Take Back Your Power!

Each and every one of us has all the power we need within our soul. Sometimes we give it away to others. Sometimes we let it wither, but it’s always within reach to pull back in. We’ll get to the session in a little bit. First an update:

My sister, Teri, is getting the rest of her kidney stones out today. I haven’t heard from her yet. And her area still is under mandatory evacuation. Damn, this fire is crazy. It came up so quickly out of nowhere. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives and those who lost their homes. Please pray for them along with me.

The radio show last night didn’t happen. The producer said big storms knocked him offline. 🙁

Here’s the YouTube for our self-empowerment session courtesy of Kim Voigt. Book an appointment with her at www.embody-light.com. The transcript follows.

Elisa: Hello Miss Kimberly how are you Doing?

Kim: I am doing great and how are you?

Elisa: Good and how’s our boy Erik?

Kim: He is doing great, he’s besides himself today, he’s really excited, he says.

Erik: There’s a lot of happy things going on there’s a new baby.

Elisa: Yeah!!! Liam Nicholaus Murphy, welcome to our crazy family. Is that Irish enough for ya? Liam Nicolas Murphy, I love that name.

Erik: Him and all the little ones and babies being born are getting an opportunity that we never had in our lifetime.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Because the consciousness on the planet is increasing so much that it will be a lot easier for them to stay true to their spiritual paths.

Elisa: The topic of the day Erik suggested along with Kim is how to get your power back. So many of us feel disempowered. For example there might be a spouse, a relationship where there is a male and a female and the relationships not working. And they feel disempowered because they can’t financially fend for themselves so they can’t get a divorce. Because they’re afraid the’ll be out on the street, things like that. Sometimes I think things like that are a lesson in self-empowerment, a spiritual contract. There have been a lot of people who’ve been victims of heinous crimes and lost their power to things like that and so one. The list is pretty much endless. So Erik, I’ll let you start.

Erik: before anything I have to tell you I love you mom.

Elisa: I love you, we always have to do that. I talked to you today with my dousing rods.

Erik: yup, you sure did. Let’s start talking about 3rd dimensional reality and 5th dimensional reality. 3rd dimensional reality is the ego body, the mental body, the physical body and emotional body, those aspects of self. The 5th dimension is our spiritual bodies and understandings. Prior to 1987 more people were polarized on the heavy side of duality. It’s also been referred to as the service to self structure group, and it’s controlled by ego and fear. All of us were born into this energy. And in this 3rd dimensional reality we created contracts for our selves, we created vows. And we also have implied agreements with people of what they were going to do for us. Because it was known that this was going to be the lifetime that we were going to shift all of this. It wasn’t know how successful it was going to be. We have shifted, we are on the other side of this, the service to others side.

Elisa: What happened in 1987?

Kim: That was the harmonic convergence, prior to that there were more people polarized on the heavy side of duality.

Elisa: Was there an event that created that shift?

Kim: It was energetic, prior to 1987 a larger portion of heavy dense reality was held in humanities consciousness, in other words polarized on the dense service to self side of the veil. In 1987 the harmonic convergence occurred where enough individuals began “waking up” and the pendulum swung to equal portions of “light and dark” held within humanities consciousness.

Elisa; Oh, ok the critical mass basically.

Kim: Yes and what humanity has done since 1987 has resulted in a larger portion of humanity polarized on the light side, the service to others side.

Elisa: What is 5D reality? 4d isn’t that basically three-dimensional space plus time? CS

Kim: the fourth dimension is the astral realm and that’s where you can experience ghosts and entities. And there’s also positive things there but it’s kind of a murky area. It’s the in between space, the gateway that lets in insights from the upper dimensional into the physical reality.

Elisa: You channel from the 5th dimension, through the 4th to the 3rd?

Kim: Yes, exactly.

Elisa: So what’s the 5th dimension?

Kim: the 5th dimension is where we connect with the physical aspects of self. The fifth dimension are throat is our blueprint. The sixth dimension is our third eye that’s our perception. And the seven dimensions is our crown and that’s our connection to source. So we get insights from these areas. So when you’re in 5th dimensional reality you are consciously aware of all the insight coming in. You are aware of these insights coming in and use them as tools, and are able to get into alignment with them. If you’re living in the third dimensional reality you’re not able to get that insight.


 I have a list I’ve typed out of the characteristics of people entered and fit dimensional reality and the bail that holds the illusion and place. (Kim and Elisa discuss an outline of what information Erik pre-session asked to be covered) See Below:

Prior to 1987 a larger portion of heavy dense reality was held in humanities consciousness, in other words polarized on this side of the veil. In 1987 the harmonic convergence occurred where enough individuals began “waking up” and the pendulum swung to equal portions of “light and dark” held within humanities consciousness.

