Channeling Amy Winehouse, Part Two

Jamie and Erik will host their next small group channeling conference call April 12th. The cost will be only $45 this time and she will let me know when the registration page will be available.

And now for the next segment of the one and only Ms. Winehouse:

Me: Okay, Did you have any particular belief about death and the afterlife before?

Amy: I was raised mostly Jewish, but I really didn’t put all my beliefs in that one basket. I really came out a contradiction of myself.

Me: Can you explain that?

Amy: I came out a girl, and people have the expectation for you to behave like a girl, but I was very much like a boy. People felt that I should have done something more soft and feminine and in control, when all I wanted to do was to be loud and aggressive and without boundaries. Everything that was expected of me or everything that I learned from an outside source, I kind of made it my business to contradict.

Me: So did you believe that there was an afterlife.

Amy: Uh, y-yes!

Jamie (chuckling): She kind of stutters over it. Y-yes.

Me: You probably didn’t think much about it, did you?

Amy: No. I don’t think it was any big secret that I had a big addiction problem.

Me: Yes.

Amy: And I think that was because I couldn’t find what I really needed in my family unit. (chuckling) God bless my grandmother!

Jamie: I wonder how her grandmother fits in.

Me: Was she a source of support for you?

Amy: Yes. Yes.

Me: Good. So she was probably one of the ones you most identified with and got support from? Is that what you’re saying?

Amy: Yeah. She was the one who pointed a finger at me and told me what I was capable of doing and not really confining me.

Me: She didn’t make you march to someone else’s drum?

Amy: Yes. She was the one who shoved me into theatre; she was the one who put me in front of a crowd, an audience, and that was when I realized I needed that; I wanted that.

Me: Yeah. Well, usually those who want to contradict things have to have a platform so that they can express that through song, poetry, theatre, whatever. So, yeah, that was a good thing your grandmother did.

Amy: I tried anything and everything. I was not afraid.

Me: Was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

Amy: Yes.

Me: Why?

(Long pause)

Jamie: She’s explaining, and between her accent and her—I don’t know if I’d call it a mumble or if that’s really her accent. But, I mean, I’ve heard English accents, and they can be really clear.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: But her voice—

Me: Is it hard to understand? Is it the dialect?

Jamie: Thank you. The dialect.

Me: Yes, sometimes I have trouble with certain English dialects.

Amy: If I were to live longer than this—I saw myself having a child—and I would have led a very destructive life and full of guilt because I wouldn’t have been able to give what the child needed. So I’m very happy—like relieved—to be cut loose from that responsibility.

Me: Yeah, and you were about to adopt a child, right?

Amy: Yes.

Me: So is that what triggered your exit point?

Amy: It wasn’t the right thing to do.

Me: Okay. Yes. Now, tell me about your place in the afterlife. Obviously you don’t live in that big blue-floored warehouse, right?

Amy: Insect box? No. I don’t. I live mostly close to my parents, my band mates.

Me: Do you have a house, or do you just crash at everyone else’s pad?

Amy: Odd to say, but you don’t really need a house. And until I loosen up and don’t have to do so much damage control, maybe then that’s when I’ll get my house.

Me: Yeah, and settle down. So, you’re doing damage control by helping those you left behind?

Amy: Yes, because it was a sudden exit.

Me: Well, sure, and you died when you were 29, so that points to closure in terms of numerology. I guess that supports the fact that it was your destiny.

Amy: I was younger than that.

Me: Oh, okay. Or 27?

Jamie: She’s nodding her head yes.

Me: Yeah, because 2 + 7 = 9 and 9 means closure. I had two cups of coffee; I don’t know what the heck is wrong! 

Here’s evidence showing she was a bit difficult to understand:

And a poignant Amy Winehouse song showcasing the inner angst so typical of many:

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