Conspiracy Theories, Part One

Oh my god, guys, Kim and I just interviewed a Bigfoot for a whole hour, and it was JAW-DROPPING! Totally blew me away. We have so many misconceptions about these life forms. I can’t wait to share with you, but I also want to share the interview with some of the bigger Bigfoot websites to open their minds and hearts to who and what Bigfoot really is. 

I also want to remind you that Kim provides many wonderful services including affordable group calls. She also has Channeling Erik mentoring classes for only $30. During the first 30 minutes, Erik will teach, and in the last 30 minutes, you can ask Erik questions. If you’re interested, click HERE.

Lastly, I just got the February issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence with the Ask Erik column that has some of the January questions in it. You can subscribe to this great metaphysical magazine or buy a single copy HERE. Here are pictures of the cover and the first page of Kim and my 3 page column.


First of Three Pages

                       First of Three Pages

Now for today’s post!

Jamie starts the call, laughing.

Me: Are you still laughing at the way I said, “conspiracy?”

In the previous call, I said it with a lisp, “Conspirathy.”

Jamie: Erik was still going on about it.

Me: Conspirathy. Well, Erik, how are you doing, my sweetie pie?

Jamie: He’s doing wonderful. He’s so happy with how the book is going. He’s so happy about the responses, how it’s starting to do just what you wanted. (Squeezing her fists)

Erik: What I always wanted for Christmas was for people to realize that death isn’t this big, terrible thing and that there’s no such thing as killing a relationship or stopping communication. All of a sudden, people are going, “Hm. Possibility. Possibility.”

Me: And I’m so proud that readers have such an open mind because I have gotten a lot of comments. So many people are saying, “I’m no longer afraid of death,” and that’s huge—or “I know that my loved one is still with me,” and that’s sort of cool. Anyway, guess what we’re going to do, Erik? All through the years, I’ve had people from the blog ask about various conspiracy theories, so we’re just going to go through a lot of them. Just give us the truth on them. You want to do that?

Jamie: I can’t mimic him like you do. “Conspirathy.” Yes, he’s ready.

Me: Well let’s talk about 911. Some people think the government took down the twin towers. I can’t remember why—to start the war or something, have an excuse to go to war? Something like that.

Erik: Our government, itself, didn’t take down the towers, but it was aware that an attack on them would occur.

Me: Oh, and they could have done something?

Erik: Yes, they could have done something.

Me: What did they know?

Erik: They –


Jamie: Don’t show me pictures. Just tell me.

Erik: They translated communications. They didn’t exactly know what plane was going to be involved, but they knew that it was going to be by plane; they knew it was going to be an attack on the twin towers, and they knew it was going to be around the day that it happened.

Me: Oh, no!

Erik: But because there was so much red tape and because they didn’t want to launch into a fear factor, they did what they could in airports at the time. Since they didn’t have that final piece of information exactly, they followed through with what they could and were hands off on the rest of it. Bullshit bureaucracy! It shouldn’t be that way. If they have information, they should just fucking come out and say it and say, “Guess what? We got this. If anybody can help, if anybody knows something…” But no, they have to play it under the radar like we’re all fucking in control. That’s bullshit. We’re not in control. That’s false.

Me: Okay. What about the moon landing. Some people say that it was all on a stage and that it really wasn’t true.

Jamie: Oh, in 69?

Me: Mm hm.

(Long pause)

Jamie: The way he’s explaining it is that there was a moon landing. They did go to the moon.

Erik: We can all surrender and say, “We did that shit. It’s cool.” But some of the footage that was taken was not up to standards, so it was asked if it could be re-filmed or re-shown.

Jamie (To Erik): But wasn’t that live?

Erik: If you look at some of what they showed live and some of what they released later, that’s where some of the contradictions are.

Me: Discrepancies?

Jamie: Discrepancies.

Erik: So some of it was filmed in a studio setting to replicate [the substandard footage,] but there was touchdown, foot on moon rock.

Me: Okay. What about life on Mars. Is there life on Mars?


Jamie (laughing): I’m not imitating that movement, but the answer is yes.

Me: What was the movement? Come on; you can do it!

Jamie (laughing): He’s looking particularly thin today like a noodle; you know how you can sometimes make yourself all bendy and sloppy?

She moves her arms and upper body around as if they were made of wet noodles.

Jamie (still mimicking the movements): Ooo, life on Mars! Yay!

Me: All right, Jamie. I’m proud of you, girl! You did it!

Jamie: So, yes.

Me: What kind of life?

Jamie: He’s showing me small, um, what do we say? Amoebas?

She pinches her thumb and index finger to show that it’s something very small.

Me: Is it like a microorganism?

Jamie: Cellular life.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: But if we’re going back in time as being life similar to a humanoid life or animal life, he’s saying, “yes.”

Me: Oh it did? That’s probably when it had an atmosphere, huh?

Erik: Yes.

Me: If it did. I guess it had an atmosphere before. Wow. Were they like Tall Whites or Small Grays or another completely different race?

Jamie: Not the Tall Whites. He’s showing me smaller beings.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: But he’s not saying the Grays. He’s not saying the Small Grays. They’re almost green in tone.

Me (Excitedly): Oh, little green men from Mars! Okay, well that makes sense!

Erik: That takes us straight back to Marvel Comics, Mom.

Me: Seriously. And then they populated Earth?

Erik: No, they didn’t populate Earth.

Me: Okay.

Damn, I wish I had asked what happened to them. Maybe we’ll find evidence of their bodies or colonies.

Me: All right. Alien disclosure. Does the government know that aliens exist and they’re just not disclosing it?

Erik: Fuck yes!

Jamie laughs. She’ll never get used to his F bombs.

Me: I thought so!

Jamie (laughing hard): He’s walking away! He just walked away!

Me: Come back!

Jamie (Still laughing): He says he gets so frustrated! He’s back. He’s smiling.

A mock tantrum?

Me: Okay, so it’s as simple as that.

Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow, peeps! Meanwhile, enjoy this review for Erik’s book and buy your own copy HERE!

Thank you is not enough for this precious book! Yesterday I was having a bad day and was praying that my mood would shift. Our doorbell rang a couple of hours later and we were surprised. We have a mailbox AND it was Sunday but it was a delivery of this book, My Life after Death! Thank you Eric for amazing me. This is one of my all time favorites. I feel like I’m sitting with a very honest friend who is setting the record straight. Normally bad language is offensive to me but Eric has me wanting more and hanging on every word. He makes me laugh out loud. He makes me wish I could be as comfortable in my own skin. You realize how “normal” it is to be your unique self. You fall in love with Eric immediately. The information shared is just what we all need. Eric brings peace, love, and beauty back into our hearts in a very special way! He shows us that one person who is brave enough to be honest can change the world. I don’t want to finish the book because of its uplifting nature! They say Eric is a prankster but for me he comes through as a mentor and more of a big brother. Funny, Eric is 20 and I’m 52 but if you haven’t realized yet, our children are our teachers! Thank you Elisa Medhus for your courage and beautiful heart!

–Amazon customer

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