3d reality/service to self:

Individuals polarized here believe there is a power outside of spirit.That other people and circumstances control their reality. They look to others for validation. Give their power away to others and/or try to steal power from others. They feel powerful in the positions they hold, the deeds they accomplish, or financially. Ego resides here and tries to control reality and outcomes. 

When an individual has experienced a trauma current or past life that is unresolved, a part of their energy stays with that person or situation. This can be recognized as PTSD, or energy blocks that are events held in the individuals energy field; that they either do not remember, or do not understand the significance of it. They see the dysfunction as normal. And in extreme cases see others around them who do not act the same or hold the same beliefs as they (which are dysfunctional) as being a little “off”.

The veil:

Vows, contracts, and implied agreements were created here to support 3D reality.

The Veil is held in place by the illusion that there is a power outside of self, it’s your spirit that controls your reality and destiny.

Behaviors that prevent us from seeing through the veil: Judgement, un-forgiven, blame, regrets, fear, rationalizing/justifying, denial, avoidance, procrastination, and projections. 

Areas in our lives affected by which side of the veil we perceive from: relationships, career, finance and health. Those polarized in service to self show problems and dysfunction in these areas. Those polarized in service to others experience harmony in those ares.

Some individual feel stuck behind the veil. They are aware of 5D concepts but 3D programing is still controlling them.

5D service to others:

Individuals polarized here have to ability to see reality from a higher, lighter persecutive, they understand the bigger picture. They know they are connected to source and simultaneously receive insights and guidance from the higher dimensions and ground it into their everyday 3D reality. They experience source through their existence. They are an emanation of love, no longer the seeker of it. Purpose is found within and they pull from within to expand.They need no validation from others, they are able to discern spirit and follow spirit without hesitation.They are authentic and in alignment with their truth. 

Vows and implied agreements that held 3D limiting reality in place are no longer needed. Contracts can also be revoked or the effects of lessened if the individual has healed and transformed the 3D situation it supported. 


Elisa: I think this is a profound statement and reads from the list, “The Veil is held in place by the illusion that there is a power outside of self, it’s your spirit that controls your reality and destiny.” Is this channeled information? That is an illusion, scarcity is an illusion.

Kim: yes, Erik and Jaii came through and said you gotta cover all of this so I typed it out to help keep us on track.

Elisa: is heaven, the afterlife in the 5th dimension?

Kim: yes, 5th dimension and higher.

Erik: when you understand from a 5th dimensional reality. And there was a contract created. That was created in third dimensional reality reality that you no longer need and you know longer need it. Say you’ve learned the lesson you don’t need that contract anymore.

Elisa: are there contracts that you make in the 3rd dimension? I thought contracts were made between lives when you are meeting with the council and planning your next life?

Erik: these contracts were made before coming into light in the third dimension. We made them in the fifth dimension when we were spirit to be played out in the 3rd dimension, the physical realm. Before we came into this lifetime we contracted and made agreements with people to help us with certain things we wanted to learn. So say you contracted with Kim for her to push your buttons. She would keep pushing you buttons until you finally got it and started taking back your own power or whatever needed to happen. Now we are right in the middle of ascension and some people are polarized in the heavy dense side of duality, some on the light side and some in between. So people are at different levels of understanding and are still playing out these old contracts and agreements that are no longer necessary. For instance mom, you had asked why you had people in your life who betrayed you. Those were actually contracted or agreements and the reason they are still playing out in some cases is because these people who are still playing them out do not have the same level of consciousness you do. So they are still letting the 3D programming run them.

Elisa: Yeah, but it’s also on my side. I have got to put a stop to it too. And come to some sot of an epiphany and say ok some people don’t want my help.

Erik: One point is remember the past life regression where I was your little sister and we were killed? You felt responsible so that has bled into this lifetime.  And it really is time to be done with that contract. For the most part it is over, it’s your perception and you don’t quite realize it yet. If you notice there has been a lot of new people brought into your life in the last few months. These are people who are not going to betray or hurt you. That’s over, it’s old 3D programming.

Elisa; But I really do still love to help people you know, but I just don’t want to be stabbed in the back. I get such a sense of fulfillment helping people but I have to be careful because there’s helping and there’s trying to fix. As a doctor I’m always trying to fix people. And then they get this perception that “I must be somebody who needs to be fixed. And that robs them of their power. So there’s a fine line.

