Where Are You, Jimmy Hoffa? Part One

I’ve been so excited to post this two part series; it’s been slowly working its way up the queue! So many secrets are revealed in both parts, and I honestly can’t remember in which part he revealed how he was killed and where his remains are, but you’ll like both videos, I promise. If you do, please click the like button and, unless you already have, click SUBSCRIBE and click on the notification bell so you never miss a Channeling Erik YouTube. Denise channeling Mr. Hoffa brilliantly. Check her out at deniseramon.com.

But first, can you you please take this poll about a book I’m writing? It’s about a boy with a blind father. Lot’s of mystery and a killer twist at the end. There is magic and the supernatural weaved throughout the plot. I just want to know what age group or groups it should be geared to.

You’ll also NOT want to miss last night’s show if you weren’t able to participate. Kevin James Briggs, a lovely, gentle soul with an adorable accent (I’m a sucker for those!) recounts a lifetime of interaction and even friendship with aliens as well as his boarding of the mothership! Check it out! Raylene Nuañes did a wonderful job channeling Erik for the answers to listener’s questions.  Her site is angelmedium7.com

Paola Marino, the documentary filmmaker, has been asking me to send her more videos and photographs of Erik. That’s never been an easy job for me, because when I see his little happy 4 year-old face, for example, it breaks my heart and my thought go to, “Little did we know.” But he lifted my spirits by following us into my daughter, Michelle’s house. Note how excited my new (relentlessly calling) FaceTime buddy, Easton, is. And if you watch the bottom of the screen, you’ll see what I (and mediums) believe is Erik’s orb. If you blow it up, sometimes it’s rectangular. There may be two. See what you think. Oh, and yes, I was so sappy that it even nauseated me. I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

[videopress 27mfGoSC]

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Featured image courtesy of History.com

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