Healing Words from an Abusive Father, Part Two

We still don’t have an update on Raylene. Paulina has worked doggedly to schedule her appointments with other mediums and deserves a great deal of praise and applause for her generosity and love. She’s exhausted. She has reached out to Raylene’s mother to ask, point blank, if her daughter is still alive. If she doesn’t receive and answer, she’s going to call all of the local funeral home. God I hope that’s not the case. I searched for an obituary and haven’t found one, so that’s a good sign. The mother might just be very busy taking care of Raylene. Please pray for her and her daughter. 

Yesterday’s radio show was so profoundly powerful. Our guest, Carrie McCray, discussed her company, California Psychics, which allows customers to ask highly vetted and very qualified psychic mediums questions via chat, email or phone. This is not like the psychic hotlines of yesteryear with Ms. Cleo! Check out this old commercial:

One the show, 10 year-old, Brandon, was able to get very uplifting information from his father who died when he was an infant and Veronica was spot on with that information. I struggled to hold back my tears. Veronica has gotten so accurate with her channeling that I advise you guys to book a session with her before she gets booked up for years. She’s possibly even better than Jamie, now. Click HERE to go to her site. Here’s the show:

I’m happy to announce that the radio show archives are now available if you want to listen to previous Hour of Enlightenment shows. Click HERE, then on the “Radio Archives” tab at the top of the page. 

Speaking of archives, many people contact me asking for interviews or topics that have already been covered, probably because they think everything is on our YouTube channel. But I didn’t start doing YouTubes for the first several years. So be sure you work your way through the archives because, early on, we covered some very fundamental topics and interviewed some interesting celebrities. 

And now for Part Two of the interview with my father. I’m thinking of interviewing my mother, too, since she was complicit and enabling in the abuse. I might want to ask her questions about parenting from her new perspective as a parent like how to discipline, whether to spank (which I don’t believe in), etc. Enjoy!

How about a couple of Erik stories!

Story #1

First off I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss, I know this turned into a positive. but a mother loosing her son could never be easy. God Bless both of you and your entire family. Well I guess I will begin. I am 32 years old. I have been battling to stay with my wife of 6 years. so their has been and on and off feeling I have dealt with. 4 months ago my father passed away at 55 years old. from an OD. he was not hard into Drug use. his death came from him trying to help someone. he took them in and at the time he did not realize they were still using. but because my Father was a recovered User. some how some way, he used. accept it was just too much for him at his age I suppose. it was very tough. me and my father were extremely close. me and my two sisters have been battling our loss. I am a Corrections Officer in NH so at the jail we battle a lot of drug users. So it becomes a pretty tender subject. after my dad’s passing I left my wife, moved out of my house. I was gone for 3 months. I have always been a man of faith and a love for God. so during my isolation period I stayed close to his scripture,. I returned home eventually , I am trying to make things come together for me and my wife. I have felt at a stand still with that. but I have been on my spiritual journey for awhile, with that being said the other day I decided to stop in at “Barnes and Noble Book Store” I picked up a copy of “My life after Death” It really spoke to me. Erik’s support and truth of the afterlife gave me a sense of peace and joy for my father. it meant a lot. I am so grateful for Erik! I just wanted to say thank you to you both! lastly I left work the other morning, I was driving and for some reason I pictured Erik’s name within myself, as I drove up over a hill, I passed a road and something told me to look back at the road and street sign, well truth be told the street sign was named Erik!!!! spelt exactly like him:) I believe that was a sign! Thank You Erik! I could really use him more in my life, if he is meant to be one of my Spirit Guide’s!! Thanks again and again! God Bless!!

Please get a copy of My Life After Death for yourself, your friends and family members. I promise it will change your life. It’s available in all formats. Click HERE to order. 

Story #2

I got pranked!!! I have been listening to the Channeling Erik Youtube talks for several months now. Last night I was listening to another one where Elisa was talking at a conference. Jamie was channeling Erik, when Elisa said anyone in the audience can expect a prank from Erik, or from those who are listening in. I thought about it for a moment, and thought why not? I’ll just add it to my list of unexplainable events if something happens. So I told Erik, ‘you can prank me, but DON’T scare me!’ About 11 pm, I turned the lights off, and set up my CPAP (breathing) machine. I never thought another think about the prank. As I’m nearing sleep, I start hearing a sound coming from my machine, sort of like a ‘sloshing’ sound that waves make against a boat. It kept up to the point I turned on the lights, looked to the machine, and sure enough the water in the humidifier was sloshing back and forth to the point of spilling over onto my table. Half asleep, I’m, thinking its an earthquake or something (rare in my area), but nothing else in the room was moving. I place my hand over the top of the machine and I can now feel it rocking back and forth! Nothing would stop it. So, I turned it off and it finally quit. Then, I remembered about the prank request. Ha Ha, Erik you got me! So, Erik, I get it, and thanks for the joke, but you can stop now; I need my machine back!

I can’t get enough of this EVP where Erik says, “Love you, Mom.” If this isn’t proof of life after death, I don’t know what is! I know I posted it before, but my husband played it to me again last night, and I’m inspired to post it again. 

Featured image courtesy of The Exchange Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

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