Sea of Energy and the Illuminati

I woke up this morning to an FBI raid going down at our neighbor’s house. They’re new neighbors, and I don’t know them well, but man, their life must suck now. There are about a dozen or so agents walking in and out of the house, crime scene tape wrapped around the properties and 10 or so official looking cars along the street. There’s also a big truck that looks like one where a swat team would storm out of the back. Damn, I’m glad it’s them and not us. 

LDN update: I have a history of an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis where I produce auto-antibodies that attack and destroy my thyroid cells. For that reason, I’ve been on thyroid supplement for over a decade. Since taking the LDN, I’ve been slowly having symptoms of hyperthyroidism: tremor, weight loss, rapid heartbeat, etc. That means the LDN is actually curing or at least mitigating the autoimmune process! I’m stopping my thyroid supplement and will check my thyroid blood test in 2-4 weeks. If you have an autoimmune disease, consider LDN but talk to your healthcare provider first. You can find an LDN doctor HERE.

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Here’s a 2-fer for you!

Me: Will we ever be able to see everything in energetic form like a sea of energy with subtle borders or boundaries separating objects, living entities, etc.? Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m looking at my Coke Zero, you know. It’s in the same energy sea, so maybe you can see a subtle outline to distinguish it from its surroundings. I could see Peanut peeing on my hardwood floor just outside my office door right now.

Jamie gasps, then laughs.

Me: She’s kind of old, so she pees everywhere, but to see her in a sea of energy.

Jamie continues to laugh.

Me: I think she’s going to die in the next couple of weeks, by the way. I’m very upset. (She, in fact, died shortly after.) Well, I’m happy for her, though. Um, will we be able to do that—see everything in energetic form whenever we want to?

Erik: Why would you want to?

Me: I don’t know. Just for fun! Shits and giggles.

Erik: That’s kinda how we see things here.

Me: I know. I bet!

Erik: Why are you so eager to drop the human experience and try to evolve when you’re going to get that when you pass away?

Me: Well, I just think it’d be fun! It’s like why do we go to the movies?

Erik: Well, fuck, have a movie made like that and go to the movies. Go see the matrix.

Me (in reluctant agreement but insistence): Okay fine. But I’m just saying would we be able do that? Is it possible? That’s all I want to know, Erik!

Erik: Um, to some degree, yes.

Me: Okay. And how would we be able to do that? Would we have to be out of body?

Erik: No, but that would be easier, because then you’d be using your third eye to view things instead of the human eyes. But if you were going for the gold, wouldn’t you want to use your two eyes? So, easier to do it out of the body, but it’s retraining the brain and how it defines the environment. We are slaves to education for the little people.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: And we’re immediately taught in science about solid matter, gas, and, you know, liquid—that it’s all air, solid, liquid. That’s all we are! That’s such a bullshit lie that we feed our poor children.

Me: I know. Poor our babies.

Jamie (laughing): I’ve never thought about this, but the way he’s saying it is so freaking entertaining.

Erik: So, we gotta retrain that part of our mind that when it sees something like a table that we actually have the ability to move through it.

Me: That’d be awesome. It’d be so cool!

Erik: Well, it’s the reality of things.

Me: Yeah! That’s what Einstein said. “Matter is just frozen light.”

Okay, I feel like I short changed you guys so I’ll add a short post about the Illuminati.

Me: Let’s talk about the Illuminati again. Someone wants to know what they are exactly. Are they humans with some sort of contract? Are they aliens? Are they spiritual guides or angels in human form? What are they?

Erik: Are they angels in human form? No. Uh uh. And you get a “hell no” on top of it.

Me: Okay. Are they humans with some sort of contract?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, they’re not aliens, right? Or spiritual guides of some sort?

Erik: Spiritual guides, no.

Me: What about a mix. Aliens and humans with a spiritual contract

Erik: Yes! Exactly.

Me: Damn, you made me work so hard for that one.

Erik laughs.

Erik: Some are human; some are alien.

Me: Okay.

