Erik always had a deep crush on a girl named Stacy. He met her when they were both around 14 years old. She was beautiful and kind and saw the lovely soul my son was even when he was in the gangly stage with a pimply face. Sadly, she moved with her family to the west coast so they had to communicate online and through text messages. Worse yet, she left him for another man, had a baby and denied him a happy future with the girl of his dreams. I say this tongue in cheek because Erik and Stacy never had that kind of relationship. Theirs was strictly platonic. But they did adore each other down to the core of their souls. (Not that Erik would have refused a romantic relationship with her. After all, he was a teenaged boy!)

Shortly after Erik died, he came to me in a dream. In that dream, he told me that he was going to watch over Stacy and her little boy forever, and he asked me to pass this information along to her. So in the morning, I found Stacy on Facebook and sent her the message as he instructed. The next day, she replied with a response that floored me. She said that she had been thinking of Erik a lot lately and asked him to help her land a job she applied for at a daycare center. Sure enough, she was hired! On her first day, she was feeling very nervous, because the staff and kids were all strangers to her. However, as soon as she crossed the threshold, a little boy ran up to her, flung his arms around she legs and said, “Hi, I’m Erik and I love you with all of my heart!” Right then, she knew with great certainty that my son was communicating with her through a stranger. It was his way of saying, I’ll always love and protect you and your family. She broke down into bittersweet sobs.

I’m told that the loved ones we have lost often contact us through children and even animals. Sometimes they’ll contact us through technology as I will share with you all later. They want us to know that they are always with us; that this three dimensional world we live in and perceive with our five senses is but the tip of the iceberg. Our true existence is in a larger, more meaningful reality–a domain that we consider our real home, a domain that, as souls, we return to with great anticipation and joy.

Guardian Angel Erik

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  • Like Stacy, I am a west coaster (though originally from Texas) who stumbled upon your site. I have to thank you and share how deeply moved I am by your stories. Tears came to my eyes and as I sat still for a moment, I thought: “Erik, I hope you are happy” and to my amazement, I felt him say:
    “I am. I am.”

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    My page turned into pencils again. I don’t know if this is may computer doi ng this or? Anyway it is ok!! I don’t mind it. xoxox

  • Jan, I’m so glad you’re still reading the archives!

  • Whaaat? Turns into pencils? What’s that?


    We live in a home where my husband grew up in and his father passed away in our kitchen due to a 2nd heart attack that instantly killed him. When I met my husband it was in 2005 and all along I’ve believed in life after death. We took a photo together in his living room and there were orbs everywhere especially a huge one around our shoulders as if he was already blessing our togetherness one month into knowing each other (my husband divorced no children when I met him). Never had the honor to meet Papa Dave. 5 months into our relationship we got pregnant and Kaden was born in 2006. The reason I’m commenting is I never believed my son when he was 2 that Papa Dave came and hugged him and played with him in his closet where his toys are located one night. We used to hear him laughing so hard when he was an infant as if someone was playing tough with him. My husband Ty’s mother used to comment that Papa Dave never let Ty touch one of his priced possession (an avid fan of classic cars) but he would let Kaden touch it I know and he would have enjoyed the boys if he was around. I know he’s around coz now we have 2 boys and our now 3 year old Taylor also speaks of Papa Dave coming to his room playing with him. One night by myself about 6 months ago, I was face timing with my cousin in Tuczon, AZ while my husband and our 6 year old went to our bestfriend’s house and my 3 year old sleeping…she asked out of the blue in the middle of our conversation “I see Ty got home.” I was a bit startled at 11pm at night and replied “my husband isn’t home yet, that’s Papa Dave.” He’s around us making sure we’re doing fine at all times. We still live in the same house. I can relate. My grandmother who was like my 2nd mothe growing up just passed at 90. That’s another story…;). Glad I came across your channeling!

