Channeling Bigfoot, Part Four

Someone brought to my attention that Erik made an appearance during our most recent YouTube on uncertainty. At exactly 4:50, you’ll see a beautiful blue orb hover over Kim’s head. Check it out. You can’t miss it! 

Also, don’t miss tonight’s radio show. The instructions are on yesterday’s post, and I’ll repost them on Facebook and Twitter, too. 

Annika is on the 8 hour bus ride from Huancayo, Peru to Lima. She spends the night there, then flies to Houston by way of Mexico City. Yesterday, things were touch and go with her. She and her little group of friends decided to go to an ice cream shop different from the one recommended (and fully vetted) by her host family. She noticed the ice cream tasted sour but ate it anyway! That night, she had fever and nausea as did the other girls. Thankfully, the host family nursed them back to health with natural things like yerba mate (sp?) and other things. She missed hospital rounds that morning but was able to visit an orphanage later in the day. I can’t wait to see her. I miss her so much!!

Last but not least, I’m calling out for questions for the next Ask Erik magazine column. Please email me ONE question and try to keep it short. If it’s too long, they won’t let me publish it. The deadline is 12 midnight tonight! 

Here’s Part Four of Mr. Bigfoot’s interview!

Me: Okay, how many of there of you guys more or less at any one given time, usually?

Bigfoot: How many do humans perceive at any given time?

Me: No, how many of you are there, period, on the average on the earth at any one given time?


Me: Twenty? A hundred? A thousand?

Bigfoot: Thousands.

Me: Oh wow!

Kim: Oh, this is making me shake, not because I’m scared but because he’s so intelligent feeling. It’s this mass sense of intelligence. It’s kind of like Abraham Hicks. It’s really strange.

Me: Interesting!

Bigfoot: People should respect what they think is negative or empty space because that’s where we are. We’re there. Although you might not be able to perceive us, your energy and actions still affect us. We hold responsibility on how we behave and how it affects our environment so if humans could do the same, can you imagine the difference it could make? There are thousands of us at any given time. Just remember that and walk with respect. Give more respect to your surroundings.

Kim: He just keeps repeating, “West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee.” He wanted to go back and answer your question about where they are, where they tend to hang out. That must be a great area for them.

Me: Okay.

Kim: It feels like home.

Me: All right. What is your lifespan, generally?

Bigfoot: In the physical, because we’re eternal, so I’m not sure how—

Me: In the physical, your physical body. How long does it last?

Bigfoot: Not as long as humans can last. We cap out around the 60s. Physically, we progress in age differently, more quickly. We can tolerate more. Our bodies, our skin can tolerate the elements more, but it does have an effect, physically.

Me: What do you usually die from?

Bigfoot: Sickness like poison—eating something poisonous—or infection.

Me: Okay. Is your society patriarchal or matriarchal?

Bigfoot: Primarily patriarchal.

C’mon, Bigfoot, I bet you guys get –whipped like human guys do!

Me: Okay. Are you monogamous?

Bigfoot: Let me explain that.

Me: Uh oh!

Bigfoot’s busted.

Me: Bigfoot’s a player!

Kim laughs.

Bigfoot: In our group, love is viewed differently than the way humans do. We see and understand that love doesn’t have limits. So, when humans get married, their love is limited to their spouse. Granted, they love their kids, but we’re talking about partnerships and intimate relationships. We don’t limit our love to one individual. It’s supposed to be boundless. If we feel the need to express our love to multiple Bigfoots, we will. We don’t limit it to just giving our love to one.


Me: Are you talking about sexual?

Bigfoot: Yes, intimate type of love.

Me: Okay.

Bigfoot: But all of our love is boundless. We even love others’ children as though they were our own. This far surpasses what humans are capable of. Sure, humans can do that. They can adopt, but we see ourselves as one. We see ourselves as the same.

Me: That makes me shiver.

Kim: Me, too!

Bigfoot: The love is absolutely boundless. It doesn’t get caught up on stereotypes and classes.

Me: And social rules.

Bigfoot: There’s such freedom without all that.

Me: Do you have any special family traditions or rituals?

Bigfoot: Not like you humans do.

Kim: As far as traditions or rituals, he resonates more with rituals.

Bigfoot: It depends on what we’re talking about. We have a ritual when we bring in new family members, when we change dimensions and even when we eat. We have rituals like you do, but they’re not the same. When we eat, for example, we slow down. Please don’t think that I’m criticizing humans—

Me: No, I want to learn so lay it on me, Bigfoot! I never thought I’d be saying that today. ‘Lay it on me, Bigfoot.’

I really should have asked him his name.

Kim chuckles.

Bigfoot: When it’s time to eat, when it’s mealtime, it’s very sacred. We take time to show respect and show gratitude [for our food.] We’re not eating and talking or taking our food and multitasking like humans do. We stop and give gratitude for that very meal that’s providing us with nourishment. So that’s definitely a ritual, a sacred practice.

Me: Wait, sorry to interrupt you, but since we’re on this subject, what do you eat? Are you omnivores? Carnivores?

Bigfoot: Meat. Now we do eat plants, but we primarily eat meat.

Me: Okay. Are there any other rituals you want to talk about?

Bigfoot: When we bring a new family member in—

Me: You mean a birth?

Bigfoot: Yes.

Me: Or bring someone in from another dimension?

Bigfoot: A birth. You humans—

Me: You humans!

Kim giggles.

Bigfoot (clearly not amused): You gather in as many as you can and show the whole world and announce to the whole world your new family member, and that’s great because you’re excited and you’re proud, but for us, it’s very different. We don’t like to announce it to the world. It’s a very sacred thing. It’s quieter and extremely private and intimate because we feel that if we have that intimate connection immediately without the rest of the world being involved or even the rest of our own pack, we can have a better effect on that individual’s soul as they grow.

Me: Okay. We’re going to have to go a little faster, I guess.

I see we’re running out of time, and I have a lot of questions left!

Party Animal

Party Animal

Here’s a video we made last night that will provide you with information about the tour. Please don’t forget to email me ( if you intend to come to Denver but don’t have a ticket yet. I also want everyone to know that I have no financial connection to the tour and, as with everything related to Channeling Erik, I tend to keep it that way. I never receive compensation for anything and pay all expenses out of pocket. All book royalties are going to pay for the publicist’s fees and other expenses. I want you to know that I will never commercialize what I do because I would never exploit my son’s death. I don’t know why I’m bringing this up now other than I want to be clear. Thanks for “listening!”

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