A Fun Erik Prank and Pamela and Erik’s May 18th Q&A

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Enjoy this sweet Erik story:

I work in a vintage clothing shop and I was busy recording stuff in the diary behind the counter when I was aware that a customer walked in, I didn’t really see who it was until he was leaving the shop, I looked up and caught a side profile of his face and he really looked like Erik with a huge cheesy grin! So weird, couldn’t get the thought out of my head afterwards that it might have been him!

Nat, a close friend of mine, took his own life in August and my Auntie introduced me to the site and sent me lots of videos of you, Jamie and Erik. It’s been an experience! My entire belief system has changed in just a few months and at times it has been hard to wrap my head around, but overall it has made the grieving process feel a lot less hopeless.

Last week I was able to contact my friend using a taking board and we had Erik there helping us contact him, it was amazing and the energy very strong.

We used the board again a couple of days later and this time spent a bit more time speaking to Erik, I had my cousin with me that time and when she asked Erik what her star-sign was, he really took it as an opportunity to mess with us! He moved the planchette in wild circles around the board, over and over again! Then switched back and forth between the same two incorrect signs, moving off each one every time my cousin said ‘No!’ we couldn’t stop laughing. I eventually asked Erik to stop and asked my Nat to go to the correct sign, the planchette stopped and moved to Capricorn. (Her star-sign)
The whole experience had been a real comfort and I’m very grateful to have been introduced to a new concept of life that is helping me heal on many levels.


And here is Pamela and Erik’s YouTube Live Q&A from May 18th! Please know that every Sunday, I post instructions, times and all other details for our Monday morning Q&As, however, we will not have one this coming Monday. And if you haven’t already, I hope you subscribe to our channel, and watch as many of the YouTubes as you can!

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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