  • Stephen 1983

    I read this and cried, I am just turning 30 and as a boy had terrible issues that ached me, I was scared to sleep and also terrified of what happens after death, I have lately started to feel scared again and discussed these feeling with my 74 year old grandma who also feels frightened at the uncertainty of dying, I have happened upon this site and have become a bit more at ease of what the future holds in death, for this I thank you so very much. Stephen xx

  • Stephen Bushman

    Hello. I just discovered your and Erik’s story this morning on YouTube, listened to the long interview with the Australian host, and came here to check out the blog. I’d like to share a story with you. About a week before, I was doing a meditation on YouTube titled “meet your spiritual guide”. It is offered by another Aussie whose channel I’d been exploring. I was pretty excited by how vivid some of the images were that I received in the meditation, and my guide appeared as a kind-eyed man, very tall, with dark hair, and dark clothing. It was a rather emotional meeting, and I felt very loved by this being who seemed new to me and yet there was a feeling like meeting an old friend after not seeing one another for a very long time. Fast forward to this morning, and I am looking at photos of your son during the interview and I notice how in some photos he can appear much older than 20, or at least hard to pin an age on. Then I got a goosebump moment as I realized his eyes, his face is the face of the man I met in my meditation a week ago! I think I didn’t recognize him right away because I hadn’t thought of that face as a 20-year-old’s face, and Erik’s hair seems lighter, but in some photos can look quite dark. Then on the post above, you showed the exact photo that I recognized as the face from my meditation, and you labelled it “Guardian Angel Erik”. I just love it when it all comes together so neatly. I’ve had quite a few moments of emotional release listening and reading Erik’s story. Thank you so much for this opportunity to connect in this way. I look forward to see how it all unfolds. Be Well!

    • What a wonderful story. It makes me feel so happy, and since Erik’s death, those moments are rare.:)

      • Stephen Bushman

        Elisa – In listening to your conversations and interviews, reading your articles and your comments, you come across as an optimistic, loving, and even happy person. Even if you are not this way all of the time, my instincts say these moments are not anywhere close to rare for you. You have them daily, many times a day I suspect. And you know Erik is not dead, but more alive and exuberant than he had felt for some time before his transition. You become an even more inspirational catalyst for the healing of others as you own this about yourself. And you don’t owe anyone, certainly not me, and not yourself either, much attention to those rarer and rarer moments when you find yourself anything less than bold and bright and beautiful. I am looking forward to reading more about how your story evolves. In Cahoots.

      • Glad you’re here, Stephen. It’s certainly a wild ride we’re all on, isn’t it. I hope you read tomorrow’s post, because it’ll change your perspective as you make your way through the archives. 🙂

  • Maryann Potter

    I just wonder if it is possible to communicate with my children who have gone on since 1977 and 1982. I have never actually heard them.. or felt them. they were both newborns when they passed.

    • Of course it is. You can talk to them through one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls and there are also a few talented mediums who are blog members. (If any of you out there would like to connect with Maryann, please do.)

      • Maryann Potter

        Thank you Elisa… 🙂

      • Maryann Potter

        it is so new to me..and has been so many years.. kinda not sure what to expect. nor what to say.

      • I can help you with a list of questions if you like. No matter who you use, please record the call (Jamie sends you a recording if you register for one of hers.) And no matter who you use or which of the three phone calls you sign up for, ask Erik to join. He helps the deceased communicate if they have trouble (I guess because he’s such a blabber mouth) and helps the medium keep his or her filters down. Any mediums out there willing to help if Jamie’s calls are all booked up? Of course we know there will be a charge, but hopefully not too steep.

      • Maryann Schlarbaum Potter

        ok thank you Elisa..yes I am sure there is a charge. But I will check it out with jamie.

      • Maryann Schlarbaum Potter

        That would be wonderful to have that list. my email is and yes I am sure there is a charge. But I will check in with Jamie. and of course I would ask Erik to be there I not only have 2 children there I have a nephew there as well. he was 18 hit by a drunk driver. I know Erik could find him as well. Thank you again for your help.

  • dorei oni

    My name is Stacie,haha

  • Aww what a sweet boy. :’) I wish my deceased grandmother is always watching over me too!

  • Clare Kuehn

    What did the voice analyst mean by “no voice signature” on your tapes? Was there nothing showing up in electromagnetic readings on the tapes where the voice was, except when you play them?

    • Yes, that’s what he meant. It’s also referred to as a voice print.

      • Clare Kuehn

        Interesting. I didn’t know that EVP doesn’t actually leave a VP.

      • Me neither. I don’t know if that’s true of all of them. I think most of them do. It was just uncanny that one of Erik’s did not.

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