Erik Visits Our Six Year Old & The Rest of My Family

Erik visits our home daily, playing with our kitchen lights by flickering them. He has started to do it to my bed stand lamp and my older daughter’s lights. He gets pretty wild with the light shows at times. Tonight, our six year old daughter told us about a man wearing a baseball hat, peeking at her. She saw him from mid-chest up. He was smiling at her. My older daughter got a full list of descriptive details…we showed her some photos of Erik. She said it was him. No shock to any of us. We love Erik’s channelings on You Tube, the website, and his book (and Elisa’s). Our six year old told us more stories of how he visited with her yesterday too- that he was silly and dancing. Haha. Thought I would share! Thank you Erik, Elisa, and all the wonderful mediums that help get Erik’s messages across. We love you! Love and light to you all.

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