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Me: You know the psychic surgeons? What was that one guy’s name? It starts with a B or an A. (Abrigo) Also, there’s that famous one, John of God, that was interviewed on Oprah. They can operate on people, take out cataracts or whatever without any anesthesia. It’s just crazy what they can do! They can remove tumors! Tell me about that.

Erik: There are a lot of them.

Kim: I feel like they keep themselves hidden. That’s what he makes me feel.

Me: Who’s “they?” The psychic surgeons?

Kim: Yes.

Me: Or the spirit doctors they’re channeling?

Erik: Yeah, both.

Kim: Maybe, if we have time, we can, uh, he wants me to share an example. If we have time, I’ll share it.

Erik: Mom, it’s a really simple concept here. When we’re talking about psychic surgery, the concept is and the reason why it works is because of belief. It’s the true, deep capacity to believe in one’s self, one’s abilities and so forth.

Me: Are you talking about the doctor or the patients?

Erik: Both. It’s really important for both.

Me: Okay.

Erik: The doctor has to believe in their own abilities, and the patients have to believe in their own ability to allow what the doctor is doing. It’s really just movement of energy.

Me: Oh!

Erik: But believing makes all the difference in the world because if you go into something, no matter what it is, if you’re not aligned with it in belief, it’s not going to work. It’s going to fade out, fall out, whatever. But if you truly believe and you don’t have to ask questions (He taps on his heart) and if you believe from your heart, you’ll see success. There are [spirit] guides who help the doctors. This is their purpose, and there are people on Earth who have this purpose. There are energy healers from here where I am now that work with them, and it’s not even to create and say, “Oh, look what we’re capable of.” It’s to bring about the awareness—

Kim: He gets really soft with his energy.

Erik: –that the belief in that connection, the belief that it can happen. It’s evolution, Mom. It’s all turning our awareness.

Kim: He’s like, you know when they play Bingo and they roll that ball thing?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Kim: That’s what he’s doing, but he’s symbolically talking about the evolution of mankind to shift our awareness to the realness behind energy work.

Erik: It’s all over the place. It happens everywhere. We’re only now being able to listen to it and say, “Wait a minute. Maybe there’s validity here.”

Kim chuckles.

Me: So if you’re the patient and [a psychic surgeon] is about to take out a cataract and you have a smidgen of disbelief or fear, will it hurt like hell?

Erik: Then you’ll have a negative experience.

Me: Pain?

Erik: Well, the negativity can manifest as difficulty healing or an infection—

Me: But will it hurt?

Kim: I don’t think so.

Erik: No, because the guides working with the doctor help protect the patient from that. There maybe sensations that feel different but not really like discomfort.

Me: Yeah, because it’s really, really hard to have 100% belief in anything. Maybe that’s just me, but especially if somebody’s coming after you with a knife! There’s going to be that trepidation like, “God, what if this doesn’t work?” I would assume that you wouldn’t have to have 100% belief to eliminate all pain on the side of the patient.

Kim: When you first said that it’s hard to believe anything 100%, he said, “That’s the scientist in you!”

Kim laughs.

Me: I know. I know. It took me a long time to believe that you were still around, Erik. Now, the doctor, it’s almost like they’re trance channeling these spirit doctors or energy healers.

Erik: They can. A lot of times they do, but if it’s not trance channeling, it’s still guided movement.

Kim: So, I’m just going to share this really quick story.

Me: Oh, good!

Kim: He always makes me share these examples because they may bring further understanding. A really good friend of mine named Heather—she’s a Reiki master—was guided to do psychic surgery on her cousin. She had never heard of that, but she heard it from her guides so she’s like, “Okay.” She brought him in. He had actually been diagnosed with three cancerous polyps on his liver.”

Me: Mm.

Kim: She brought him into my shop and explained to him what she was guided to do and that he had to completely surrender and allow this to happen. So, she’s very interactive.

Erik: This is important to realize.

Kim: She would ask him to feel it, what color was it, what did it look like, what size and shape was it. Then she’d say, “Now, work with me to help release it. We’re going to move it and release it.” And she would ask him in the middle of the “surgery, “Do you feel like it’s gone,” and he’d say, “No,” so they would continue. Then she’d say, “Do you feel like it’s gone,” and he said, “Yeah.” Two weeks later, he had an MRI and found out he’s cancer free.

