Channeling Bigfoot, Part Three

Annika is having such a great time in Peru. She’s learning to suture, following doctors and medical students around, and even watched a code on the operating table. Apparently the elderly patient was undergoing a bowel resection but he aspirated prior to intubation and coded during surgery. Twice. Eventually they had to do an open cardiac massage. When she left the OR, he was alive, but I don’t know if he ultimately survived. She also has been enjoying the beautiful Peruvian countryside and says that her host family is extremely gracious. They don’t speak English, so she’s been scrambling hard to remember what she had learned from all those years of Spanish class. 

Interrupted Sutures

Interrupted Sutures

Continuous Sutures

Continuous Sutures

Hiking in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains (Annika is the little one at the back and to the right with short sleeves on.)

By the way, Kim wants to know if there are any people who have not bought tickets for Denver yet but definitely plan to. She has to know ASAP because if there are no others planning to come, she might have to cancel the event because the venue and catering aren’t cheap. It’s okay to not make a profit, but she doesn’t want to lose money on it. Please email me if you definitely plan to come! 

Enjoy installment #3!

Me: Thank you for staying with us, Mr. Bigfoot. When there is more than one of you, is it “Bigfeet?”

Terrible joke. Geez!

Kim: Wait, is that a question?

Me: I’m just kidding! So when there’s more than one of you, is it “Bigfeets” or “Bigfoots?” Nah, I’ll just say it’s “Bigfoots.”

Kim: Yeah, Bigfoots.

Me: Yeah, I’m just teasing.

And being so uncool.

Me: There’s this one famous, iconic picture of you walking in the woods, and a lot of people have done a very detailed analysis of the photograph and some say it’s real and some say it’s a hoax. Who’s right?


Kim (Laughing): I was trying to listen to your question, but Erik was making a joke.

Me: I hope it was better than my joke.

Kim: He was making a joke about your joke. He said, “Keep your day job, Mom.”

Me: Yeah, I know!

Bigfoot: There are actually many pictures that do exist we have been captured on. We’ve been captured on videos and still prints.

Me: Was the one iconic one a hoax or real?

Bigfoot: No, it’s not a hoax. We want our existence to be known, but part of the reason we’re so elusive is that it’s so easy to misunderstand us, so it’s easier to be elusive than misunderstood.

Me: Well, maybe I’ll put this on all the major Bigfoot websites so people who are fanatics about Bigfoot can be educated. Would you like me to do that?

Bigfoot: That would be good because when people go hunting for or searching for Bigfoot, they go with aggression, they go with their guards up. If they approached us with respect and love and the desire to communicate and coexist, then we’d be much more likely to cooperate.

Me: Wouldn’t that be nice?

Bigfoot: But their intention is to invade our space and expose us so that’s why we make it so hard for them.

Me: There’s this video of one of you walking across a plain. It looks very real, and that’s the second most iconic one. Is that real? Is that you?

Bigfoot: That wasn’t me, but it is real. You know how everything is one and we’re all the same?

Me: Uh huh.

Bigfoot: It’s really fascinating because humans are so stuck on their own individuality that they can’t see they are all one, so they can’t operate as one, but we can. There is much more respect among our own species so we can operate as one. We have much deeper telepathic communication because we respect that we are one. If humans could do that, you’d be able to communicate telepathically with each other—understanding each other without having to use words.

Me: Can you imagine how the human race would evolve if we learned that from you?

Bigfoot: You would experience peace like you’ve never known before.

Me: Well, we have to hook up, man! We need to get together, and you need to teach us face to face! This needs to happen, and we’ll take one small step to making that happen, but oh, that’d be awesome. Now, I heard from a blog member that there’s a documentary—I can’t remember the name of it—where they actually caught a Bigfoot, put him in a cage—how awful—and then during the night other Bigfoots released and rescued him. Is that true?

Bigfoot: No.

Me: Yeah, it seems like it would be all over the news.

Bigfoot: This isn’t fair because it’s not true. Remember that our kind, our species, has the ability to transcend dimensions so we don’t stay in a place of fear like humans do that hold you in that dimension. It’s not part of our makeup, so it doesn’t make sense that someone caught a Bigfoot if they truly know what a Bigfoot is, their capabilities and what they’re about.

Me: Are Bigfoot, Sasquatches and Yeti the same, or are they different species?

Bigfoot: We all come from the same family. They’re different in, I guess you could say personality and characteristics like how humans are different, but we’re all the same in our type of existence.

Kim: What are some of the differences?

Me: Oh, good question.

Kim: Bigfoot, to me, out of all three, feels the most calm and peaceful, and then when I go to the Yeti, he gives me the feeling of much louder energy, almost obnoxious.

I laugh.

Bigfoot: Again, we’re all the same family. Sasquatches—

Me: They’re not the same as Bigfoot?

Bigfoot: The same family, yes, but Sasquatches are a little more aggressive. That’s where you see some of the aggression come out. It’s the same species, just different characteristics.

Kim: So why are there different names?

Bigfoot: Just because of their different characteristics.

Kim: Okay.

Me: Where in the world are you most prevalent?

Kim: He connects the Yeti to the western part of the world.

Me: Like where?

Kim: He’s showing me a map, and I see Utah, California, Arizona and beyond, westward.

Me: I thought they were like in Siberia or something, but I don’t know. I’ve never seen one.

Kim: When you said that, he said, “Sasquatch.” When you said, “I thought they were in Siberia,” he said, “Sasquatch.”

Me: So Sasquatch is more in Russia?

Bigfoot: Don’t think about it as Bigfoot vs. Sasquatch vs. Yeti in different parts of the world. Again, we’re all pretty much the same kind of being.

Me: Well, let me put it this way. Not dividing it into the three types, where are you, as a general rule, more prevalent—in what part of the world?

Bigfoot: India.

Me: India? Really?

Bigfoot: There is a lot of interaction [with us] in India. All of the surrounding countries and India are where the energy matches us the best.

Me: Oh, I bet.

Bigfoot: Israel. If you want to talk about the U.S., there are certain hotspots for us to come in and be caught on camera based on the energy not of the people but of the earth.

Me: So where would be one state where you’re more prevalent, for example?

Bigfoot: Ohio—

Me: Oh, where you are, Kim!

Kim: Yeah, listen if I freaking see a Bigfoot on my farm, I’m gone!

Me: Well you already have now!

Kim laughs hard.

Kim: I tell you what, if I see the manifestation in front of me, I’m going to probably melt into a puddle.

Me: Bigfoot, go visit her!

Bigfoot (finishing his list): Arkansas, West Virginia

I get the feeling that they’re all over. Many sightings have occurred in the Ozarks and the northwest, but those might not necessarily be the places they’re most prevalent.


I see Yetis everywhere!

I see Yetis everywhere!

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