Well, this weekend is definitely the Coast to Coast show, all three hours of it. Listen HERE or on more than 600 iHeart Radio stations. I hope you guys call in to talk to us, including Erik! You can also “chat” with us! It starts at 11:00 PM PT Saturday (1:00 AM CT Sunday.)

Aaronrewired wrote this in a comment. I’m posting it here because I think it’s so helpful. Thanks, Aaaron!

Coast To Coast AM Call-In Phone Numbers and International Access Codes.

Western US:1-800-618-8255 (toll free)
Eastern US:1-800-825-5033 (toll free)
First time caller:1-818-501-4721
Wild Card line:1-818-501-4109 (anyone can call)
Skype users call: george97313


How? Tune in your radio to the Coast show. Call them on your phone. When they pick up they will ask you your first name, where you are calling from and what your question is going to be. When you go on hold you will hear the broadcast over your phone and will need to shut off your radio until after they take your question live and move on to the next caller. If you leave your radio on, there will be a terrible echo and they will hang up on you. I was on yesterday at about 1:45am Central near the end of the second hour of the Vincent Genna psychic portion. I am also a Coast Insider which means that for a fee, we can go back and listen to any archived Coast broadcast over the last ten years.

Listen over your phone’s internet connection or, in my area, the show airs live from midnight to 4am Central. Look up your time zone and your local broadcast station HERE.

Now for some fringy, way-out-there stuff. I had heard, several months ago, that there’s this guy who claimed he could survive without food or water. The physician in me raised an eyebrow, but apparently, he consented to being quarantined for over 30 days in a place where he could be observed and where he couldn’t obtain food and water. Apparently, the experiment was a success and his assurances confirmed. Later, I found out that there is more than one such person, and they call themselves, “breatharians.” I decided to ask Erik more about this phenomenon.

Me: This blog member says, “I’ve read about people who claim to be able to live without food or water, and they’re called “breatharians.” I’m curious to have Erik’s take on this. Is this a truth or a hoax?” I read somewhere that there’s an experiment going on where they have this guy in a contained area and he’s been able to survive without food and water for a long time. When I read it, it had been 31 days or so.

Erik: Here’s the reason human beings believe they need to eat and drink. They’re still connected to that side of themselves that is rooted from a long time ago in the primitive side that they must fight to survive, that they have to hunt for survival. Where do you think forms like food and water come from? They’re energy. It’s like training wheels that are trying to teach you to connect to the energy that’s already feeding you. You’re bathed in that same energy.

Me: Why can’t we survive on that?

Erik: First let me answer your question. There are entities out there –life forms in other places and on Earth—that have tapped into that energy, so they don’t need to go kill an animal or pull up a plant or whatever. The energy flows into them and keeps their physical form sustained. That is food for the body and the soul.

Me: But apparently there are humans who can do that? How can they?

Erik: In a hundred years, they’ll be more and more of them, but now there are only a handful. Those are planting seeds of awareness to spread to other humans. We’re a fearful species and fear comes from that primitive side of the brain. We need to use our intellectual side to shed that fear. We have to understand things intellectually to get rid of the fear. Once we understand something, then we can let go of our fear. It’s no longer the Boogey Man.

Me: Yeah, there’s no fear of the unknown anymore.

Erik: Right. Some humans, once they go through the whole process of understanding something intellectually, they can connect to their heart a lot easier. That’s when they can know something without having to know why they know it.

Me: Nice. But that doesn’t explain how the “breatharians” survive without food and water.

Erik: For most of them, they didn’t naturally have a big appetite to start with. They were never drawn to eat. For others, it might be because they’ve come across a teacher who taught them how to take energy in for self-sustenance. Sometimes the teacher has been a human being and sometimes it can be a spirit guide.

Me: Well how do they subsist?

Erik: Everything is subjective. Everything is from the perspective of the individual, and from human perspective, it’s all about belief. It has to start there first. You have to believe you can survive on pure energy. Depending on the individual, that belief can come from the intellectual side of your brain—the evidence side—or the side of your brain that feels. It’s different for every person.

Robert: He’s showing me the soul of a human being with all these little light sparkles coming into their body. He’s showing me that that’s how they’re pulling that energy in.

Erik: The same thing happens when you literally eat. You believe you have to eat and that you have to go through this manual process of lifting food to your mouth, putting it in, chewing it and swallowing it, but it’s the same fucking thing. The energy is coming in; you’re just focusing on something physical to allow yourself to believe you’ll be sustained from it.

Me: Hm. So if you believe, with all of your heart, that you can sustain yourself with the energy around you, you can?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So it’s about belief on an intellectual and an emotional level?

Erik: Right, and belief from each side is different. The intellectual side of belief is about understanding that 1 + 1 = 2 and why it equals 2, and what makes the sky blue—all this book stuff for understanding the rules of the physical world. The intellectual side is a slow process from the human perspective. From the emotional side, though, you just connect to the feeling you have to experience something, and that’s more instantaneous. Also, it’s not coming directly from the physical experience. Let me rephrase that. The root source of every experience is coming from an emotional place so –

Robert: He’s getting tongue-tied now, and he’s tongue-tying me!

I chuckle.

Erik: Let me just start over, Dude.

Robert: It’s like he’s erasing the board.

Erik: I lost Robert.

Me: Aw, poor Robert.

Robert laughs.

Erik: The emotional stuff just happens instantaneously. It doesn’t need to go through the whole intellectual process of understanding why it happens. From the emotional perspective, it just happens. But all experiences come from a feeling place, and you’re just tapping directly into that. Even intellectual stuff is coming from a feeling place. You just aren’t necessarily aware of it until after you’ve gone through all of the schooling.

Me: Anything else on that?

Erik: Nah.

Have a great weekend, guys!


Here’s a great YouTube interview of gifted medium, Alison Allan, and Kari Mena asking Erik about his new book, My Life After Death.

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