The Olmecs, Part One

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Now, let’s see what those humongous heads are all about!

Me: Hi, Kim.

Kim: Hey.

Me: Look at this wonderfully clear video with no stuttering or anything!

Kim: Can you believe it? I have Internet after traveling an hour, getting my kids all packed up!

Me: Poor you. I hope this is not something you’re going to have to do. She lives in the country, guys, so Internet service is really hard to come by. I hope you don’t have to go back and forth to your mom’s every time we have a session.

Kim: It’s all right. The kiddos will be in school, so it makes it easier.

Me: And I’m sure your mother would like the visit.

Kim: Yeah.

Me: Well, hello, Erik! How are you?

Erik: Hello, Mom. I’m good. How are you?

Me: Good! You what I’ve always been interested in? Sometimes we ask Erik about these great mysteries of the world. We haven’t done one for a while, so we’re overdue. The Olmecs. You guys know those giant heads that are in parts of Mexico, and nobody understands why they have African American features and all that?

Kim (chuckling): He’s mocking you, saying, “And all that.”

Me: I’ll try to figure out how to put an image in the YouTube. I’ll probably forget. We’ll see. If I do forget, you’ll know it’s because I have a 61 year-old brain.

Kim laughs.

Me: But yeah, they were like from 1200 BC and were very advanced for that time. Then they just suddenly disappeared. I guess the first thing I want to know is where these people came from.

Kim (Smiling): He’s talking bouncing his head back and forth. He’s eating French fries. He’s being obnoxious with his French fries. He’s got his legs crossed; he’s kicked back, and he’s like, “I love me some French fries.

Me: Uh huh.

He did like them!

Kim: All right, so you want to know where they originated from?

Me: Yeah.

Kim: Listen, sometimes he can be a real smartass.

She laughs.

Me: I know! I raised him!

Kim: He said, “Well don’t we all” when I said, ‘She wants to know where they originated from.’

Me: Oh god.

Kim: Okay, so let’s see.

Me: Yeah, and why so suddenly? They just suddenly appeared on the scene, I think around 1200 BC, but that’s up to conjecture.

Erik: These were very intuitive beings and they knew it. They had a very close connection to their intuition and were very aware.

Kim: Whoever these people were, it seems like they were very tight-knit but also kept themselves together.


Kim: Erik shows me that they keep themselves together but secluded from other types of people. Like a very protected—

Me: Even from their own? Like did one tribe of Olmecs stay apart from another tribe of Olmecs? Or did they keep away from the Mayans. I don’t even know if they existed at the same time.

Kim: They kept away from those who weren’t Olmecs.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: They were very protective of their own kind because they knew they were different. They’re extremely intelligent.

Kim: You know, it’s funny. I never thought I’d go back to visiting this head space, but a long time ago, when we did a connection with Bigfoot, and that wisdom that came through, like all that energy in the head space, that’s the same type of feeling that’s coming through.

Me: Yeah.

Kim: They’re very wise but also very intuitive.

Me: Well, where did they originate from? Did they come from Africa? What continent did they come from?

Erik: He’s going south, like very hot south. It looks like southern Africa.


Kim: Okay, so it is.

Me: It’s southern Africa, really? Some people say they might have come from west Africa, but they really don’t know. Or northern Africa.

Kim: When he’s showing me the map of Africa, he’s showing me the lower quarter.

Me: Okay. Is it west of east?

Erik: West.

Me: Okay. So how did they get all the way to Mexico?

(Long pause)

Erik: They traveled.

Kim (Laughing): He’s such a smartass! So he showed me a few things. He’s showing me traveling by boat. I don’t know what kind of boat, but he’s showing me homemade boats and oars, like paddles. Then he’s also going like this. (She taps her temple with her index finger.) I don’t know if these people are or if it’s been documented that they’re trans-dimensional beings, but he’s showing me a very strong likelihood of that being possible.

Me: Okay. So what are you saying? Could they move their boats through different dimensions, using that to decrease the distance they’d have to travel. What are you saying? I don’t understand.

Kim: No, he’s saying they physically traveled by boat. He keeps comparing them to Bigfoot.

Me: Hey, Big-FOOT and Big-HEAD!

Kim (Laughing): Oh my gosh, that’s funny! He’s showing me Bigfoot being able to cross dimensions very easily, and he’s showing me the Olmecs—I’m not sure if I’m saying it right—but he shows me them being very capable, by using their minds, but not as efficient as Bigfoot.

Erik: They were still very spiritual and easily accessed other dimensions, but they can’t completely change physical form from one realm to the next like Bigfoot can.

An Olmec Head

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  • M&M

    Fascinating, I love these type of posts! Thanks for the updated App, Elisa. I have an iPhone and had to delete the App and reinstall it in order to get the blog posts to load. Now it works great. Can’t wait for more world mysteries to be solved!

  • 403LEC

    Thank you Elisa 🙂

  • LifeLongLearner11

    This really great. I’m so so grateful that this info is coming out. As an African-American, this is especially important to me. We have been stripped of the truth about our history & have been taught that there were no highly advanced African civilizations besides Ancient Egypt but of course they’re not seen as (black) Africans. The Dogon of Mali have stated that they migrated west from Ancient Egypt. (Maybe Erik can confirm this, too!) I’ve always felt that the Olmecs were of African origin based on the appearance of those gigantic heads. There are African historians who have long-stated that the Olmecs were African and that there were Africans in the Americas (in Mexico & California for example, probably descendants of these Olmec travellers) long before Columbus arrived but no one takes them seriously. They’re accused of being Afro-Centric, delusionaly or trying to re-write history. I am so appreciative that Erik has validated their research. Maybe one day this info will wind up in history books as fact. I wonder how we as a culture would change if the narrative about us changed? How many other cultures have been robbed of their “truths?” Time will tell!

    It would be cool if there were a C.E. series on historical mysteries to clear up some of these things. Were the Ancient Egyptians black? What really happened in Roanoke? How were the pyramids built? What was Stonehenge really used for? Who built it & for what purpose? How did the Universe really start? I could go on & on… Lol There are a lot of theories about all of these things but what’s the truth?!

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