Are You a Meat Eater?

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Here are two Best of Erik’s, all about the whole omnivore/carnivore subject.

Me: What effect does non-vegetarian food have on the human soul?


Jamie (to Erik, surprised): Really? He thinks, sorry, changing gears.


Jamie (laughing): He says, “Don’t say it that way! Say it like this.” (to Erik) All right.

Erik: Each person has a different physical need. So, the physical body has it’s own way to eat in order to survive. The healthier the human body, the happier the soul. These are linked together. They should not be taken as separate identities. If we can just pretend that we can take the human soul and say, “What would be best for it?” Well, I would pretty much tend to say that a vegetarian diet where human animals—

Jamie: That doesn’t make sense! Vegetarian and animals in the same sentence?

Erik: Say it, Jamie! Don’t filter me!

Jamie: Okay, okay! You’re so bossy!

Erik: Where human animals are seen as being equals in values and that would be what I would be what I would say on that.

Me: Wait. What are you talking about? I didn’t get any of that, Erik.

Jamie: I know. Human animals. Don’t even.

Erik: That actually means, um, like the edible meat. Pigs, chickens, um, cows.

Me: Okay.

Erik: What else do you guys eat?

How quickly he forgets.

Erik: Buffalo.

Me: Okay, so start that sentence again, then.

Erik: If we can pretend to separate just the soul from the physical needs, the soul would survive more on a vegetarian diet.

Me: Dammit.

Erik: But we can’t. Most, um, like a third of humans that are on the Earth, a vegetarian diet doesn’t feed the physical diet, hence it hinders the soul’s connection to it. So, eating meat for at least one third of the population is necessary. We just say it is best to eat the meat that is not raised and slaughtered in production.

Me: Right.

Jamie: I looked him and said, “What, to have the cow in your front yard, and when it’s time, you go out there and do your thing?”

Erik: No, but there are farmers out there who still do it. We got lost—


Jamie (to Erik): Wow, you are very passionate and serious all of a sudden!

Me: Yeah for a guy who used to love quarter pounders and Chick-fil-a’s.

Jamie: He’s talking about the last several decades is when the human race got lost where they started saying and claiming that they had control over animals and started mass producing meat without concern—they had no concern—about the animal’s welfare or emotional status.

Erik: Yeah, and that’s where we go highly wrong, and all of a sudden, you don’t have this healthy piece of meat that you did 40 years or so ago. All you have is this meat that has been mass fed, not fed enough nutrition that it needs, bulked up on foods that don’t provide nutrition—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, that’s what you meant. Sorry.

Erik: —and then killed in a manner that creates fear in the animal.

Me: Aw!

Erik: And the animal is raised in a way that is full of anxiety. So, you’re eating meat that is packed full of anxiety and fear. It’s malnourished and now, in the last few decades, has chemicals in it.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So, we need to totally—if I became ruler of the world—I would totally cut that shit out!

Me: And do what, specifically?

Erik: Recycle those factories, man. I’d go, “All right. Where are my farmers?” I’d have them raise these cattle with respect and put them on land and kill them at a certain age and when you do, tell them what’s happening and be kind and giving. Man, those Jewish people have a point. That kosher shit is absolutely amazing. I say that if you’re one third of that nation who has to eat the meat, I’d totally go kosher, I’d totally go organic, I’d find a local farmer who’d sell you the meat and I’d buy blocks or a quarter of a cow or whatever—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, because you can’t just buy one steak. You’d have to invest in a larger portion of the cow, so you’d need deep freezers and things of that nature.

Me: Oh, yeah. Or neighbors willing to go in with you.

Erik: Yeah, cuz that’s how the local farmer could meet his needs.

Love the play on words.

Me: And chicken: free range, organic, obviously.

Erik: Yes.

Me: And what about fish?

Erik: Same thing. But the thing is you can actually have fish farms that are done the right way where they’re not over-crowded and they’re letting the fish mature to a certain age, and they’re not putting chemicals or other treatments into the water that damage the fish.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: And they’re feeding them a natural algae and stuff on the food chain that gives them the nutrition they need.

Me: Boy, I guess that’s hard to find out where to get that sort of food. Takes a lot of research and work.

Erik: They actually exist. There are not many, though. The fish that are in the ocean—the deep-sea fish or crabs or lobsters, you know—things pulled from the ocean are going to be best, but it’s the way they’re frozen—


Jamie (to Erik): I don’t know. What’s better?

(Another pause)

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, but you can’t always do that! He says how they’re killed when they’re netted in mass where they basically have to choke to death on the boat because they can’t breathe out of the water—

Erik: Yeah. That’s very sad, and I feel like they should just pull them onto the boat and just immediately chop ‘em. Chop the head off and then package the meat to be delivered to the restaurant.

Me: Yeah. I think that’s impractical when you’re dealing with masses of fish unless you immediately put them in a saltwater holding tank first.

Erik: That’s what I mean. It’s just best if the world stops thinking in mass production and go back to mom and pop.

Me: Okay.


Me: When we consume animal meat, how much of it gets impressed into our soul?

Erik: Oh, all of it. Muscle memory, Baby!

Me: Well, what do you think the blog member means by impression?

Erik: You can’t cook the memory out of the animal; I don’t care how much you boil, bake, broil, grill or steam it. That muscle was built with that emotional value, with that intent, with that quality of lifestyle, and you’re munching down on it. So, what your body is doing is digesting and pulling the nutrition out of it, yeah—it’s what digestion does—but it’s also sorting out the vibrational quality of it. And if the vibrational quality if matches anxiety, then your body is trying to process anxiety.

