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For those of you who didn’t get the message, the dates for the Austin event are between October 7, 8 9, versus October 14, 15, 16. (Sorry for my mistake yesterday. It is a Friday through Sunday event.) So that she can decide between the two, could you email Jamie and let her know your preference? If either one is fine, let her know that too. By no means does this mean you’re committed to it. I’m bringing my family regardless of which weekend it is, so I look so forward to them meeting you all! Jamie’s email is jamie@withloveandlight.com.

Now for a hodgepodge mix of topics.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay now, the Channeling Erik family was talking about whether or not we’ll develop some kind of self-sustaining community when the grid goes down. So many of them have such a diverse array of gifts and talents they could contribute to a group like that.

Erik: Well, not everyone will be a part of the community, because we have members all over the world, but a lot of them will.

Me: Okay. Where will it be? Can you give me a region?

Jamie: Um, he shows me Arizona. (Pause) And he shows me another spot in Colorado.

Me: So those are two options?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay, let me ask you this one again. I asked you this through Jeannie last week. What’s the spiritual basis for humor?

Jamie (puzzled): The spiritual basis for humor?

Me: Yeah. I mean, humor is such a wonderful thing. It brightens people’s lives. We’ve already talked a lot about the spiritual basis for music.

Erik: Yeah, that’s all about connection to the spiritual realm and healing. Besides what I’ve already told you, humor is like having too much love in the body that can’t come out.  It’s like the body has to have these small convulsions so the love can kinda laugh itself out.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Oh, that’s so true! And Erik—you are so like that, because you’ve always been so funny! So you’re just full of love! You’re just a burning chunk of love!

Erik: Full of Love, Baby!

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Okay, here’s a weird one. Will Texas ever secede from the Union? There’s been a lot of talk about it, and a big grassroots movement is growing and growing.

Jamie: Succeed from the Union?

Me: No, secede, separate and become its own republic like it has the right to do under the constitution. A lot of Texans are really sick and tired of the federal government and all the corruption in it. You know we have the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world! I think we even have our own navy.

Erik: Hell, yeah, it’s gonna happen!

Me: Really? Wow, so when do you think?

Erik: Looks like it could be a while, like at least 4, 5, 6 years.

Me: Yeah! So Lone Star really WILL be the national beer of Texas!

Erik: But a lot of people are just scared to do it.

Me: I know. It’s a really big step.


Me: Okay, Erik, you say you’re learning—you learn new things—but that’s kind of a linear action, right? First you don’t know information A, then you do.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: So, how does that jive in a place with no time? Is it just like, uh, I don’t know, just tell me what you know.

Erik: It’s like when you take the time to merge with something that you have experienced before—

Me: Um hm.

Erik: That’s when you comprehend. That’s when you learn about it. So it’s not like sitting down with a book, turning one page after another.

Me: But if you learn, that means you didn’t know something before, and if you have a before and an after, that means there’s a time sequence there.

Erik: Well, take the idea of learning as not being a new experience. If you imagine—

Jamie (chuckling on what he’s saying): Clever!

Erik: —stacking a bunch of plates, and  so the top plate is the one you see the most. It’s the one you interact with; it’s the one you most use. But learning, for us, we already know ALL the plates, but we’re taking the one from the bottom and putting it on the top.

Me: Oh, brilliant!

Erik: We’re just bringing that information closer. Remembering. Bringing it closer to the surface.

Me: That is such an awesome way to explain it!

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