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You must, must, must not miss this event because Jamie doesn’t do it very often. Erik enters her body, her soul goes elsewhere (probably tapping its foot, looking at its watch and cringing or rolling his eyes at some of the things Erik says,) and then he takes the stage. Be sure to type in your questions for him in the chat section. Keep your answers short, and make sure they won’t require lengthy or multiple answers or they might be passed over. In other words, don’t ask things like, “Tell me all of the health issues that each of my family members have or might have in the future.” Good examples would include, “What’s my spiritual mission?” “Why does money elude me?” “What other life influences this one the most?” “Am I a Starseed, if so from where? “Which college will my son get into?” “How can I save my marriage?” “What can I do about my current illness?””What message do you have from my Aunt Sue?” and so on.log on 30 or so minutes ahead of time just to make sure you get in all right. Microphones must be muted. If not, there will be plenty of other CE peeps to let you know and help you with other things.

Web Channeling with Erik and Jamie
Wednesday, September 17 from 6-7 PM EDT
The link to register is HERE.

Here’s the description:

We hope you will join Jamie as she channels Erik Medhus from the Channeling Erik blog on Wednesday, September 17 from 6:00-7:00 PM EDT. For those who are new to channeling Jamie will allow Erik to speak through her directly to you. Erik will come in and deliver his own personal message and then answer participants questions for the remainder of the time. Participants will be allowed to ask their questions via the text chat function once Erik is done with his message and he opens it up for submissions. Questions will be accepted and answered on a first come, first service basis. Please note that we may not be able to get through all questions submitted, but Erik will answer as many as he can in the time allotted. There are no guarantees that you will have a question answered by Erik.

Now for today’s post. Sorry it’s a bit short. You know how it is. Some are long, some are not. Enjoy!

Me: Now, are humans still evolving physically and emotionally? What will we be like thousands of years from now or tens of thousands of years from now?

Erik: They are evolving emotionally and energetically first, and that’s what will cause the physical to change. What will go first are organ systems like the digestive system. We’ll still be—I’m going basic here—lung breathers, air breathers. We’ll still have hearts, eyes, senses, but we’ll have extrasensory perceptions. And we’ll have all of our digits. Um, we’ll have more telepathic skills.

Me: Wow.

Erik: We’ll eat less, because we’ll burn energy instead of food.

Me: Oh, that’s fascinating!

Erik: Yeah, I figure a lot of women would like that, but hell, I love me a chocolate cake.

Me: Well, I actually like the idea of still eating a lot, but my thighs don’t particularly agree. What about our emotional evolution.

Erik: At that point, most of us will be able to make decisions by feeling instead of hearing and seeing. We’ll understand that we are emotional beings first and foremost. We’ll communicate telepathically, like I said, and also with symbols and emotions rather than just regular old language like sentences and stuff. Plus, we’ll be able to manifest things quicker and channel our Higher Self better, and we’ll be able to use light and energy to do all sorts of things. 

Me: What sort of things.

Erik: I’m instructed not to tell you more than this. Some weapons will be based on light and energy, but all healing will be done by working with energy, but there’ll be less disease over all.

Me: Ah, the rest is a mystery.

Erik: There are some things you’re not supposed to know yet.

Me: Okay. I understand. 

Evolving Human Being on Channeling Erik Medhus

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