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I’ve got a bit of a dilemma here. Many of you want the kind of variety in posts that I outlined and polled about a couple of days ago, but that means having more frequent sessions (two hours a week with Emma, one hour every other week with Kim and an hour a week with other mediums I adore) so that means a lot more transcriptions. Each hour takes me around 4 hours, so I just don’t have the time to do it. However, hiring a transcriptionist will cost me at least $720 a month, probably more, and I already spend so much on the blog. But I’ve had so many people tell me they would rather read a transcript than watch a video (and some prefer the latter.) Many sweet people have volunteered to help, but it makes me feel guilty to impose. I know that’s my problem, but I can’t seem to get over it.  I’m not sure what to do! I want to accommodate everyone possible. Any suggestions?


Story #1

Hi Elisa!

I remember stumbling upon the Channeling Erik youtube channel years ago but I never really dwelved deeper into the blog and actual story behind this all. However, I got reintroduced to the youtube channel a few weeks ago from where I found my way to the blog, and used quite a few days intensively reading through the archives and watching your Youtube videos. Then one morning I woke up to weirdly loud noise and saw that the door (which I remember having locked) of my little room where I was living at the time was open and so people in the corridor could see into my room. I have no idea how the door opened by itself like that, and came to the conclusion it must’ve been Erik. I have since been trying to talk to him sometimes, but I don’t know if all of my communications are just the product of my imagination. Could you please check with him if I am actually right in assuming that it was him who opened the door and if he has in fact been communicating with me? Thank you so much, I am so happy I found this blog and it has helped me heal from a very hard period of what I would call depression. You are doing an amazing work and I hope even more people will get to hear about this amazing Channeling Erik family.

Story #2

Hello Elisa and Erik family ~ I wanted to share my favorite story from my weekend at the CE tour in Chicago. I asked Kim a question and the first thing she described to me was Erik holding my hands saying “kumbaya.” She proceeded to answer my question (much to my delight, Erik and I had a brief but powerful friendship in a past life) and after the weekend was over I thought how cool it would be to hear or see the word kumbaya sometime in the next few days. Kind of like a confirmation of what Kim was telling me – it’s not like you hear that word too often! Well wouldn’t you know it, a few days later, about 5 seconds after I tuned into a radio show (the ERIK and Cathy show of all things) one of the hosts said the word kumbaya. So cool. Love ya buddy. Thanks for that. xxoo

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  • Cathy

    Transcriptions cost money,
    approximately one thousand dollars. You need to cover your costs and your time. Sounds like you may have to charge, or stick with YouTube video. Regardless if this costs you money, you need to recoupe your costs. I wonder what Erik suggests?

    Best regards,
    Cathy Murphy.

  • John Watters

    Perhaps you could post the videos as is and set up a secure login where volunteers could upload transcriptions for you to approve and post as they come in?

    • Lorri Lewis

      She can do that, but there would have to be a method where you don’t have multiple volunteers working on the same transcription.

      • John Watters

        Quite right!

  • Lorri Lewis

    I don’t think you need to increase the frequency of the sessions! You are already putting material out at a fast pace.

    • Gale Conn-Wright

      I agree! We can be patient and wait for topics. I think it will get too burdensome to have so many channeling sessions each week.

    • Cheryl

      I agree. There’s already so much that’s already been done as well. I’ve been on and off of both of these sights for years and I still haven’t read or watched everything. I agree with the other comment as well. Too many things going on in a week can be far too much to truly absorb.. This blog & these videos can change lifestyles around. But you have to give people time to reflect and understand what they’re hearing. We live in an extremely impatient world. Slow down.. smell the roses.

    • Cheryl

      I’m wondering.. There’s been a huge bump in viewers over the last few months. Many that don’t even realize how huge the archives are. Do you maybe think that’s why so many are asking for so much more?

      • Could be. I should probably remind people in the next session.

  • Lorri Lewis

    Elisa, you are already doing enough. You only need to make it easier on yourself. I just wanted to see the videos embedded in the transcriptions so people could choose which way to access the material.

    As I said, you don’t need to increase the frequency of the sessions!!! That’s expensive and unnecessary. People need time to absorb what is already here anyway. Just keep to the same pace and you will be adding plenty.

  • Karen Ryan

    Is there an app for voice recognition? Voice recognition took my job away actually. It is not a perfect system, so people would have to be okay with the quality of transcription from it, or just listen to the videos. I think you should run a poll asking us if we are happy with the way you do things right now. I would click “yes” and so would the majority, I bet. Don’t do more than you are already doing. If people want more, than they can pay money to have more. JMHO.

  • Ian

    While I adore this blog for the daily content and spiritual food for thought, I would be okay with updates coming less frequently, perhaps three, or even two times a week. That would reduce your workload quite a bit, and, if you want to do the transcripts yourself, it would give you a day or two to do them instead of typing away for three to four hours each day.

    • Léon Vrins

      I completely agree with this suggestion. Dear Elisa, when you continue working so hard on the blog, you could get a burn-out. Slow down a bit, for your own benefit and that can give us more time to think about all the things we see and read. What does Erik advise you? I think he, as a loving son, will give you an advice in that direction.

  • Cheryl

    It seems like you really have to make this decision on your own, tune out the opinions for a minute or so. You may have done this already, or you may have not. My point is… You started this.. Look at what you were trying to achieve when you started because, that’s why we’re all following you to begin with. Ultimately Follow what your gut is telling you. You aren’t going to end up pleasing everyone. Also, as long as the result remains the same, is there really need for change? Maybe this is such a hard decision because it’s not meant to be made yet, idk..
    All I know is, you are going to get to all of these different topics one way or another. We really do live in a world where people want things immediatly when they want them. I personally don’t think it’s necessary, or view it as my problem if they end up having to wait. The reasons why I prefer this sight & reading things opposed to watching them on YT is because, there’s a lot of drama on there that can be hard to ignore when you care about someone or something someone is doing. Still, it doesn’t stop me from watching on YT. Then an idea for YT is, maybe you can start gaining a little more revenue by adding ads to the videos. But that’s all I got. I hope some of this helps.

  • Oscar Perez

    Back in my political activists days, I would volunteer not only to transcribe videos, but to translate them too. Two or three of us were assigned to one video and that way, we would do 10-15 min and then we would all review the material. Back then I loved doing that because it was fun and I was into politics. If people want to volunteer to transcribe the videos, why not let them do it? You could simply have a page that says, if you’re interested in helping out, let me know.

    In the IT community, many things happen because of volunteers too. For the linux operating system, many people volunteer their time to write manuals, translate pages, help others to use linux, and people do it because they love it. I don’t see why is that any different from helping you out with your blog.

  • My suggestion got marked as spam? lol.. no idea why

  • Fli

    :DD (sorry for being so late)

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