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  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I hope your thyroid issue improves Elisa. I’ve read that the illuminati are all high-level Satanists who believe that satan is an alien, and they’re preparing for his return to reign over the Earth. They say they are privy to information that we, as normal plebs, don’t have. We’re ‘in the dark’ so to speak. They have a one-world globalist agenda. The end goal is to have a few in power and the rest of us as servile automatons. A bit like how it was in Atlantis. I hope they don’t succeed!!

    • Thanks!

    • Alba Kambouris

      WOW……do you believe we are unprotected? We serve only to become SERVILE AUTOMATION? Do you believe in a Devil who is all powerful yet he didn’t create the universe did he? Just ponder on this for a few weeks maybe it’s the nah Sayers maybe not……Create your truth as all truth are subject to the perceiver belief at least that’s how I feel. There is always LOVE I rather live in that and in that it’s my truth, as we.think so shall it be we are creating every moment of every day.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Where did I say I believe it? You have completely misread my post. I said that’s what THEY believe. And that IS what they believe. WHether you like it or not–whether you believe it or not–does not negate the facts.

        You can create your own truth as much as you want, but while children and women are being drugged, trafficked and murdered you’re like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. We can change only those things which we acknowledge. The world would be a sad place with no room for improvement with people like you in it.

  • Alba Kambouris

    Is it you that’s dealing 28th thyroid ? Jonathan started a gain to turn my WI T H into his birthday……….. Did you find out anything more about the FBI? That happened to a childhood friend long time ago her 17 year old was hacking and stealing money, cards etc. She had no clue now he works for himself and lives like a wealthy man…..I told her he was going to do very well. Lol

  • Anna

    Hi there,
    Love your work, Elisa, your frankness and absolute honesty, vulnerability, and how much I love the relationship you have with Eric and that you share the love with us. Eric’s heart is so big. Then there are the amazing mediums, leave me spellbound and joyous all of you. Dr. M, how did you ever think to develop this idea? I learned so much from Eric and all of you, and I can’t thank Eric enough for the help from him. It’s work from your heart, Dr M and I love how you just keep doing it no matter what others may say. Love it! I’ve been a fan so long, I finally decided to write some burning questions! And comments!

    I especially loved the interviews a few years ago. I’d like to make a request for your consideration. Do you think you could do a show to interview the divine Krishna /Vishnu consciousness? This is the term the medium Mr Babitt used in the 70’s which I think is great. I would love to know how old the civilizations of Krishna and Ram were ,when did they exist on this planet and is archangel Michael related to this civilization? I would like to know about how this universe started and why. Is it meditation or devotion to God that takes us to the divine? Lastly is there a second coming? It is promised that time and time again when there will be strife, Krishna will come in his form appropriate for the destiny and people of that time.

    Can you or have you also talked about “quantum healing ?” is it kosher to use energy medicine like this and reikhi, crystals to help the energy of others? Is there a price to pay for doing it because it’s outside the realms of our purposes here? There are so many conditions which probably respond to someone else healing you energetically and ethereally rather than physical reality alone, so healing when it’s simultaneous on several different dimensions of a soul would be all restorative. Is that even possible? Is this what the people are doing in energy work or more quantum healers? I know these are all strange questions. Eric’s insight is so much appreciated.

    I’m new to this discussion, so thanks for your patience. What does LDN stand for? for the thyroid?

    Well just a last thought sorry to be so long, I often can’t sleep until I listen to Elisa and Eric, isnt that something? Elisa congratulations on the book also!

    God bless you all, take care….I was listening to the radio show at the end, Elisa I’m sick too, sound just like you! I can see why viruses will win in the end…

    • My eldest daughter, Kristina, developed the blog for me. She thought it would help me with my grief and is has!

  • Elisa

    The book “A Course in Miracles” is about retraining your brain to get past things like solid objects. It’s pretty zen like that. Supposedly it was channeled by a psychologist who was Jewish or atheist (I can’t remember exactly) and the narrator (channelee -not sure what you’d call them) called themselves the entity known as Jesus. …wouldn’t be bad finding out Erik’s opinion about “A Course in Miracles”. …I have the book but stopped at lesson 100.

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, I was dignosed with Hashimoto a few years ago. Do you have Hashimoto?

    • Yes, but I had to stop it because the LDN is either curing it or making it better.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you, Elisa! I will tell my doctor about it.

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