Erik always had a deep crush on a girl named Stacy. He met her when they were both around 14 years old. She was beautiful and kind and saw the lovely soul my son was even when he was in the gangly stage with a pimply face. Sadly, she moved with her family to the west coast so they had to communicate online and through text messages. Worse yet, she left him for another man, had a baby and denied him a happy future with the girl of his dreams. I say this tongue in cheek because Erik and Stacy never had that kind of relationship. Theirs was strictly platonic. But they did adore each other down to the core of their souls. (Not that Erik would have refused a romantic relationship with her. After all, he was a teenaged boy!)

Shortly after Erik died, he came to me in a dream. In that dream, he told me that he was going to watch over Stacy and her little boy forever, and he asked me to pass this information along to her. So in the morning, I found Stacy on Facebook and sent her the message as he instructed. The next day, she replied with a response that floored me. She said that she had been thinking of Erik a lot lately and asked him to help her land a job she applied for at a daycare center. Sure enough, she was hired! On her first day, she was feeling very nervous, because the staff and kids were all strangers to her. However, as soon as she crossed the threshold, a little boy ran up to her, flung his arms around she legs and said, “Hi, I’m Erik and I love you with all of my heart!” Right then, she knew with great certainty that my son was communicating with her through a stranger. It was his way of saying, I’ll always love and protect you and your family. She broke down into bittersweet sobs.

I’m told that the loved ones we have lost often contact us through children and even animals. Sometimes they’ll contact us through technology as I will share with you all later. They want us to know that they are always with us; that this three dimensional world we live in and perceive with our five senses is but the tip of the iceberg. Our true existence is in a larger, more meaningful reality–a domain that we consider our real home, a domain that, as souls, we return to with great anticipation and joy.

Guardian Angel Erik

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