Erik on Women, Part One

Rune and I went camping in Galveston this past week in hopes of learning how to fish. We bought what we thought was the appropriate gear and bait but in spite of that and our good intentions, we caught zip. Rune is kind of relieved, in a way, because he didn’t want to have to clean the fish, and if we caught any, we’d toss it back except for what we wanted to eat. It’s the blind leading the blind, so we need someone to teach us how it’s done. What a freaking science it is! Chlorophyll satellite maps, solunar tables, rip lines, weed lines, the color of the tops and bottoms of the lures based on sky conditions, etc. I had NO idea. So for what we spent on gear, we could live on fish from Kroger for 5 years! But we had fun just being with each other and the sounds of the gulls and waves and the smell of the salt air has always been healing for us. 

However, our little mini-vacation didn’t go without a hitch. Family drama put me into a huge tailspin, and I dropped into the same depths of depression that I was in after Erik’s death. I gathered up all the strength and courage I could and forced myself out of it and am fine now, well, sort of, but I asked Erik for help and he came through. All of a sudden, my phone started playing Grace’s message to me, trance channeled through Jamie. Here it is:

There is some VERY good news about Raylene, though. Check it out! This made me cry with joy!

UPDATE: Raylene texted Paulina very briefly.  Our Girl is alive…What we know: She is still in a hospital under sedation so her communication is not over-abundant, understandably so. She did say she had been very ill which caused a form of respiratory failure.  She will require at least 3 more weeks in the hospital and who knows how long afterwards to get back up to speed with her clients. She expressed her appreciation for all of the support from the community. Please keep in mind: Her recovery is only beginning.  She is not out of the woods yet and then after she comes home she will need time to catch her breath as she re-enters this physical world. Please continue to support Raylene and her small family the fundraiser or make donations directly to her PayPal account (see previous post).  Flowers are beautiful but money might be more helpful towards her expenses. No we do not know which hospital and she could not say. More info will need to come from Raylene in her own due time; she is resting hugely as you might guess if you were in her situation. Together We Stand in Light and Love!

Here’s an announcement from Veronica. She’s always very generous and does so much for free or close. Check it out:

​Special offer BUY A ONE HOUR READING and GET 30 mins FREE!  It will expire July 15th and will not be run again until over the holidays so CLICK HERE ​to book now!

And now for the main event: Shruti Kamble channels Erik as he discusses all things women, past present and future. Shruti is very good and will book up soon, so I suggest you schedule a session with her!

Last but not least, here’s last night’s awesome show! Remember that the previous shows are under the “radio archives” tab on this link:

Wait, I lied! One last, last thing. I’m going to Kari Mena and Allison Allen’s Shiny Show event in Spring, TX, just north of Houston next Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM both days. Come for the show and visit me, too! There are a few tickets left! Here’s more information:

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