Erik on Numerology, Part One

For some reason, I'm the point man when it comes to present wrapping, and I'm terrible at it, especially big and irregular boxes. And when I tear tape off of the tape dispenser, the ragged cutting blade shreds my thumb. So, there's a bit of blood on some of the packages, but I consider that a … Continue reading

A Case Against Suicide

It's that time of the month! The first 10 people who email me will have their questions answered by Erik (through medium extraordinaire, Emma McIntosh) for the next Ask Erik magazine column. Keep your questions short and to the point and sign it with your first name and the initial of your last … Continue reading


Today, Kristina and I woke up kind of late in our hotel in Killarney, ate breakfast and set out on our next adventure. Speaking of adventure, I was proud of Kristina because she had the "Full Kerry Plate," which included many things I have never heard of and one that I have: black pudding. … Continue reading


Just a reminder: For those of you who have signed up for the phone channeling session tomorrow, you should have received an email with instructions, the telephone number and access code. Let me know if you haven't! Also, thanks to all of you for all of the grief-related advice and words of comfort. … Continue reading