I am so excited about Jamie and Erik’s trance channeling event today! I get to “see” my boy again! I love seeing his typical body movements and postures as well as his facial expressions as he works through Jamie’s body. I hope you join me. The information should be on yesterday’s post. 

Me:  Why do some people choose to be abused, and why do some choose to be abused? This includes domestic violence, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, etc.


Jamie: He did a very wrong thing, in my opinion. He got up close (she rubs her hands together mimicking him) “Because abuse is fun.”

Me: I hope you’re being sarcastic.

Jamie: Completely sarcastic.

Erik: These are ways that we can understand relationships. There are contracts that are set up before you come into the life for what role you will play in a particular relationship. You can have a relationship where you’re not a victim or an abuser. It’s a very balanced relationship, and then you go home to your spouse, and you’re a complete dick to them. So, a lot of times you’ll find that the contracts that humans sign up for is that they’re a dick for one person but not the other.

Me: So that’s the first hint that it’s a contract? Otherwise they’d be like that with everybody. Is that what you’re saying? You have a specific contract with one person?

Erik: Yes. If they’re the same to every single person in their life, child, friend, family, so forth, then this is the personality that they signed up for. It’s something they have to work through and work over, but when you notice that it’s just with one person and not the others, you can identify it as a contract. Even if you’re being the biggest asshole on the face of the Earth to this person, it is a gift to them.

Oh no. I can just see the hate mail flowing in. Hold on, though. Maybe he’ll make sense.

Erik: It’s obviously something they need to be learning and need to go through in their life.

Jamie (to Erik): You just gave so many people the excuse to be an asshole!

Erik: No, no. I don’t mean like that. I mean that you have the right to just explode to the person and go, “Hey, that’s your gift. Learn to deal with it.” I’m talking about relationships that are intimate. I’m not talking about yelling at someone because they took your cab or being upset with someone because they cut you in line. That’s a personality trait. Then you’re just really being a dick, and you need to, you know, address yourself, because, hell, if you’re going to go through life like that, you’re going to miss a lot of beautiful moments. Take it easy!


Jamie: He’s going back to being in the contract for someone.

Erik: This abuse can show up ion many different ways. It can be emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, etc. I know that’s horrible. Nobody looks at these and goes, “Hey, I need this in my life. I would love to learn!”

Jamie (to Erik): What do you learn from being abused?

Me: That’s my next question!

(Long pause as Jamie listens)

Erik: Well, you learn boundaries; you learn better communication, but immediately, before this abuse happens, you learn how to identify your own emotions. So, you have this internal head vs. heart game, cuz you’ll have, even when you’re a kid—they know when they’re uncomfortable. They know when they’re in the wrong place. They have this instinct, but normally what happens is the adult in the situation will talk them out of the instinct. “Oh, you’re fine. Stay put. Don’t say anything to anyone, because I’ll hurt you,” or, you know, “I’ll do this or that.” And they can continue the abuse pattern. It’s a lesson for you to acknowledge your purest instinct and emotion in that moment. Honor it, and follow through with it. If you don’t, then you’re signing up for the abuse. You’re saying, “I can handle it. Nobody else can, but I can, so I’m going to stay put.” You know, not so cool, because if you can learn what that first instinct is, then you are learning the lesson for what the abuse would have taught you. Sometimes, people have to be kind of beaten down. They have to have that six-year abusive relationship or ten years or twenty. They have to feel so paralyzed that they can’t leave, but when they do follow through, whether it’s a week later or ten years later, they needed that length of time to feel suppressed so that the life that follows is not suppressed. It’s almost on spiritual warp speed.

Jamie (smiling): Spiritual warp speed. Say that one fast!

I giggle. I know I wouldn’t be able to without having my tongue turn into a pretzel.

Me: Anything else on that?

Erik: Nah. I pretty much signed up for self-abuse, not abuse from others.

Me: What about the abuser? What are they here to learn?


Me: If anything.

(Jamie listens)

Jamie: That’s sad.

Erik: People might think this is really fucked up, but it’s way harder to be the abuser than the victim. The victim has more control of the situation. They can choose to leave, remove themselves at whatever point. I know if we’re talking about hostage situations, uh, I’m just speaking generally; so don’t get your panties in a wad.

Me: Erik!

Erik: But the victim has more power and more strength than the abuser, even though the abuser is showing the strength.

This is really hard for me to swallow.

Erik: They’re using the words and the physical body to trump or overpower, but it’s all false. I’m saying that it’s harder to be the abuser because of warpedness of the energy that they signed up for is extremely hard to heal from. I’m not saying that being a victim is not difficult. I know that it is, but I also know that the victim has way more strength and power to mend and heal than the abuser.

Me: Why did they choose that though? What’s in it for them? Why did they come here as an abuser?

(Long pause)

Erik: I know that a lot of people would like to believe it’s evil or negative or this demonic thing (Jamie says he does air quotes with this word) that comes in to really be rooted as an asshole, but in many cases it’s a sacrifice. In many cases, the actual soul of the person is not that way whatsoever. When they die, and you see them in spirit, and you hear what they’ve done on Earth, these are completely different kinds of energy. So, it’s a sacrifice to play the role, to create chaos so that joy and healing can come from it, and so that lessons can be learned. It’s like they take a hit.

Me: In order to help the victim.

(High-pitched, very annoying sound. The kind that could break glass or eardrums.)

Me: Erik, stop that!

Jamie: What?

Me: Erik is messing with us. I hear a high-pitched sound, and I don’t hear you talk. Talk.

Jamie (giggling): Hi.

Me: Oh good. Thank god. Erik, stop it for the love of god. Quit messing! He’s been doing a lot of messing on my radio show [interviews], too.

Jamie: Really?

Me: Yeah. Oh god, it’s awful.

Jamie: I’m tired of buying new equipment thinking that my equipment is broken.

Me: I know! Send him the bill!

Jamie (laughing): Wouldn’t that be great if they just paid the bill?

Me (to Erik): Manifest some c-notes for us!

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