Erik: That’s exactly true. And that is your nature to be helpful and you are doing so many things to help so many people so don’t ever stop. But it’s about learning how not to give your power away. You will eventually get more discerning so will just know at the speed of light don’t get involved with that person. They are on their own path and may not be ready for help. What so many people don’t understand is that if something has happened say if someones has had an argument with someone are there was a situation where they were harmed or something. A piece of their energy stays with the other person or situation; until you reclaim it and take your power back. You’ve heard the expression someone has their hooks in you. There is an actual energetic line that runs from you and You to that person our situation.

Kim: one of the things we’re going to do in part two is a quantum technique that Erik help me write, where we disconnect those energetic lines. We’re not disconnecting from our lobed ones in doing this. We are disconnecting the energetic lines so that we can be clear and sovereign in our being ness. The connections keeps us connected to others energies and dysfunctional ties that we made to support 3D limited programming. And when we are still connected to these thing we’re not very clear because part of our energy would still be with that situation.

Elisa: I’ve been in a situation before I’ve been around energy vampires, where they just suck the emotional resources out of you. For example I guess if you had an argument with someone I guess you could reclaim your energy by apologizing or acknowledging did you understand their side. Because a lot of people keep arguing because they don’t feel acknowledged.

Erik: it’s so important to stay in the moment and so in the moment if you had an argument with someone. If you were to say you’re done and let it go without it being complete a part of you would stay with that situation. So you might want to consider if you can’t find a way to resolve it in the moment saying something like this doesn’t sit right with me will come back to it later. And then come back to it later and resolve it even if it’s just within your own consciousness energetically. You need to keep the energy flowing so that it doesn’t stagnate and create dysfunction. Don’t ignore it and pretend like it didn’t happen because you will give some of your power away to that person or situation.

Elisa: sometimes just saying you might be right, you might not be saying that the right. But that’s a good way to end an argument sometimes.

Erik: if someone is being unreasonable you can always send them love and white light and that will help the other individual to see the bigger picture.

Kim: so Eric and Jaii spent a lot of time with me I had a week off of work. They helped me to write three meditations, we’re going to do two of them today. We’re going to imagine we’re walking through a flower garden. We’re going to use the crystal singing bowls to enhance the experience. Because will come to different colored bands of flowers. And each color which corresponds with the chakras in her body correlates with the specific notes that enhance and clear each chakra.

Elisa: who is Jaii?

Kim: he is my twin flame

.Elisa: oh that’s right.

Kim: Jaii and Erik Hang out, they’re friends.

Elisa: oh good.

Kim: that is how I am able to get so much clarity with Erik because I knew Jaii physically in this lifetime. Jaii knew the material I had such as meditations. So he and Erik worked with me to alter, and update some that I already had to make a meditation to help take back your power.  Erik and Jaii are really good friends ,he tells me they’re tight.

Elisa: oh that’s awesome, terming up heaven together.

Kim: yeah it’s one big party they have a lot of fun. We will be utilizing a Quantum Energy Technique that Erik and Jaii helped to create. We will be going into the fifth dimension and inviting all of the people we’ve ever interacted left. Both deceased and alive to join us. From close personal family and friends; to the person you exchange to glance with walking down the street. Also anyone you’ve ever been intimate with. We will re-claims all of our energies or powers others are holding, return any energy we are holding from others. We will rescind all vows, contracts, and implied agreements that do not support our 5th dimensional reality. We will cut the energetic connections, then re-program new expanded pictures of reality and put a call out to the universe inviting others who support our new vision to join us. Everyone will experience this differently; some will feel, some will hear, someone will see,  and some will know.  We are going to imagine that we walk through a flower garden, and we cross a bridge from the third dimension into the fifth dimension. It’s at this point that my clients that have connect for a channeling Erik session, it’s at this point that they see, hear, or feel Erik. He is anticipating that you will see your hear him. Also after we do some practice sessions we Will also put you in hypnosis Elisa  and I will interview you and ask you questions to ask Erik. Erik says it’ll be like a three-way phone conversation and it will be a lot of fun.

Elisa: oh my god it might take a few times. Because it’s really hard for me to see and hear Erik because it’s such a pain trigger for meHis energy is a little bit of a grief trigger, that’s probably why. It might not work the first time.

Erik: don’t limit yourself by thinking that and if it doesn’t it’ll work the second or third time.

Elisa: yeah that’s fine no expectations I’m open.

Erik: that is true you do block that because of fear of the pain.

Kim: and he’s telling me that I do the same thing myself. Like I can channel Erik easier than Jaii because I don’t have the emotional connection of the pain related to what happened associated with Erik. But I do with Jaii. So sometimes it’s really hard for me to listen to him (Jaii)

Elisa: (holding up some picture of Erica as a child) how can you not miss the memory of something like this?

.Erik: this lifetime is about doing these things you’ve been doing and he is going to help you to come into a greater understanding.


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