Me: Wow!

Kim: It was mind-blowing because she was very new at Reiki anyway, and honestly, that’s the first time I had heard of psychic surgery. This was last year.

Erik: It’s that interaction that’s really important. They patient’s consciousness and intention are really important in helping to shift and move that ill energy away.

Me: Yeah. Who was guiding her? She wasn’t trance channeling, I guess. Her movements were being guided?

Erik: She wasn’t trance channeling.

Kim: What he’s showing me is her arms moving like puppet arms.

Erik: There were a lot of archangels present with her.

Me: Ah, that’s handy!

Erik: And her own spirit team. I can give you names if you want. I don’t know if it matters.

Me: Oh, no.

Erik: It was more about the experience for the patient than anything because he was in a low vibrational place as far as his heart and beliefs were concerned, so that basically put him on a new path of spirituality.

Me: I guess so! Why aren’t there more of these? Why can’t all doctors—it’d be great if spirit teams could help a lot more doctors do this—guide their movement during surgery or whatever?

Erik: A lot of doctors operate—not literally in the OR—but they function primarily with a small sliver of ego.

Some through not so small a sliver.

Erik: “I have control because I’ve been taught, and this is what I know.” So, oftentimes, they’re very apprehensive to separate from that and allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to even believe, “There are spirit people around that might guide me.” A lot of them are really skeptical and have a hard time allowing that thought process. We’re on the brink of this whole thing folding over.

Kim: He’s showing me a big change.

Erik: You’re going to see a big wave of studies on energy movement and healing and how that affects clinical trials and studies. These will be published to document energy healing and its effectiveness. But it’s really hard for mankind to trust this and be vulnerable enough to even go there. Some people are like, “What? Spirits?” Then they shy away.

Me: I know. It’s too woo-woo and airy-fairy for a lot of people, but I know that—or I’m pretty sure that—MD Anderson, the cancer hospital here in Houston, has its own Energy Medicine Department. That’s kind of cool. So, I guess we’re getting there. When will we get to that point where psychic surgery a subspecialty or something and it’s commonly accepted and practiced?

Erik: There are a lot of places in hospitals that have energy healing centers or departments.

Kim: When you said, “When will we,” he said, “Thirty,” so…

Me: Thirty years?

Kim: It almost seems like 2030 because I asked him if it was going to be in 30 years and he said sooner. So 2030 is when you’re going to see it as a common practice.

Me: Oh, good. Oh my gosh, that would be awesome. All right, last question. How many psychic surgeons do you think there are in the world today?

Erik: Phew!

Me: What?

Kim: He’s being really animated.

Erik: There are thousands, Mom.

Me: Wow! That’s awesome. I need a phone directory of all those guys.

Erik: You know, the best thing is that there’s no schooling and documentation like, “I did this much schooling for this certificate.” The only certificate you need hanging on your wall is the one that says, “Belief.”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Because if you have that in you, you can be a psychic surgeon. Anybody watching this video.

Me: Amazing. So they get to call themselves doctor?

Erik: Yes! It goes back to a Bible reference: If you ask and believe you will receive. There’s truth to that statement, Mom. If you ask for it to be done, release this from this person, detach this ill energy or whatever it may be and if you believe it, you’ll receive it. But it’s a deep belief. It’s not just, “Oh, let’s do this.” (He says this nonchalantly.)

Me: You have to believe with every atom in your body, I guess. How do you accomplish that? I have such a hard time with that. I always have my little doubts here and there.

Erik: It’s literally like going through—

Kim starts laughing hard.

Erik: This is how tedious it is.

Kim: He’s comparing going through your whole self, your whole body and picking out every doubt to a little girl with long hair and her head is full of lice!

Me: Oh!

Kim: And you have to pick out each bug.

Erik: It’s so tedious, and it takes forever. It also takes focus.

Me: Uh oh. I’m in trouble. Focus? That’s my f-word.

Erik: Every ounce of your being to the core of who you are, you have to let go and pick apart every doubt, process every doubt and then let it go.

Me: Okay. Sounds good. Anything else?

Erik shakes his head.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: I love you, too. Bye! Thank you, Kim.

Kim: You’re welcome. He’s being so goofy. My pleasure as always! Bye.

John of God Performing Surgery

John of God Performing Surgery

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