Erik Makes an Appearance

Bonus post! I couldn't leave town without posting these video and audio clips blog member, Jamie Bailey, so graciously sent me. In the video, you see Erik's blue orb flying around. In the audio clip, you hear him saying, "Okay" after Jamie asks him to bring in her grandpa. It's captured on a … Continue reading

My New Old Friend

Here's another great "Erik Story." I decided to post this and a testimonial instead of a regular blog post because we're just about to take off for Eureka Springs, AR to spend the day! Should be fun.  I myself totally feel like I was lead right to this blog :) I don't feel like anything in life … Continue reading

Erik, the Mischief Maker

One thing I forgot to mention about the John Wayne interview: It was conducted over a year ago, well before the IRS scandal. Interesting! Now enjoy this story about Erik's relentless mischief with a blog member. Who knows? You might be next! Erik steps his pranking to a new level with her.  You do … Continue reading

Erik and Our Deceased Loved Ones

As I was sitting outside in today's drizzly, cozy weather clacking away on my keyboard, I look out of the corner of my eye to see my little 3-pound Yorkie, Bella, wrestling a squirrel to the ground. She's an avid squirrel hunter, but has never caught one in her almost one and a half years of life. … Continue reading