Ladybugs and Moving Things

I’m having a great time camping here in the Texas Hill Country, ya’ll. The air is cold and crisp and the scenery is stunning. We’re camped out in a town called Kerrville where I’m pretty sure the median age is 110. Good place to own a retirement home with a funeral home next door. We spend most of the time in a quaint little town called Fredericksburg. Check it out here.

We’ll probably hit a couple of wineries, and yes, I swallow instead of spit. Okay, that just sounded wrong, but you have the option to take a swig of each wine and spit it out in a spittoon. A complete waste of perfectly good vino. 

Enjoy these great Erik stories and don’t forget to submit your own, because Erik gets ticked and proud when you do, and it can help to comfort thousands of people.

Story #1

Literally After I read ” My Life After Death” I felt Erik around me. I felt a little nervous at first because of the book was so fascinating! A few days later, my 2 yr-old daughter tells me to open the bedroom door all the way to let Erik in! I had never mentioned his name to her. That same week she put her shoes on and I asked her where she planned on going she said, “Erik and I are going to play outside.” Now everyday when we play in our backyard, I ask Erik to please come and visit us as a ladybug. Now mind you, the first time I said this I did so in my head. Seconds later a ladybug appeared . Now my daughter and I both call out for a ladybug and a second later, Erik, the ladybug appears.

Story #2

Wow Elisa! Lately I have noticed a few objects slightly moving, and I was wondering if it was Erik and then, I was sitting in my bedroom, and I have this container on top of my desk, and, all of a sudden, it was flung off the desk to the floor. There was no way it could have fallen or slipped off my desk. It wasn’t near the edge or anything and it was flung so far that I knew it had to be Erik letting me know he’s around! Also I had asked for a sign to let me know my spirits were still around so I asked for a white butterfly, and, what do you know, a few days later a white butterfly appeared fluttering in front of me. Amazing!

Aren’t these stories great?


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