past life interview? It’s fascinating to see the gradual advances science is making in determining his origins. I’d love to know who he was as a person, what are the meanings behind his tattoos, who murdered him, was it written in his life’s plan 5,000+ years ago that some day his body would be used as a great teacher of human civilization’s past? I have so many questions. 🙂

I hope to join your Erik tour this year if you make it to Sedona, AZ!

Love you all! Thank you for everything you share with me. It’s so enlightening.

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