Me: And then what eventually happens to it? How do you get rid of it?

Erik: Well, if you’re a healthy person, then you know how to ground yourself, and you can flush that out just like you take a shit.

Jamie and I giggle. Of course.

Me: Oh, so an energetic shit. Nice.

Erik: Yep, an energetic shit in the toilet. But if you’re not healthy, then you’re feeding yourself, and then what happens is you tend to hold it more in the belly, and often people will look at you and tell you that you have belly fat; you have a poor diet;  you have that; you have this.

Me: Hm. That makes sense. People with increased cortisol tend to have increased belly fat, and cortisol is related to high levels of stress and anxiety. Pretty cool. Not too many vegetarians have big bellies. At least I don’t think so. So, it all makes a lot of sense.

Erik: Exactly. So, for those who aren’t grounded, it can slow down the digestive process, It not only weakens the hormonal system like you say, it can also weaken the immune system and the digestive system.

Me: Well, the cortisol levels being so high will weaken the immune system, too.

Erik: Yeah, and it happens slowly. It’s not like a big punch to the face.

Me: Right.

Erik: I mean, these are all like 0.00025% of an effect on you, but if you’re repeating this day after day after day, week after week—

Me: It all adds up.

Erik: It adds up, Baby.

Me: If a soul is looking for enlightenment in this lifetime, should he or she follow only a vegetarian diet?

Erik: I’d say yes, but if you’re that one third of those people who when you throw in that vegetarian diet you feel like fuck, and you’re totally coming apart at the seams, you need to man up, own up that you need animal protein.

Me: So, with our food habits, what kind of impressions do we carry over into the afterlife?

Jamie: Say that again.

Me: Well, whatever food habit we have, what kind of impression, you know, I guess what she meant by these animal get into our souls, right? Could that carry over into the afterlife?

Jamie: That’s the first time I’ve ever, ever heard that question!

Me: I know! Me too! Very interesting.

Erik: Clever. Applause!

Jamie: Golf clap.

Erik: If you’re eating against what your physical body needs, like forcing yourself to be a vegetarian or forcing yourself to eat meat, then it is decreasing your vibrational level. So, when you are crossing over and living in the heavens are spiritual realms, it does take attention and focus for you to re-tune your vibrational level—bring it back up. If you are eating, um, don’t lie to yourself. Whoever is reading this, STOP LYING TO YOURSELF (Erik laughs as he’s talking) because you know if you feel good when you’re eating something. I don’t care how much you love chocolate, if you eat it and you feel like shit, it’s not good for you. But you punish yourself anyway, because you feel like you need a reward ,and it becomes this emotional vicious cycle. So, you continue to eat the chocolate. When you’re reading this, please stop bullshitting yourself and get honest. You know what diet makes you feel good, and a lot of you find that a vegan diet makes you feel like a million bucks, but you’re just big enough pussies that you won’t do it.

(Yes, I’m one of those.)

Jamie: Oh, Erik. You’re going to make so many people angry.

Erik: But it’s true, Jamie, and I’m just trying to help. I want to help so badly. It’s so frustrating for me.

Jamie: I know. I know how you get.

Erik: And eating a diet that makes you feel incredible does increase your vibration, and when it comes time for you to leave this world, no matter how old you are or what type of transition you go through, it does help you! This is because a person can stay more centered if they’re physically more attentive to in the human life. Same with your pets. You know, you don’t feed your dog something and watch it throw up and go, “Well, I’m going to give you the same thing tomorrow!” You know, NO! Or you watch it have a ton of diarrhea and go, “Aw, that’s a shame, cuz I have this fifty dollar bag of food. I’m just gonna feed the rest of it to you.”

Me: Oh, god!

Erik: You know, we don’t force things like that. Stop forcing it yourself or your pets.

Me: Exactly. That makes so much sense.

Erik: So, when you’re leaving the physical body, you’re pretty much leaving the part of it that says—


Jamie (to Erik): Right, because that’s a physical reaction.

Erik: Yes, even though it’s transcribed into emotional and it relateds to a spiritual lesson, the physical body is the one that’s having the reaction to the animal. Does that make sense?

Me: Yep.

Erik: Okay, good.

Jamie: I got lost there.


Last but not least, here’s a message from my friend and co-star of The Shiny Show. Be sure never to miss an episode!

I heard all about the Houston CE Weekend at Elisa’s from my friends and house guests that came for the event. They said it was amazing and life changing. I know it was; I’ve been to several and I left each one feeling…well, fucking enlightened. I did manage to crash the party afterwards and had so much fun! I get into the best trouble over there. I got to meet a bunch of new people and spend time with many I had met before. I got to use my baby magic and fed Easton his bottle. I love that little blue eyed beauty. ♡ There was so much Shine in that house that I had to sneak away and hide in a corner to cry my big love feels out.

As many of you know Erik is the facilitator of bringing Alison and me together and is therefore directly responsible for contributing to the creation of The Shiny Show and we are both so very grateful to him and Elisa for that. Because of Erik, my life has changed for the better in so many ways. It’s a magical story and I’m writing all about it in a book. He brought me my soul family and filled my empty broken heart with love and gratitude.

That gratitude continues as Elisa, my special friend and Soul Mama, has invited me to share on her blog about The Shiny Show of the century coming this May to Vegas, Shiny Does God In Sin City and YOU are invited to come join in the fun. Click the link for details, and forgive my typo; Friday’s event is from 4-9.

Stay Fucking Shiny!

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