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This Memorial Day weekend, we’re taking the whole family to Lake Travis in the Austin area to camp. We’ve got our little boat in storage there, so we’ll go tubing, kneeboarding and other things that are not meant for klutzes like me. Plus, I shy away from anything that might include a lake water enema and douche. Just sayin’. My favorite activity is just floating on saddle floats in the quieter part of the lake, sipping on a cold one and talking with the ones I love. I have a tiny life jacket for Bella, but Rune tells me we’re going to keep her in one of the cottages at the campsite because she wouldn’t have much fun in a hot boat. Poor. We’re also going to look at potential lots in case the area ends up being where we move in 3-5 years.  Should be fun.

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This post is short but sweet. Enjoy!

Me: Somebody wants to know if time travel can really happen now, if humans are really capable of time travel.

Erik: Yes they can.

Robert: He was elaborating. Of course he was going down this whole wormhole, ha ha. Pun not intended. Or maybe it was intended.

Erik: Humans time travel all the time. The most common way that they do it—would you like for me to tell you?

Me: Yeah!

Erik: Well, let me think about that. Should I tell you?


Erik: No, no. I’m kidding. Every time you think about something in the past, you’re time traveling. You’re creating a connection there. Most people think, “Oh, that’s just so dull. Everybody does that all the time,” but you know what? You pull up a memory, and you’re taken to a time that no longer exists in your present.

Me: Yeah, you’re projecting a piece of your consciousness, which is a piece of you, really, right? Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: That’s right. The same thing happens if you project into the future.

(Long pause as Robert listens)

Robert: He’s about to create this very tangled web.

Erik: You have the ability, when you project into the past or future, to change those events, but the change that occurs has to do with how you view the event.

Me: Ah, your perspective can change.

Erik: Right. If you think back on when your dog died or something else sad happened and you no longer feel the same level of sadness, you’ve changed that event.

Me: Mm. Okay.

Erik: Because the event itself is not what matters. Ultimately it’s how you feel about it.

Me: Okay, what about time travel the way most people think about it where you just go somewhere where the dinosaurs are, and there are dinosaurs all around you?

Erik: That shit? Sure, it’s going to happen.

Me: But we can’t do it now?

Erik: Not right now. There are several things, like 4 or 5 things, that we have to learn first.

Me: Oh, really? Like what?

Erik: Well for one we have to learn how to be responsible with that kind of power.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: So, we have to become adults first, as a species.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That encompasses a lot of things, really. In fact, all the steps we need fit into that “becoming an adult” category. When you think about an adult, you’re responsible, you’re truly wise and mature as a soul. Then you’re also going to have kindness, and you’re going to know how the whole constructive and destructive forces work. You need to learn all that before going down that road.

Me: And we probably need to respect the process.

Erik: Yes.

Me: And not use it for nefarious purposes.

Erik: Yeah, that comes in with the whole knowing the constructive and destructive forces because they’re both necessary.

Me: Oh, okay. So in terms of linear Earth time, when do you see this happening?

Erik: Several hundred years.

Me (sounding disappointed): Several hundred years? Wow.

Erik: That’s really a lot quicker than it is for a lot of other species. It might take a lot of them a million years before they get to that point.

Me: Kudos to us, man! We got it going on!

Erik: Well, humans came here to fast track their evolution. It’s why things seem so overwhelming for us sometimes.

Me: So much chaos.

Erik: Well we came in with an awareness of our emotional nature embedded within us. This entire planet is where we spring from, and the planet’s energy is rooted in all of that—a great sense of its emotional awareness. Every species has some level of emotionality. They just don’t always have the same amount of awareness about it.

Me: Okay. Interesting.



Here’s something else that’s short but sweet. This lovely review for Erik’s book, My Life After Death. Check out my book, too: My Son and the Afterlife. I bet your life will see positive changes after these reads. 

After a 20 year search, I have found what I’m looking for: ANSWERS about life after death. I am no longer afraid of dying. Erik did that for me. Thank you, my friend.

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