Finding Light in the Darkness

These are indeed dark times for many of us. That’s why Tuesday night’s Hour of Enlightenment Show aired a very important topic: How do we handle sheltering in place and the isolation that goes along with it? Can we turn this challenge into something good? Read on:

This Tuesday, our guest for the show was our regular, Jamin Olivencia. He will discuss how to transform the hardships we’re going through now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are his own words:

Right now his is an opportunity for change. Maybe the greatest opportunity this generation has ever had, or even past generations! We may never again have a time like this. For many of us there is added stress and worry. But also for many of us rather worrying about having to go to work we are awarded the most precious currency there is… time.

Many are now finding that they actually have more quality time to spend with the loved ones in their house. More time to exercise, write or even finally paint that old backyard fence. The choice is yours to hold. This is where a golden opportunity lies. Want to get in shape? No more excuses. Want to reconnect with a friend over the phone? No excuses! Want to learn a new language, learn to meditate or cook or garden, now is the time!
When you can’t go out, go within. 
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And of course, Jennifer Doran did a wonderful job channeling Erik and the deceased loved ones of the callers. Check her out at

But first, two quick polls. I’m returning to the practice of medicine and want to offer my services as an Internist via either YouTube Live, Zoom or email. Of course I will have to purchase malpractice insurance first, but that doesn’t take long Here are the polls!

By the way, I’m trying to find out who gave this to me. I have other people who would like to purchase one. If you know the site, email me at It’s an awesome tool to communicate with Erik and other spirits, as long as you say a prayer of intent and protection beforehand. Also, I can’t remember the text of the prayer that came along with my eBoard. If you have it, can you email that, too? Thanks!

Stay well! And if you are stuck at home, please watch some of the older YouTubes on the Channeling Erik channel. See the link below. 

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