Channeling Bigfoot, Part Seven

Enjoy the last part of our Bigfoot series. I hope you got as much out of this wise and enlightened being as I did. Now in life, we need to remember, WWBD (What would Bigfoot do) before we make our choices!

Me: What do you for fun! Just give me one thing because we are just almost out of time!

Bigfoot: For entertainment, we build. It’s fun to build.

Me: Do you have any technology?

Bigfoot: We don’t need technology—

Me: Like iPads and iPhones! Just kidding.

Bigfoot: Our telepathy is our technology.

Me: Yeah, I wish we had that! Now, I know the answer to this, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Do you have wars, conflicts and weapons? Obviously, you don’t have wars and conflicts, but weapons, can you make a weapon to defend yourself against aggressive animals or human beings?

Bigfoot: Yes, we can and we have. Even rocks are weapons to us. We throw rocks as a warning. Large tree branches are also weapons for us.

Me: Do you have something similar to our human experience to experience, through duality, to understand all facets of love? Like we might understand the concept of hot, but we have to experience cold to totally understand it. Do you have anything similar to that?

Bigfoot: We don’t need that duality for understanding because the understanding already exists. Remember, Kim, that part when I made you feel like I was really intelligent? It’s because of a higher understanding of All That Is so we don’t necessarily need to incarnate like humans do and experience all dualities, all parallelisms to understand all facets of existence. We exist in the understanding already.

Me: So there’s no spiritual evolution going on with you guys?

Bigfoot: Our purpose is not to evolve like yours is. Our purpose is to remain in that constant and be it and teach it, and it’s a much higher vibration. It’s pure love.

Kim: His vibration feels like—I know it sounds funny, but whoever would have thought that Bigfoot feels like an angel to me!

Me: Ah, wow!

Kim: Because the vibration of his energy is so high. So much calm and respect and love.

Me: It must feel good to channel him.

Kim: It does. I feel very peaceful. I was nervous. You know, every time I do a session, I get nervous like, ‘Oh gosh, what are we going to talk about?’ But I feel good. I feel very calm. I’m one of those people who thought, ‘Who’s Bigfoot? What’s that all about?’

Me: Yeah, and now you know!

Kim: I’m grateful.

Me: When you die, Mr. Bigfoot, do you go to the same dimensional plane that we go to, that Erik’s in?

Bigfoot: Partially, to a degree. We can spend time there, but the different dimensional planes that you experience are based on your needs. So if you need to be re-patched or regrouped to bring your energy all back together if you’ve been through something traumatic, you’re going to go to an incubator, so to speak, for that to happen, but because of who we are and our existence, when we transition through these different realms, some of that we don’t need. We surpass them. We can go there and visit, but we don’t need it like humans do. We can certainly coexist, and that’s a lot of fun when humans come in and we can coexist with them. It’s never something they picture. They always think that they’d just be with humans.

Me: Yeah, that’s cool. Okay, I don’t mean this with any disrespect, but some people have reported this very strong smell [from you.] What is the purpose of that smell, and do you take baths?

How rude!

Me: You probably think we smell pretty bad!

Bigfoot: We do take baths. We have cleansing rituals, but they’re not nearly as frequent and not like yours. The reason for the odor is more of a protection mechanism to keep other species at a distance.

Me: Oh!

Bigfoot: It’s partially a manifestation. It’s not always a physical thing. It’s a manifested protection.

Me: So it’s not a physically produced odor necessarily. It’s something you energetically create and manifest?

Bigfoot: Exactly.

Me: Okay. What do you think about Erik?


Bigfoot: Erik is a great teacher.

Me (softly): He is. I’m so proud of him. Are you proud of him, Mr. Bigfoot?

After all, who wouldn’t want Bigfoot’s approval?

Bigfoot (leaning forward): I’m grateful because he’s teaching so many. He’s teaching them in a gentle way, though. He has this way of interacting with people in the way that they need it so that they don’t shut down to the spiritual world and have them open up instead. If certain kinds of spiritual individuals started to interact, people would react in fear and shut down, but Erik has a way of lifting people up first, and then he can interact. His teachings, the movement he’s creating with the spiritually-minded people should be marked. It should be documented. It’s a large movement, and many should be grateful for what he offers in his teachings.

Me: So, we should take him with us for that beer, don’t you think?

Bigfoot: He should probably have one or two.

Kim laughs.

Me (chuckling): He’ll probably have something besides beer! All right, Erik, do you have anything to ask Mr. Bigfoot?

Erik: If we’re going for a beer, I’m taking a woman!

Me: Okay, go ahead. Take Jillian.

Kim: It’s so sweet. He turns to Bigfoot, touches his chest and says, “How can we learn from you?”

Bigfoot: The best thing we can teach you is that there should be no fear. Don’t have any fear. Most of the time, fear is derived from not understanding yourself. Then you lash out with fear in other ways in your life. There is no reason for fear.

Yeah, I guess, since we’re eternal beings. What’s the worst that can happen to us?

Me: And [fear] separates us from the One, doesn’t it?

Bigfoot: It separates us from reality, and it separates us from the Source that created us. Also, respect all. Respect everything around you.

Erik (to Bigfoot): Yeah, but that’s so hard for humans. It’s easier said than done.

Kim: He’s trying to have this whole conversation.

Bigfoot: Just fear. Focus on not having fear.

Me: All right. Last but not least, what do you think about Kim?

Kim: Are we asking Erik or Bigfoot?

Me: I’m asking Bigfoot. I know what Erik thinks about you. He adores you!

Kim giggles nervously.

Kim: He’s laughing because I’m nervous.

Bigfoot: She’s gentle. She’s one who won’t harm anybody. She’s one who won’t intentionally create chaos or harm. She needs to—

Kim (chuckling): I love it when they put me on the spot!

Me: Uh oh! Poor you! Sorry!

Kim: That’s okay.

Bigfoot: She needs to have faith in herself and grow in her confidence without ego, but I think she’s sweet. She’s kind and gentle.

Me: She is sweet!

Kim (laughing): Thank you.

Me: Any last words before we close, Mr. Bigfoot?

Bigfoot: Thank you for this opportunity. I feel you’re giving me the opportunity to be correctly understood. So thank you on behalf of all of my kind. Thank you.

Me: You bet. I hope we do you a service and clear up some misconceptions, and I really have a lot of respect for you. I’m so honored that you were able to share this information with us, and hopefully we’ll talk again!

Bigfoot: We will. Thank you.

Oops, I forgot to give him directions to the pub. Oh well.

Erik and I say our goodbyes and love yous.

If Erik were Bigfoot

If Erik were Bigfoot

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