Channeling Bigfoot, Part Five

My youngest, Annika, took some video during her 8 hour bus ride back to Lima. She stayed at a small hotel there and is now on her way back to her Mama! I pick her up at 6:20 PM this evening. Here’s one clip she took during her ride. It was a dismally impoverished area. Hopefully, she’ll return with a renewed perspective on just how blessed we all are to live in this great country of opportunity. 

Bus Ride to Lima, Peru

The radio show was great, as always. Some of you guys are really good at calling in right when the previous show ends and have been able to get on the show several times. To give others a chance, too, I think I’m going to pick random callers rather than going with the “first come, first serve” approach I’ve been using. 

I still have a few spots available if you have a question for Erik’s June Ask Erik magazine column. Just email that question to me at

Sorry this is a short one, but it’s a break in sessions. Anyway, I gave you guys way to much to read and watch yesterday, so you could probably use a break!

Me: Do you worship any gods at all?

Bigfoot: One God. One Source. God Source that is the source of all energy and matter and makeup. We come from the Divine.

Kim: It’s so funny how he talks!

Bigfoot: We’re all one. We all come from the same God Source.

Me: So just like Erik says, you are like we are: whole and part of God or God Source, of All That Is?

Bigfoot: Yes, just expressed in a different way. We all come from the same Source, but that Source is expressing Itself in a different way through different species, different genders and that sort of thing.

Me: Okay, now, another ritual. First of all, when you die, do you bury your dead, and do you have some sort of ceremony like a funeral?

Bigfoot: We do bury. We bury a lot because we come a long way—

Bella starts barking at the trash men outside.

Me: She looks like a mini-Bigfoot.

Kim chuckles.

Bigfoot: When our loved ones die, we bury them in the earth. They belong to the earth.

Me: So you bury them on our earth?

Bigfoot: Yes. And when we eat, we bury [the carcass] too. The experience is very different when we die. We can get into that if you want. When we die and return to spirit form, it’s slightly different than what humans expect as they transition from physical to spiritual.

Me: Tell me, but briefly.

Bigfoot: We already have an understanding of who we are, a complete understanding of who we are. Our transition and where we come from is something we carry in our consciousness constantly. Humans separate from that very easily. So, because we are individuals who exist and live in the moment, we’re very aware of our transition, and we’re very aware of what’s happening. With the transition itself, there’s no need for explanation. Humans can go through shock—

Me: So it’s pretty much like walking through a door for you.

Bigfoot: Yes, the transition is very easy.

Me: Well why haven’t we found any of your graves?

Bigfoot: When we do bury on Earth—there’s not many—part of the reason you haven’t found [the graves] is because we don’t want you to. We will help you not find us because, again, it’s sacred to us.

Me: Sure!

Bigfoot: We don’t want our remains brought back up.

Me: Disturbed.

Bigfoot: Exactly. We don’t want them disturbed, so we will conceal them energetically. That’s very easy to do.

Me: Ah!

Bigfoot: We’ll help conceal so that humans—

Me: Like an invisibility cloak? Do you use energy to conceal?

Bigfoot: Yes. They’ve been close, though. Researchers have been very close, but we’ll do whatever we can to protect the remains of our loved ones because of the sacredness.

Me: Okay. All right, we’ll make this a stopping point. I have one more question before we go on, though.

I lift Bella up to the camera.

Me: What do you think, Bigfoot? A little mini-me version of Bigfoot or Chewbacca?

Bigfoot: Sasquatch.

Kim laughs.

Me: She’s a mini-Sasquatch, yeah, because she’s aggressively barking at the trash men.

I turn to face Bella.

Me: Aren’t you?

Bella licks my mouth.

Me: I know. I love you, too.

Kim: Aw!

Me: All right, guys, Stay tuned for the next part. Kim, thank you for this!

Kim: My pleasure!

Me: Mr. Bigfoot, thank you so much for hanging around, and we’ll continue the interview. Bye everybody.

Kim (waving): Bye!

Couldn’t resist these cartoons. I hope it helps start your weekend with a smile!

00079-daily-cartoons-bigfoot 768831b07d0eddbe2c302920b6f788ec Secrets-of-Bigfoot

Here are a couple of sweet reviews for Erik’s book, My Life After Death. If you haven’t read it, well, you’re cray-cray not to because it will change your life. You will mourn reaching the last page. Get your copy (paperback, eBook, Nook, Audible or audiobook) HERE.

I found out about this book on Facebook and immediately ordered it on amazon. It was so sad in the beginning.. but later I couldn’t put in down. It confirmed so many things for me about life after death. I found their videos on youtube and watched most of them. This is a must read!



A wonderful book by a wonderfully beautiful spirit…..if you ever had doubts about the other side, or what happens to you when you pass, you will never doubt again as you will be forever be changed in your beliefs, your life, your path and in your soul…becomes clearer, you will no doubt awaken to more than just the story you read, but to soooooo much more, as those doors that were shut are now open to the truest knowledge and questions that are now answered. Remarkable in every sense of the WORD…grateful for ERIK AND HIS WONDERFUL MOM AND FAMILY…for this wonderful gift they share with the world, as I will be sharing it with my family and friends.

–Renee Bacoccini

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