An Update on Raylene and More

A big shout-out to Paulina Cuestas Hill for spearheading our drive to help Raylene and her small family. Here’s an update from Paulina: 

UPDATE ON RAYLENE NUANES: Her family continues to share little information with us, but we did heard that Raylene is still alive on life support. *** For those asking here are a couple ways to donate money to her. *** 1) Paulina Cuestas Hill has created a One-In-Light T-shirt and will give 100% of the net profit to Raylene (or to her mother to use for Raylene’s son’s care if she does not wake up). Go to ***Or you can donate directly to Raylene’s PayPal account using her email as donation recipient at You will need to set up a PayPal account to put money into her PayPal account. Also be aware that another family member will inherit that account if Raylene passes away–meaning you cannot request that your donation be used for a specific purpose if you donate directly to PayPal. *** Regarding flowers: Raylene is still in a coma with her family refusing to identify the hospital so we do not recommend flowers at this time. *** Please DO continue to send Light and Love and Prayers. We remain hopeful our sweet sister will rejoin us back in the physical world soon but know that coming back is her decision to make. ** A huge thank you to the Volunteer Mediums and others who continue to generously donate their time to help Raylene.

Many of you asked for information on how to connect with Carey McCray, our guest on the last radio who who spoke about the California Psychics Hotline, so here it is.

Try us out at:
And psychics can apply at:
They can also call for help to walk thru it at:
Next, Ron Lederer, Mr. EVP expert, has put together a lovely compilation of EVPs from the deceased children of the “Solstice Moms.” Erik’s in there, too! Check it out!

The local meet up Saturday at my house was amazing. There were around 30 people, some from as far away as Colorado, Louisiana and the very northern part of Texas. Lifelong friendships were forged. Robyn, singer/songwriter, broke out her guitar and serenaded us. Lukas played piano, and we all danced to songs played from Lukas’s Alexa. You guys who missed it, I hope you make it next time! You can always visit in October for the event!

Speaking of the event, tickets are selling like hotcakes. Check it out and register as soon as you can! I can’t wait to meet you! Click HERE!

Last but not least, don’t forget the radio show tomorrow night! Ryan Adragna and Erik, through Jennifer Doran, will discuss how to develop your psychic abilities before taking calls from listeners.

Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. I’ll see you among the list of callers and I usually go down the list from first on. If you’ve tried to get on to talk with our boy more than 4 times, email me at and I’ll see what I can do. Honor system, though!

Sorry for not posting a YouTube session, but it’s July 4th and I’m in Galveston, camping with crappy Internet!


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