Bodies, Chakras and The Shift

It’s so good to be back interacting with you, my virtual family! I’ve missed you all so much and am glad you waited for my return. I also miss the healing conversations with Erik that come from posting and transcribing the sessions.

A special thank you to Patrick and the Committee for doing such an amazing job. I’m so glad he’s agreed to post on weekend days! Now let’s see what Erik has to say about the energetic and physical changes during The Shift!

Me: In what way is the Shift manifesting in our bodies and which chakras, if not all, are predominantly affected.

Jamie: Phew! Okay, do that one again. Can you start from the beginning?

I repeat the question.

Jamie: When he’s talking about the chakras, he’s highlighting from the heart. It’s basically taking the average human person and aligning their energy to the heart energy—compassion and love.

Me: Oh, good.

Erik: But it’s expanding the awake conscious, not just to the throat. That’s usually where we are. Some of us will awaken our consciousness to our third eye, you know, people living day to day intuitively, but it’s going to awaken the crown chakra. So, we’ll be functioning human people in the awake crown chakra.

Jamie: Won’t that be cool! That’s where telepathy will be like instant messaging.

Me: Yeah! That’d be nice. No more need for my AT&T monthly phone bills. I like the idea of knowing what my teenagers are up to. Wait, maybe I don’t. Hm. 

Erik: Yeah it would be nice, but we kinda have to get over the idea that we need computers to do it for us, too. That’s going to be a full on battle.

Me: When Erik came to visit, that’s what we were doing too, and it was really strange because I put out my hand feeling his electrical field. It was all tingly, and then sometimes I felt something solid like his arm or whatever. Then I realized it was my astral arm touching him. Then I touched my eyes, but my lids were closed. The neatest thing was I knew we were talking telepathically.

Erik: That’s all through the crown chakra, and imagine if we can do that in the awake state.

Me: Well I was awake. I wasn’t dreaming.

Erik: Well, I know you were. I mean everybody and like all day!

Me: Oh, god, no I probably couldn’t hold on to that all day! Eventually maybe I will.

Jamie giggles.

Me: So, tell me about the physical ailments we’ll have. Oops. I don’t mean ailments! I mean—

Erik: Repercussions?

Me: Repercussions, yes. Thanks you very much!

Erik: The hardest thing is that the human body is not going to take a lot of shit like it has been. It’s going to demand that we’re going to have a better diet, exercise, staying healthy.

Me: Ugh. I was afraid you were going to say that.

Erik: Yes. It’s not going to let you stay stagnant. It won’t agree to processed food.

Me: What will happen? Will we just throw it all up?

Erik: It will rebel in ways of illness.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Because the body would have already have that quantum jump, so physically it’s expecting –

Jamie (laughing): Ah, he’s comparing it to gas, when you put gas in your car with high octane. Your body will be built for octane gas, but we’re still putting in low octane gas. It’ll slow down; it’ll be lethargic.

Erik: If we feed it well, no worries, no problems at all.



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